May 29, 2010


All the Sex & the City buzz this week has gotten me to thinking and remembering times with my girlfriends. Moments, memories and laughs that I'll remember forever. Moments that have shaped who I am and made me better in the end just for knowing the ladies that are in my life. 

Maybe you watch SATC and maybe you don't because you're to afraid of the connotation that goes along with it, but at the heart of the story it's about four girlfriends being there for each other and where life has taken them. 

Carrie, might have these amazing girls to live life with, but I've been privileged to live life with these amazing ladies:

I am reminded time and time again how each friendship is different, and serves a purpose. Each of these ladies has come into my life at a certain point and each holds a different place in my heart. I'm blessed to have some amazing women in my life to call friend.

Stay tuned, I hope you'll enjoy this little series with me.

May 28, 2010

Ava: 2 Months

We're already here, the 2 month marker! WOW! It's hard to believe just a little over 9 weeks ago she came into our lives. I'm really having a hard time remembering what life was like before her. She blesses us daily, we're already mesmerized by her. 

At two months I'm really loving the stage that she's currently in. She's more alert, starting to "talk" and coo at us all the time. She's responsive to the things we say. She's starting to look our way when she hears our voices or we call her name. 

And her smile, I can't get enough of!! Seriously, it's the best thing. Today, I smiled at her and she smiled a BIG smile right back at me. It melted my heart. 

I can't wait for her to laugh. 

We had 1 night this month where she slept through the night. I was really proud of her, but it didn't last long. She hasn't done it since. She's been sleeping about 4 hours and then getting up for a feeding and then going back to sleep for another 4 hours. She's waking up pretty consistently at 6:30 am everyday. That's when we start our day. She has a feeding and it's about the time when she's done Orion gets up and gets ready for work. 

So he spends some time with her in the mornings so I can nod back off to sleep before he goes to work. It's nice. 

I've been trying the "Babywise" method with Ava, and so far she's not really taking to the Babywise method yet. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or she's not having it but it's not really working for us yet. (So any Moms who've done Babywise let me know if it worked or didn't for you)

We spend our days chilling, she's eating about every 3 hours right now and having a few naps during the day that last for about and hour or two. 

We went to the Doctor this past Wednesday, and Ava got some shots. It was pretty much the normal infant shot routine. She cried so much, it was kinda horrible for us to see her like that. The good news is, that she won't remember them when she's this young. She cried some "real" tears for the first time that day. I'd never actually seen tears before that day. 

She was pretty mellow the rest of the day and kinda whimpered throughout the morning. She perked up though by the late afternoon. So far she seems to be doing well. 

Here's some stats from the Doctor visit:

Height: 23 inches 75% - She's getting long! It's kinda crazy, but maybe she'll get my Dutch genes.

Weight: 10 lbs. 4 oz. 50%- I guessed that she was right around 10 pounds, she's gained 3 lbs. since our last visit which means she's getting what she needs from feedings. 

I took these sweet little pictures of her on Monday when she turned 2 Months! Isn't she so cute?!!! I just love all the little faces that she makes. She reminds me of myself, because I used to love to makes all kinds of faces when I was a kid. I'd sit in front of the mirror when I was a kid and see how many I could come up with. 

Orion likes to call her Jitterbug, it's a nickname that seeming to stick around here. He calls her that because she's constantly moving and squirming around. It's crazy. But she's staying true to form as far as what she did while in my belly, she was moving like crazy then too. 

She hates to have her arms or legs really pinned down in any type of blanket. When she was a newborn she'd break free of the swaddle quickly. I eventually stopped trying to swaddle her. Now, when I lay a blanket on her at nap time or at night she quickly kicks them off. 
You've made us so happy these last few weeks. We love you more and more each day. Daddy, says he can't wait to take you out on dates just you and him. We can't wait to see how you change and grow in the next month. 

We love you so much Jitterbug!

Mommy & Daddy

iheart: Sandals & Flip Flops

iheart is a weekly feature where we high light some of our favorite things here at Worley House.

If you know me, then you know I hate to have my feet covered. I love sandals and flip flips. I would choose these over any shoe any day of the week. And, I am so fortunate now to live in a place that allows me to do just that all year round. 

These days, I'm loving the "T-strap" and "Gladiator" styles of sandals. Here's just a few that I found recently that I'm loving. 

1. Yellow is my new color obsession. $22 from Old Navy
2. I love these, and anything with bling is right up my alley. $12 from Payless
3. These silver metallic are awesome. $10 from Forever 21
4. I like these white ones with the little hint of turquoise $12 from Target
5. These are classic and kinda simple with something extra. $17 from Target
6. These are a bit out there, but I love the color. $20 from H & M
7. I love these cause their basic, and they have my fave color to wear pink $12 from H & M

May 26, 2010

Leadership & Possibilities

I've been thinking a lot about leadership and the possibilities that can come out of that. I've been thinking about:
  • What kind of leader am I?
  • What kind of leader do I want to be?
  • Who am I leading, and where are we going?
As my Husband and I are leaders in a church, I often wonder what's our responsibility beyond what we know? I know our day to day stuff, I know what we're supposed to do and what we're not. What's expected and what isn't. But, sometimes I wonder am I leading the way people want to be led? Are we making the impact God wants us to make?

I just finished up a great book (a review is coming soon) and I've been reading the author's blog a lot lately for my own personal growth, knowledge and wisdom. This morning, I read something on his blog that really struck me and the ideas of leadership I've been dealing with and questioning. Here's what Pete Wilson has to say:

"I proceeded to tell him in the simplest of terms that a leader has a different calling than the player. A player just has to show up and give his best. A leader has to show up and not only give his best but make sure he sets the rest of the team up to give their best.
I said, “Son if you show up at that game tomorrow scared the rest of your team is going to be scared. If you show up thinking you’re going to get beat, the rest of your team is going to think they’re going to get beat.”
I’m often reminded that while part of my job is defining reality… seeing possibility is equally, if not more important as a leader.
Is there a chance they’ll get killed tomorrow? Absolutely
Is there a chance they’ll pull off the upset of the year? Absolutely. And that chance goes up if a leader steps up to the plate, looks each team member in the eyes and practices the art of possibility.
If you lead a church, an organization, a small business, or a family you need to be reminded the people following you desperately want and need to be led. They need you to define reality, but they also need you to practice the art of possibility.
They need not be reminded of what is likely, apparent, or impending for those things are obvious to the average person. They need to be reminded of what they cannot see on their own. They need to be reminded of what just might happen against all odds.
That’s leadership. That’s the art of possibility. "

That kinda hit me where I'm at! We all need leaders in our lives even if you are a leader. You need to be challenged beyond what you already know. If we challenge ourselves beyond what we already know, if we seek it out there's a ton of possibilities for our lives and where we can go. 
I'm called to be a leader in my home, for my child, for my Husband and in my church and everyday life. But, I don't want to miss a minute of what God might want to teach me through this season. What does he want to teach me in my own leadership style? Who I lead? 
I want to be this kind of leader. 

May 25, 2010

New Purpose for Old Things:

Here's what I did:

There they sit next to the stuff for our tush, all organized and ready to go. 

What have you taken lately and used it for a new purpose? 

The best part of this organization project.... it was FREE (the wipes cases were given to us as gifts)

Be Creative Challenge
Week #20

Watch Me Grow: 2 Months

She's getting such a personality, and it's so fun to watch. More after tomorrow's doctors appointment! She's getting shots, pray for her...... pray for ME more!

May 24, 2010

Blog Roll Monday: For This Child I Prayed

Blog Roll Monday, is a weekly feature here on Worley House where we high light one of the blogs on our list that we read. For a complete list of all the blogs we heart see it on the side bar. 

I started reading Kelli's business blog first and fell in love with her creations long before I even was thinking about having a baby of my own. Kelli and her Hubby found out they were going to be parents themselves, and they started this blog as a way to record their journey. 

Isn't this such a cute name for a baby/family blog?!!? I love it. I've been reading and following her updates since the beginning of their pregnancy and now they have a beautiful baby girl names Lael. She's a cutie pie! 

I love their adventures in pregnancy and now parenthood. 

If you're in the market for a baby gift, check out Kelli's shop, she has adorable baby stuff that she makes all by hand! 

Click here to visit Blush & Bashful her business. 

May 23, 2010

An Ava fix.

Just in case you need a fix, here's a few snap shots of our cutie from the last couple weeks. I finally dummped what was on my camera today. 

A couple weeks ago Ava and I traveled up to Cottonwood for a birthday party for my friend Julie's son Wyatt. Here's Ava with her Auntie Jennie. 
Um, seriously how big is she in this photo below? She's just chillin'
I love that she's starting to smile to things we say to her, and she's getting such a personality. I love that she's such a happy baby. She really is pretty easy, and for that I am thankful. 
Look at those lips!!! Aren't they the cutest?!!?! And here she's not so sure about the hat we put on her, Orion said he reminded her of that t.v. show "Blossom" anyone else with us here?
Chillin' on a car ride home from Cottonwood. We've made two trips there in the last two weeks. This weekend we traveled to see friends and so Jennie could do my hair. I don't trust many with my locks [to many bad experiences] but now that my friend Jennie is done with Cosmetology school I'm happy to make the trip to see her. 

Here's Ava and I after some much needed hair TLC!! 
She'll be two months old next week! I can hardly believe it. She's going to the doctor on Wednesday, I'll have more to post on her two month appointment after that. I can't wait to see how she's grown.

Happy Sunday everyone, hope you're feeling refreshed and getting a nap today!

May 19, 2010

Our Little Jitterbug

A few videos of Miss Ava, it's kinda overload but she's just too cute for only one. Enjoy the videos we've taken over the last couple weeks.

iHeart: Televison

iHeart, is a weekly feature here on Worley House, where we high light and talk about some of our favorite things. 

This week it's all about t.v. I may have a slight addiction to television and the Internet. Just slightly. I love t.v. reality, daytime, prime time I love it all. This week all my fave shows are either ending forever or ending because of their season finales. What will I ever do this summer to get my t.v. fix???

Here's a little list of my fave shows. In no order, I just heart all of these. Let's see if some are your faves too. 

24: Do you watch? I love this show. It's actually one of those shows Orion and I started watching from the very beginning and enjoy watching together. I'm sad to see that it's coming to an end. Maybe they'll make a movie! 

Modern Family: If you don't watch this you're missing out!! Orion and I discovered this show a few months back and we've been hooked. It's so funny! 

The Hills & The City: What can I say? I just can't stop watching this train wreck. Anyone else with me?

Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood: I love this couple, they are so fun to watch and they have adorable kiddos too! They are my fave reality family to watch. 

Dancing with the Stars: Glitz, glam, costumes, fun moves what's not to love? This is one of my Monday night favorites! 

Castle: After Dancing, I watch this! Hubby doesn't share my love for this show. But I love it's catchy plot lines, and humor. Not to mention I have a thing for crime dramas. 

Parenthood: This is a new series. The title alone got my attention and I've been loving it ever since. I love family dramas, this one does not disappoint either, it's fastly becoming a fave. 

SVU: The Original crime drama that I love!! Elliot & Olivia are like my long lost friends, they are like real people to me. I love, love this show. I hope they don't cancel it anytime soon like they did Law & Order. 

Greys: Needs no more introduction, we're on a first name basis. I'm pretty sure no hospital in America sees this much drama but I love it!

Private Practice: This season was good, good. I often wonder how do they come up with this stuff? Good writers! 

So, there you have it a little run down of some of my favorite shows that help pass the time away. There's so many shows that I could watch, don't even get me started on all the cable shows that I used to watch. Hello HGTV!! See, I told you I have an addiction. 

May 18, 2010

Free Tip of the Week: Destiny's Blog Giveaway

It's my bloggy friend Destiny's birthday today!! And she's celebrating by hosting a giveaway. Jump on over to her blog, get some inspiration and read about her 27 Favorite Things and enter to WIN one of them!! Click here, to read & enter.


I've been thinking a lot about the idea of community. What does it mean to our everyday lives? What's the purpose? And, why should we pursue community in our lives? Those are just a few questions I've been pondering.

I think all of us would admit that being in relationship with people and the desire to share life with someone resides in all of us. It may be a spouse, a sibling, parent, friend or even a pet but we all want to share our lives with others.

We all have little communities all around us.

This is why we have block parties, PTA's, play groups for kids, small groups in our churches, and fill our lives with activities.

Even when God created the Earth he knew, and he had a plan for this idea of community. It goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden, the very "first" community.

In Genesis 2:18 he says, 

"It's not good for man to be alone, I will make him a helper suitable for him." (NIV)

We can even see through this scripture how God even at the beginning realized this need for community, so he created Eve for Adam. So they could live life together, and lean on each other.

People ask me all the time (once they find out) why I choose to fore go my cheer leading scholarship, at one of the top journalism schools in the country to go to a private Christian University after high school? My answer is simple; community.

When I visited North Central University (NCU) for the first time I knew it was the place I wanted to be. I wanted and desired that close knit community that NCU had built and is known for today. I went to public school my entire life, and the idea of surrounding myself with other Christians and being in such a place of encouragement was what I desired and wanted for my college education.

While at NCU you can't escape community, it's everywhere. But it's those moments of community and living life connected with other people where I grew the most, where I was challenged in my faith, where I met my best friends and ultimately my husband.

We see this model even in the New Testament, when Jesus choose to surround himself with the twelve disciples. Now, Jesus probably didn't need the twelve. One betrayed him, they were tax collectors, they argued. You might be thinking, who needs that?

But, Jesus knew the bigger purpose behind all that. I believe he choose the twelve in part for this reason if community. They challenged each other. He challenged them, they learned from each other.

Orion and I have said many times before in our ministry that we want to help people come to authentic relationships with Christ and with others. This is our ultimate goal.

This is how we grow, and become closer to God and each other.

I believe when you create lasting and authentic relationships you leave a lasting impact on the kingdom.  When we live life connected we're bonded to Christ and to each other.

I feel challenged to build the best "community" I possibly can around me. I feel challenged to help others connect with God and connect with people.

Some questions we can ask ourselves:

  1. What are we doing to build community?
  2. How are we/you building authentic relationships with those around you (in your neighborhood, your school, your church, etc?)
  3. What more can we do to accomplish this goal of community?
I encourage you to look for those amazing opportunities in your life, pray for them even to build community. To challenge yourself to grow in your relationship with Christ.

May 17, 2010

Blog Roll Monday: Life in the Fun Lane

Blog Roll Monday, is a weekly feature where we high light one of the blogs on our Blog Roll. For a complete list of all the blogs we read please visit the 'About Us' tab for more info. 

(click image to visit blog)

I first found Holly as a member on, I fell in love with her decorating style and even showed it to Hubby to give him a visual of where I was going with our own house. For weeks I drooled over her Nest profile, and home pics.

Fast forward months later, I was blog reading on another blog and came across some amazing before and afters of some DIY projects and come to find out it was none other than Holly herself. And that's when I was introduced to her blog Life in the Fun Lane her personal blog.

Life in the Fun Lane is filled with adventures in parenting and furniture refinishing to say the least. Holly has a business called Whiteberry Reinvented. She takes amazing pieces of furniture and turns them into works of art as far as I'm concerned. If she didn't live so far away (Canada) I'd sure be scooping them all up for my own dwelling.

I love, love her blog for decorating and inspiration. She has a great DIY section on her blog too where she gives step by step tutorials on how she's accomplished some of her look. Not to mention she has a pretty cute family as well!

Jump on over to her blog, and get ready to drool and be inspired too!

Happy Monday & Happy Reading!

Little Book of Food

Remember my Little Book of Ideas? I took that same concept, and turned it into my Little Book of Food. 
Every month or so, I go through the stack of magazines I have [if any] and tear out all the food inspiration and recipes that I want to save, and store them in this 3 ring binder that I had left over. 

See Hubby birthday cake from last year?
Always handy then for me to look back on and make some yummy things for dinner or lunch or holidays!

Do you save stuff from magazines, if so how do you do it?

Be Creative Challenge
Week #19

May 14, 2010

iHeart: Magazines

iHeart is a weekly feature, where we high light some of our favorite things in a variety of categories. 

It's true, I love them in all their glossy glory! They are great companions for travel, lazy days by the pool [like today] and great for ripping ideas out of them and saving them. 

I like to flip through my magazines first and look at all the pretty pictures first, and then go back and read the articles. Does anyone else do this? 

Here's a few magazines that I love: 

This is one of my all time faves. Filled with decorating and food tips and the best couple magazine out there. It makes being a Newlywed or married couple so much fun. 

The ultimate organizing and great tips magazine out there, in my humble opinion. It's one of the best to rip out articles and recipes from. 

This is my all time fave fashion and glamour magazine! They have great hair and clothing tips. They also have a great wedding magazine as we as Instyle Homes which are both faves too. 

I really like this magazines for their country-chic style. It's a little bit of everything I like for the home. I usually don't get this one on the stands, I like to get it from my Mom's house after she's done reading it and scour for articles. 

There you have it! What are some of your favorite reads? 

images: via


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