February 12, 2014

A Day In February 2014

It's been a while since I've recorded what an average ordinary day in our lives is like. I'd like to start doing this again once a month just to have my own records and look back on this season of life.

Our days are pretty much the same everyday. It's pretty quiet around here most days. Here's a little peek into what life is like in the Worley House on an average ordinary day.

A Day in February, 


Zane didn't sleep the best the night before and he was awake around 4:30 am. I crept into his room and tried to rock him back to sleep, but after I looked at the clock and realized it was now 5:30 and he hadn't fallen back to sleep I decided it wasn't going to happen and I made my way downstairs to "start" my day.

 photo adayin1_zpsca75b4a6.jpg
Today it was a full pot of the French Press kinda day, hoping coffee will wake me up...mmmkay!   photo adayin2_zps5bb69dab.jpg
8:00 am Ava is awake, comes down not wearing anything. Pants optional in our home. After some play and nagging she finally goes upstairs to get dress and have some breakfast later.   photo adayin3_zpsfb2a6fa8.jpg
9:00 am Zane decides to tear apart my cupboards. Who needs toys anyway? While he's playing I finish cleaning up breakfast, and put dishes away from the night before.  photo adayin4_zps45006854.jpg
10:00 am I lay Zane down for his morning nap.

During this time Ava sits and watches some cartoons for a bit, before we start on some school time. 
 photo adayin5_zpsf9d841ae.jpg
While Ava is occupied I sit down to finish writing my grocery list and meal planning for the week. Then it's school time for Ava while Zane is still sleeping.  photo adayin6_zpse30ab0a8.jpg
12:00 pm Zane wakes up from his nap, and I get the kids lunch. 

More play time after lunch for these two. We usually also go across the street and visit my Grandparents as well quickly. 

12:45 pm we whipped up some Valentine cookies this afternoon. Nothing fancy, just some Pillsbury going on here for my girl. She loved them because of the hearts on top!

 photo adayin7_zps4ba0b65c.jpg

2:00 pm it's nap time for Ava and nap #2 for Zane. It's always hit or miss with these two for the afternoon nap, but today I got lucky and they each slept for two hours. 

During this time I like to get stuff done. Usually house work, blogging stuff, I answer emails during this time too. And...sometimes I just sit and relax. 

4:00 pm Kids are up, and it's time to start making dinner. I set Ava up with some coloring and puzzles to keep her occupied. Zane gets a pre dinner snack at this time. 

5:00 pm Hubby is home. He plays with the kids while I finish setting the table. Then we sit down for dinner. 

5:30 pm I head off for my nightly run, the kids stay with Hubby and they play & clean up dinner.

 photo adayin8_zpse439aa4c.jpg

6:00 pm I'm back from my run and we start bath time for both kids.

6:30 pm We read stories together and pray together as a family.

7:00 pm both kids are in bed.

After they are in bed for the night it's time for Hubby and I to hang out. We love watching t.v. together.

10:00 pm Bed time. 


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