March 31, 2013

Cilantro Lime Avacado Dip

 photo cilantrolimeavocadodip_zps3b94b8d0.jpg

I made this dip a couple weeks ago to go with our mexican inspired dinner. I'm not a big fan of guacamole but I do love avocados a lot! This is just a smoother version and no ad ons like in guac recipes. It's pretty simple, and delish!

4 avocados
6 limes 
bunch of cilantro chopped

Mix your avocados in your food processor till smooth, add the juice of the limes and a handful of cilantro, mix again. Add salt to taste. Sprinkle cilantro on top as well for garnish. 

And done. 

Enjoy with chips. Top your fave mexican dishes with this instead of sour cream. 

March 27, 2013

{Review} New Trent ChargePak + Giveaway

I've been looking for a portable charging device for my IPhone for sometime now. Something that I could take with me and it would charge it on the go. The New Trent ChargePak NT600C is the perfect solution for that!

Some details about this device, 
  • Enjoy 26 hours movie time for iPhone 5 4S 4 3G 3Gs and iPod touch (1G to 5G), 70% battery life for iPad 2, 40% battery life for the New iPad (3rd gen.)
  • Ultra reliable Lithium-Ion battery with 6000mAh with 500 times recharge cycles battery life
  • Dual USB charge ports with the addition of a third built-in micro-USB charge cable for additional simultaneous charges
  • Compatible with Major Smartphones, including the iPhone 5 4S 4 3Gs 3G, Android (Samsung Galaxy Note S S2, HTC EVO sensation Thunderbolt Nexus, Droid Motorola Razr, LG optimus V, Blackberry Bold Curve Torch
  • No iPhone iPad adapter is included, but the Chargepak NT600C is 100% compatible with the original iPhone/iPad data cable

 One of the things I love most is the long lasting battery life! I take this with me when I know I'm going to be out and about for the day. I let Ava use my phone during the day especially while we're in the car during rush hour, it keeps her entertained during the long drive. But it drains my batter quick, but with the help of the New Trent ChargePak she can watch shows and use the apps without it running the battery down.

She also likes to use it at home too. I also love the built in USB ports I can also charge not only my phone but my camera as well. You can charge several devices and run then all at once. Pretty awesome right?!

And I also love that this is the perfect companion for blog conferences when you need a phone to be charged! I plan on taking it with me every where now! 

New Trent wants to give 1 lucky Worley House reader their very own ChargePak. Use the Rafflecopter below for your entries. Giveaway will run from today until 3/31 winner will be announced via email and have 24 hours to claim their prize. 

Disclosure: I received a product for the purpose of this review, all opinions are 100% my own. As always I only recommend products/services that are a good fit for my lifestyle and ones that I feel would be a good fit for my readers as well. 

March 26, 2013

Golden & Glitter Jars

Today, I'm excited to share with you a quick and easy DIY that really makes a fun statement. Golden and Glittery jars! You can use these as a centerpiece for tables or place them on shelves in your kitchen or bedroom really the possibilities are endless. I made these for Ava's 3rd birthday party, and they turned out beautiful. 

Let's get started, you'll need:
some glass jars (mine are old salsa & spaghetti sauce jars)
modge podge
foam brush
frog tape
gold glitter
gold spray paint (I used Rustoleum Metallic Gold) 

Start by cleaning your jars and removing all the labels off of them. I used Goo Gone to help get the sticky off my glass. I also used a rough scour pad to get the writing off them as well. Once clean make sure you dry them before moving on. 

 photo glitterjars_zps106864cc.jpg

Place Frog tape around the jar where you want to block off where the glitter goes. I wanted mine to be half way up the jar so that's where I placed my tape. Make sure the tape is pressed down and sealed. 

Then take your modge podge and brush it all over the bottom of the jar. You don't need a lot of this a little goes along way. Then dump mass amounts of gold glitter covering all over the jar. Make sure you so this in a cardboard box so that it catches the excess glitter. Let dry. Once it's all dry add another thing layer of modge podge to the top coating it so that your glitter doesn't fall off. No one wants mass amounts of glitter falling onto their table right? This will help seal it, and don't worry the modge podge dries clear so you can still see all the glittery sparkle! 

 photo glitterjars2_zps00d43430.jpg

Lastly peel off your tape when done. Now, time to move onto the gold painted ones. Repeat the same above washing and taking the labels off your jars. Take them outside lay them on a sheet and spray the outside of the glass, not the inside making sure it's evenly coated. I did two coats on these jars. 

 photo goldjars_zps588515b2.jpg

Then once they are all dry and ready to go arrange them how you'd like and fill them with pretty flowers. I used mine as a centerpiece for Ava's birthday party. I love the color combo of soft pink with the gold. 

It's so pretty and girly, which is exactly what I was going for. 

March 25, 2013

Schedules and New Normals

I've been home now full time with my children for almost 4 months (including my maternity leave) now. My how life has changed since I was working full time outside the home. Naturally adding another child and now being a stay at home mom it was time to re work how I was doing things at home.

I'm always interested in how other people make things work, and how their days function so here's a little look at how I keep things sane around here.

The beginning of my week always starts with taking a look at my planner. This happens on Sunday night. I look and see what we have going on for the week, all of our events/appointments/play dates are kept here. It's also the place where I keep our dinner plans for the week.

The only way I can stay sane each week I'm realizing is to make a list. I make a list each Monday of all the things I want to get done that week, people I need to call, bills I need to pay. I keep it in the kitchen or next to my planner so I can see it everyday and start crossing things off my list. It helps me stay on track and not forget what I really need to get done.

When I was working full time cleaning was my nemesis. It still is, but now I have more time to get things cleaned during the week instead of waiting till the weekend to do all the laundry. At this point in my life and the season we're in with a little one I had to be honest with myself and what I can and can't do and stop feeling guilty about it. Here's a little break down of some of the major cleaning tasks I do and how I manage them:

- each day I try and get a load of laundry done. I'm usually done with all of it by Wednesday or Thursday. Sometimes I'll do every other day if we don't have that much.
- every night I wipe down counters and make sure the kitchen is cleaned and things are put away. I hate waking up to a messy kitchen.
- pick up toys and take them back to their rooms.

- cleaning bathrooms/toilets. let's get real, I don't do this daily. I can't handle it, but I can do it once a week for sure. don't judge.

Now that Ava is home and not in daycare I try to schedule lunches or play dates with our friends who have kids as well so she can have some other interaction with children. We don't do this every single week, but I try to make it happen at least every other week.

I've also realized that if I don't eat lunch when she eats lunch I won't probably sit down and eat till later in the day. So to make sure I'm eating at a normal time everyday we eat lunch together everyday.

I also keep a little yellow notebook in my purse at all times to write down ideas, shopping lists, things I need to get done, etc. Basically whatever I need to remember and not forget I write down in that notebook. It helps me to remember, since I'm always forgetting things.

These days we have a new schedule, I've had to adjust what works for our family during this season of life and that's ok. In everyday I try to keep my perspective and keep my focus on the things that matter. I'm learning not to be so rigid on the routine, take the moments for what they are, take things as they come and always remember that God is first.

March 20, 2013

{DIY} A Front Door Makeover

I'm excited to share with you guys today one of the projects I've been working on for our new home. I don't know about you but I've been having a hard time trying to figure out where I want to start on our new home. I have all these ideas, and sometimes all this space can be really overwhelming. So I decided to start on some smaller spaces first, while I harness the ideas I have for the bigger spaces. 

I knew that I wanted to paint the front door as soon as we moved in. So I asked my DIY guru friend Destiny what kind of paint I should use. I used enamel oil based paint, I bought the Rustoleum brand already mixed from Lowes in black. I used a foam roller brush to apply my paint to my door. I didn't want any brush strokes to show. 

Here's what the door/porch looked like before the makeover. 

 photo IMG_3475_zpsfad9f564.jpg

 photo frontdoormakeoverbyworleyhouse_zps2414f6a5.jpg

 photo IMG_3629_zpsb4044afa.jpg

I also wanted to make a new wreath for our front door. I picked up up some supplies at JoAnn Fabrics, 3 hydrengas, a wooden "W" and a wreath. I already had on hand the white paint and glue sticks. When I got home I took the stems off the flowers and placed the flowers along the side all I did was hot glue them on, I also placed the leaves along the side. Then I painted the "W" white and then glued it along the other side of the wreath. Super easy and simple. 

 photo IMG_3626_zps02ff0e65.jpg

 photo IMG_3622_zps4935053b.jpg

I also added this cute "hello" vinyl sticker to the front door. Something cute for guests to see when they walk in the house. 

And here's the after, I want to add some more stuff to our porch maybe some lanterns and a bench on the other side but for now I'm happy with how things are coming along. 

 photo IMG_3625_zps66549d83.jpg

source list:
paint// rustoleum oil based enamel
wreath// made by me
rug// world market
topiary// old from a gift shop in MN
hello vinyl// lemonsandtea on etsy

March 18, 2013

Spring World Market Finds

Spring Finds via World Market

Spring Finds via World Market by worleyhouse on Polyvore

Wanna know a fun story? The first time I shopped at World Market was when Orion and I were engaged. We'd been having dinner at a restaurant outside Minneapolis, when after dinner realized we'd locked the keys in the car. To kill time while waiting for a locksmith we headed to World Market to shop while we waited. We ended up buying some cute new things for our apartment that I was living in before we go married. I've loved the store ever since.

Last week I shared with you my fave Target finds for Spring, well World Market is easily one of my fave stores right next to Target. I've been finding some awesome things there lately. Here's a few things I'm currently crushing on from World Market. 

This chair, I'm currently trying to make space for it in our living room. I also love this end table, I have no room for it, and I'm not even sure it goes with our current decor but I just love the look of it and every time I see  in the store I kinda love it even more.

Picking up this basket for Zane's Easter. Plus this doormat is perfect considering we just moved into a new house.

Have you found any new things to spruce up your home for Spring? Do you love World Market to?

March 16, 2013

Birthday Party Inspirations +

I love a good party! And the best parties always start with inspiration, don't they?! I love being inspired by something to create a really fun party. I usually always draw my ideas for parties either from decor I see, color pallets, nature, magazines or from something that person likes.

I'm currently planning Ava's third birthday and a party for Orion as he completes his master's degree in May. A new year always brings a fresh new wind of party season. After I get inspired by something, I immediately start searching for the best invitations.

To me invitations set the tone for your party. They are the first thing people see so you want to give them an idea of what the party will be about through them.

Not only does Minted have a great selection of wedding invitations that they are known for but they have a great selection of invitations for all occasions. I headed to for some inspiration. For Ava's party I decided on a "pink" party, it's her favorite color. I decided to throw in some gold, silver and white because I love the combination of those colors together.

I also love the idea of adding some rustic touches into the mix like brown kraft paper, and burlap like you see here in this wedding inspiration board.

See what I mean about silver, white and gold! You could do a Christmas theme like this board or you can use it for your little girls' birthday party, baby showers too. Such fun colors, I really like them I think they are classic and girly without being to over the top. Add a splash of pink and it's instantly girlie enough.

Simple holiday joys by Michaela, see more
Simple holiday joys board by Michaela. See more

I loved scrolling through the Minted website for inspiration for Ava's party. They even have some adorable kids party decor to with coordinating invitations. See all their inspiration boards here. You can also find Minted on any of their social media channels below.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of myself for Minted. Products and or services were exchanged for this post, all opinions are my own. As always I only endorse products that I feel are a good fit for myself and my readers. 

March 15, 2013

Coffee Date:: Currently

Hello friends! It's Friday! Yippee!

Time for another coffee date with Alissa from Rags to Stitches. Join me and some other awesome ladies today, I'll be linking up here.

This really has been a great way for me to "meet" other ladies and discover new blogs. It's been so fun!

Without further adieu......

Coffee Date 3.15.13 from Andrea Worley on Vimeo.

Happy weekend!

March 14, 2013

A Day in March


It's been over a year since I last did a re cap of our days. I can't believe it's taken me this long to do it again, since our days look vastly different now than they did over a year ago I really wanted to make it a goal of mine this year to document our days at least once a month this year.

So here's a day in March

5:30 am I wake up get dressed before sitting down to feed the baby.

5:40 am Hubby is up getting ready.

6 am he wakes Ava up and gets her dressed.

6:10 am I grab coffee for myself and milk for Ava before heading out the door.

7 am we drop Orion off at work.

We're home by 7:30 am. I quickly fix Ava and I breakfast before sitting down to feed the baby.
 photo IMG_2046_zps24cdee3d.jpg
I spend the next half hour while Ava plays cleaning the kitchen after breakfast. Put in a load of laundry, check my email and Facebook.

 photo IMG_2045_zps38f6b600.jpg

Getting ready for the day.
 photo IMG_2055_zps098973a1.jpg
Sitting down to feed the baby, while Ava watches t.v.
 photo IMG_2053_zps97663c26.jpg
We're off to go meet friends for lunch around 10:30 am.
 photo IMG_2054_zps51944ecd.jpg

From 11 am till 12:30 pm we're hanging with friends at lunch. It was such a nice day that we ended up taking the kids walking around the shopping center and playing.

 photo IMG_2057_zps305680ef.jpg

By 1 pm we're back at home. Ava plays someone while I sit down to feed Zane. After that we do some playing together in the yard. Well, Zane just kinda chills while Ava and I play.
 photo IMG_2056_zps157dbbc2.jpg
Ava also loves to sit and "read" her books to me. It's pretty cute. Today we skipped naps because we got back so late from lunch and only had a few hours before we had to again leave to get Orion from work.

 photo IMG_2058_zpse29f399e.jpg

By 3:30 pm we're in the car again off to get Orion from work. He gets off work at 4 pm but with traffic it takes us about an hour to get home.

By 5 pm we're home. This is probably my fave time of day. Orion is playing with the kids while I get dinner ready.
 photo IMG_2060_zpseb23d801.jpg

5:30 pm we sit down together as a family for dinner. Tonight it's chili and cornbread.

6 pm dinner clean up and more play time.

6:30 pm Zane and I head out to meet some of my girl friends while Orion gets Ava ready for bed.

7 pm Ava is in bed.

 photo IMG_2059_zps2d06571f.jpg

9:30 pm I'm home. I sit down to feed Zane again. While we watch the news together and Jimmy Kimmel.

By 11 pm we're ready to turn into bed.

March 13, 2013

Spring Party Styles with Tea Collection

Tea Collection is one of my fave brands for kids, they were one of my faves when I first had Ava. She has so many cute Tea dresses and tops, they are still one of my faves. Now that I have a boy I'm loving all their styles for boys too. Love their stripes and simple patterns. 

Springtime is just around the corner and Tea Collection has just released new party styles for boys and girls! Browse adorable new dresses like the Blooming Lily Shift Dress or the Sethunya Floral Dress. These dresses are perfect for special occasions or a picnic in the park. Shopping for boys? The Dance Print Shirt is perfect for spring holidays or layered with a tee for a cool surf-inspired look. The Two Oceans Sweater Vest can be worn over a woven shirt or tee. Best of all, save 10% when you shop today! Happy Springtime to you! 

*contains affiliate links, all opinions are my own.

sometimes walking through Target is like therapy.

One day I went to Target alone, and walked the aisles for an hour.

Kid free.

Husband free.

It was glorious. Sometimes a little stroll through Target is all you need to get your sanity and inspiration back. I'm no advocating buying things just to buy them to make yourself feel better, but sometimes it's just good to window shop you know.

Here are some of my Spring finds from Target. They just make things so happy and bright!

Next time you need a little boost, a break? Just head to your local Target it'll pick you up for sure. 

March 12, 2013

Simple Paper Chain

Paper chains, they are some of the most simple things to make. I remember making these a few times in college to countdown some pretty fun moments. My sister and two nieces are coming to visit us in just a matter of days for Ava's birthday.

So after Ava's nap time one day we sat down and made two paper chains. One for her birthday coming up, and the other counting down till my Sister arrives with her littles.

 photo IMG_3599_zpsa4cf7305.jpg

These don't really need instructions, plus this was a really great way to put to use some of that left over scrapbook paper I have lying around.

 photo IMG_3600_zps2fb16cb9.jpg

I cut up a bunch of strips, as many as the days we needed to count down to.

 photo IMG_3601_zps03f76d0c.jpg

I also didn't want to leave them plain, so I wrote on them and let Ava decorate them with stamps and stickers too.

 photo IMG_3602_zps8541b5d6.jpg

 photo IMG_3603_zpsdfec845b.jpg

 photo IMG_3604_zps5b905460.jpg

 photo IMG_3605_zps36cdb125.jpg

 photo IMG_3606_zps09d1ddb6.jpg

Then we hung them up by the back door, we'll tear one off everyday till they get here. I think this is such a fun way to countdown events with kiddos. 

Do you do anything special to countdown memories for your kids? 

March 11, 2013

Shopping Spring Fashion with #CookiesKids

With only roughly over two weeks till Easter I'm on the hunt for Easter outfits for this year. This year not only to I have Ava to outfit, but I'm excited to pick out something for our new little guy to wear on his very first Easter Sunday.

This year I went shopping at for some Spring fashion for my littles. Not only are they known for their school uniforms but I really like this website for two reasons. One, they have a variety of clothing to choose from. Two, their price points are always really great and I can get a really good deal on clothing and not break my budget.

This year I changed my normal shopping strategy a bit. Usually I'd find something for Ava first and work all our outfits around that. But, this year I started with boys clothing first. Boys are hard to shop for, and in my opinion there isn't enough boys clothing in the world. So I started there first determined to find the cutest Easter outfit for Mr. Zane. They have a great selection of boys suits for Easter as well. 

Next, I headed to the girls clothing. I knew that I wanted a dress for Ava to wear for Easter so I headed to the girls dresses on their website first. They have a ton of really great dresses too, everything from sun dresses to formal dresses for little girls. 

One of the features that I like on the Cookie's Kids website is the Alva icon. Once you like on it you're able to determine the exact size your child is in that particular item. Ensuring that you get the best fit every time. 

Want to see what finally ended up in my shopping cart? These adorable Hello Kitty shoes, I couldn't pass them up. Ava loves cats and sparkles these had both, check! Cool by Me dress in Lime, and this Carter's Turtles & Plaid Rhomper.  

I couldn't wait for these goodies to arrive so I could try them on my little ones before Easter. We had to make sure thing fit before the big day. And thanks to the Alva kids icon things fit perfectly.

My little cuties all ready in their Easter Sunday best. Ava loves her new dress and shoes. She's been wearing the shoes non stop since Friday when they came in the mail. 

Ava giving me her best pose.

To see more of my shopping experience visit my Google+ album here. Visit Cookies Kids on their Facebook page &  Twitter Page.

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® and #CBias #SocialFabric As always all opinions are 100% my own, I only work with brands that I feel are a natural fit for myself and my readers.


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