July 31, 2010

{Featured} My Top 12 on Domestic Ease

I'm pretty excited this morning to announce that my article for the website Domestic Ease is up today!!! I've been waiting for the last two weeks for the article to hit the site and the wait is finally over. 

I had a ton of fun writing this Top 12 list, about one of my passions Preserving Your Photo Memories You don't have to be a pro to take or make really great photo memories. Read more about this in the article, here

If you're not already a reader of Domestic Ease you will be after today. Their site is full of really awesome home tips, cooking tips, and things all about life! Their site is one of my faves to read weekly. They also have a weekly Container Store giveaway, it's worth a jump on over just to enter that.

Check out my Top 12 article, here.  

July 30, 2010

Milestones: Rolling Over

Ava is now rolling over from back to tummy and tummy to back! When she first rolled over from tummy to back Orion was playing with her on the floor while I was getting ready for the day. I missed it, and we waited for her to do it again but she didn't. But, I was glad that Orion got to share in that special moment with her. 

Later, on that day she rolled from back to tummy and I caught that one. She's now rolling over like crazy and is moving all around the floor. It's fun to watch her scoot across the floor. 

She's also, "talking" and making a lot more noises too. It's like every day she does something new and amazing to me. I love watch her grow and change like this. 

Here's a video I caught of her rolling over. Enjoy!

Friday Frills

Hello, my lovely blog readers. My name is Andrea and I still am the writer of this little blog even though I've been gone all week. Please excuse my absence as we've been moving all week long, taking care of a baby who got some shots this week, and trying to beat the Arizona heat during moving week. But, we're making it. 

So, while we're having chaos during moving and stuff is every where I found some things today to distract me from my house and the hot mess it's in right now. 

First up, I'm loving Miss Kourtney K & her baby Mason on the cover of this months Baby Couture magazine. I love that she's a advocate of breast feeding Mamas, she's a pretty smokin' mama and her little guy is so adorable! 

And today, I heard once Bachelorette & DWTS alum Melissa Rycroft and Her hubby Tye are expecting their first child this coming February! Yippee! They will make cute babies! 

And after spending the last 3 days moving we're still not quite done, but all I wanna do is find a hammock just like this and lay in it and do nothing else. 

Happy Weekend to you & yours!!!

photo credits:

July 26, 2010

Blog Roll Monday: Multiply Delicious

Today, I'm busy as a bee packing and cleaning our current place to get ready to move into a new place. But, while there's chaos around me right now with moving blog reading is a good escape for me. Today I want to share with you one of my fave blogs to read weekly. 

There are three main topics to this blog, and they don't disappoint. All About The Food, All About The Kids & All About The Mommy. I love reading Heather's fresh perspective on family, food, and other random tid bits. She's got some great recipes, and some cute ideas for kids parties, and other family things. 

I love reading blogs these days about Mommy stuff and family things and this is one of my favorites to read. Check her out, add her to your reader and have fun! 

July 24, 2010

Our "How To" Article

I entered a "How To" contest on The Nest. There are several different categories that you could write how to articles on. I choose to write ours on saving money, because I feel I really try hard each month to look at our budget and find ways to save for us. 

Since I'm not working full time, I feel like it's my job to find the best deals out there and ways to save. The winners of this contest get published in The Nest magazine this Fall. The runners up get all expense paid vacations. 

We'll take either! :) 
To read and view our article, click here.

Comment and help us win! 

Today, I've got errands to run that didn't get done yesterday. Lunch with some of my college students. More packing and cleaning. Sounds fun right? 

Hope all you lovelies are enjoying your weekend!!!

July 23, 2010

Celebrating Our Third Anniversay- The Video

I finally got my video camera working again. I was able to upload & edit the videos I took on our anniversary date. I'm really enjoying having a video camera to record all these little moments. It's a lot of fun to document our lives this way too. 

Enjoy, the video that we took on our anniversary. 

The music is "Everything" by Michael Buble' this was our first dance song at our wedding!

Ava Laughing

Ava is really changing a lot lately and so quickly. When my friend Sara was here visiting she was making Ava laugh and squeal, I caught some of it on video!


Keepin' It Real

This week has been crazy! It's been busy. I've been all over the place, taking care of Ava, tired and out of it. 

We're moving. (I'll pause for a second, and let you pick your jaw off the ground)

Moving, on. Yes, we're moving again. But it's not as dramatic as the last move. We're just moving to another apartment in our complex. 

Why? Simply, to save money. Orion and I have some goals we want to reach and one of those goals is to be debt free by the end of the year, besides our school loans. In order to achieve this goal we need to try and save more at this point. So moving we are doing. 

Here's what I've been knee deep in this past week: 

I like my house to be in order, so for the last two weeks we've been dealing with this. It's not fun, but it's a must when you're trying to pack and move. 

It's been a long and hard week. Ava's been off her schedule, which is making things harder during the day. And living on top of boxes and trying pack is hard on all of us. 

But, it will soon be over. We move next week. 

I'm actually excited about the place we're moving into. Even though it's a little bit smaller than where we're at now the floor plan is better for our needs. 

I'm looking forward to painting and making the new place our own. It'll give me some projects to do. 

A few things I'm looking forward to with the new place;

We will no longer be near the entrance gate, and the people coming in and out during all hours of the night. 

We will be farther away from the maintenance people when they start working at 6 am. Right now we're near the front of the complex where they start working and you can hear it. By, the time now they make it to us it'll be later in the day thus cutting down on the noise. 

This will be good for baby and Bentley. 

Having a pantry. (it's the little things)

And most importantly saving money. 
Please excuse my absence for the next couple days while we move and get things in order. 

July 21, 2010

4 Baby Products:

that are saving my life right now............

er, making things easier..........................

um, that I LOVE! 

Most Moms would agree that there are definite needs when it comes to baby stuff, and there's some other things that you don't probably need but are nice to have around. 

These are my 4 must haves, they are making my life (our lives) easier with a baby and come in pretty handy when you wanna get something done! 

Here goes:
1. The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer: this little guy is wonderful. If you're like me you forget what you were doing all the time, "baby brain" is seeming to catch up with me and I don't see it going away anytime soon. This timer keeps track of all your feedings, diaper changes, sleep times, etc. all you have to do is press a button each time and it keeps track of it all. I love this, because now I don't have to think and keep track of what time it was when I last fed her. It does the work for me and LOVE that!
2. Fisher Price Vibrating Bouncer: I use this thing a ton. It's a great help to me when making dinner, or when I want to get some cleaning done. 
3. Infantino Baby Carrier: I think some sort of baby carrier is a must. This is the one we have and I love it! I used this thing when we flew and traveled in June, I strapped her in and carried her through the airport and it worked like a dream! I also use this a lot going on walks with the dog during the day. 
4. Bright Stars Play Gym:  I registered for this and my Sister in Law got it for me, and I'm so thankful I have it! Now that Ava is getting bigger she actually likes playing with this. I let her play and she rolls over and back and forth on this thing, it's wonderful for keeping her busy! 

There you have it! My fave baby products at the moment! This may be subject to change as we move along into different stages with our little one. What are some of your fave products for babies? What can't you live without? 

PS- This is my 800th Post!!! WOWZERS! I've been M.I.A. for the last few days, and with good reason. More on that tomorrow! 

July 17, 2010

iheart: Organizing Products

It's been a while since I've shared with you something that iheart and I'm really diggin' these days! Today I thought I'd share with you once of my all time favorite items for organization in your home. I use these little guys pretty much everywhere, since my discovery of them three years ago. 


Storage box, set of 6

These little guys are from Ikea and they are life savers! They come in a pack of 6 you get a variety of sizes and the best part maybe is the fact they all totally collapse able and can be stored flat. They all come in two colors black [which the Hubs loves] and cream. 

We have them in our dresser drawers to organize our socks, undies, etc. 

I use them in the bathroom underneath the sink to house all our body lotions, sprays, looming medicines and other toiletries. 

I have some in the kitchen to keep all my plastic Tupperware lids and containers in their place. 

I think there's a number of things these little guys could be used for, you just have to pick some up and go to work making everything all organized and pretty! 

What's your fave storage solution? 

Anniversary Week III: Through the Years

Our Anniversary has come and gone this week, we had a ton of fun celebrating all week together. 

Video of our week is coming soon, as soon as I can get my camera [that died] recharged and the video edited I'll post it. 

But, for now here's a little collage of pics from the last few anniversaries that we've had here at the Worley House!


July 16, 2010

{Featured} Fresh Coat Fridays

Ava's sweet little rocking chair was featured this morning, over on Fresh Coat Fridays by Life in the Fun Lane! I'm pretty excited to be featured with some amazing other bloggers and their makeovers. 

Holly's blog is one of my faves to read each week, what she can do with white paint is pretty amazing and inspiring. 

I hope Ava's little rocking chair that I re did for her nursery months back will help inspire others to pick up a paint brush and create something as well. 

Click the link above to read the article. 

Happy Friday Everyone! 

Anniversary Week III: How We Celebrated

Our third anniversary has come and gone, but we're still relishing in the fun and memories we made just a couple days ago. 

We lounged around that morning, Orion had the entire day off so it was perfect! We went to lunch at Chipotle, since that's how we are simple and do what we love. After lunch we headed off to my surprise for Orion.

A couple weeks back I was trying to figure out something fun to do on our anniversary since this year we were staying home and local unlike previous years when we took a weekend trip to celebrate. I thought it would be fun to go to a place and paint our own pottery together, and make something for our home together. 

I didn't know how Orion would do, since I'm usually the crafty one in this relationship. But, when I told him where we were going and what was in store he was excited about the whole thing and couldn't wait to try. 

We headed over to Color Me Mine in Peoria and picked out a set of coasters to paint. He did two and I did two of them. We each put our own designs on them. We get to go back Monday and pick them up after they've been sealed and glazed. 

Next up, we went to Home Goods. This may sound silly but Orion had never been there and I really wanted to show him all the goodness that is Home Goods. So we went. He was impressed. We bought a dog brush for Bentley and dreamed of all the things we would do to another house someday, if we find ourselves in that position again. 

After that it was time to head home to get ready for dinner and drop Ava off at a friend's house, so they could watch her while we went out to dinner. 

We choose to go to Sassi in Scottsdale for dinner. I love this place. It's beautiful, and it looks like Italy. I've never been to Italy but my Mom has and she agrees. 

We ate dinner. Ordered sparkling lemonades, drank and were merry! Orion ordered gelato and I got a latte for dessert. We chatted about the past, the present and what's in store. We dreamed new dreams and made plans for the next year to come. 

After dinner we walked about the outside of the restaurant. They have weddings there, so it's beautiful and gorgeous. We took this picture:
For gifts this year we decided to go in on a gift together, something that we both wanted and could both use. We decided to get an ihome system for our ipod. We both really love listening to music and pod casts so it was a perfect gift for us. 

We picked Ava up from the baby sitters a.k.a our friends, and she was a champ! She did great, had a little gas when we first dropped her off and was a bit fussy but then calmed down. When we walked in and asked where she was, they showed us and laying on the floor there she was in a basket of theirs with her blanket. It was adorable! 

We went home, snuggled our girl and smiled at each other thankful for the last three years together. 

July 15, 2010

The List

A couple months ago while trying to organize Ava's Closet pending her arrival I came across a box of office stuff that hadn't been unpacked for some reason since our move to Arizona last August. I opened the box and the only thing that was worth my time was a stack of about four journals. 

I know I've mentioned on the blog before about my journals. They just might be my most prized material possession. They aren't fancy by any means but what makes them so special to me is that they are yearly chronicles of my life since I was in 5th grade I've been journaling. They are amazing to me to look back on and see where I was, where I've been and dreams that have still yet to come to fruition. 

One that I opened up to that day was a small red leather one, in the back of the last two pages were a set of 10 Year Goals & The List of things that I wanted to accomplish in my lifetime. 
As you can see from the date July 10, 2006 there wasn't a whole lot on my 10 year plan besides, get married, have children and buy a house, etc. Normal goals. This list was written a year before Orion and I got married, before I knew we'd get married. 

At this time in my life I was in a huge transition having moved away from family to start life on my own here in Arizona. I took my first job here out of college, lived by myself and started to figure out who I was without everything that was a comfort to me. 

Most of the time I am inspired but truly scared to try and do new things. But, over time I've realized there's no harm in trying. That it's ok to fail, it's ok if it doesn't work out the way you thought it would. 

But, most of the time it's worth the risk. It's worth being dragged out of your comfort zone. 
When I look at The List of goals I wanted to accomplish in my lifetime, I've done a lot of them. A lot of them have been crossed off and some more have been added since these pages were first written. 

I believe in the power of goals, in the power of putting them out there and believing that they can happen. That you can have everything you've ever dreamed of. It may or may not happen the way you think it's going to happen but it will happen if you believe that it can. 

I believe there's accountability when you write things down, when you say them out loud and share them with your spouse, closest family and friends. 

Since I've crossed off get married, become a mom, buy a house. It's now time to dream again and dream of those things that have still yet to come, things that still are on my heart, and the things that God has called me to do in my life and believe that he's called me to these things for a reason. 

There have been times where I've thought this is "it" this is all I'm going to do in life. There have been times where I've thought I can't try something new I'm too old to take on something new, or it will never work if I do, etc, etc. 

One thing that I've learned is that there will always be a million excuses you can give yourself, and that it's all about priorities. 

Yes, things change. Yes, you change sometimes. And goals, dreams and aspirations change along with you. 

It's about deciding what you want out of life, in these moments, at this place in your life and going for what is most important. 

Go for your dreams. Be inspired. 

And always remember you can add too, and accomplish all that's on The List!

Anniversary Week III: By the Numbers

3 is the number of places we've lived since we got married 3 years ago. (yes, we've moved every year, and yes I know that's annoying.)

1 the number of pets that dwell at the Worley House.

1097 are the number of days since our wedding!

4 are the number of fights we've had over building furniture together (but who's counting)

16 are the number of attendants at our wedding.

2 is the number of flower girls at our wedding.

45 is the number of people that RSVP that didn't show up to our wedding.

2083 is the number of our current apartment.

5 is the number of times I was a bridesmaid before I was a Bride. 

3462 was the number of our first house together.

6 is the number of times Orion's been peed & pooped on since Ava was born.

14 is the day we got married!

2007 is the year we got married!

7 is the month we got married in!

July 14, 2010

July 14, 2010

July 14th, 2007

On July 14th, 2007 we said "I Do." 

On July 14th, 2008 we celebrated one year, not knowing what would come in the next year. 

On July 14th, 2009 we celebrated two years and later found out that we'd be parents soon. 

Today, we are stronger and better and a family. 

I married my best friend. The person who makes me laugh the hardest. The person who's always accepted me just for who I am. 

Orion is everything I ever wanted, and everything I never knew I needed. But, God knew. He knew when Orion would walk into my life, he knew how Orion would complete the weakest parts of me and how together we'd be stronger and make each other better. God knew the trials and joys that we'd walk into and he gave us each other to lean on during those times. 

I feel so blessed in so many ways to have such a loving, caring and wonderful Husband. 

Orion, thank you for being the husband that I need and deserve. Thank you for being an amazing Daddy to Ava. Watching the two of you is like a gift. A gift I am forever grateful for. I'm thankful that the three of us together make a family. 

I love you so much and can't wait to share the day with you, and celebrate many more years of bliss with you!

July 13, 2010

{DIY} Party Circles

I created these party circles to be used for my friend's upcoming wedding. They were pretty simple to make, and I used them already this past weekend at her bridal shower. 

I made these using Picnik, and then printed them off on heavy card stock and using a 2 in. punch cut them out. You can buy the punches at any craft store, mine is a Martha Stewart one. 

I used them this past weekend as confetti on the tables. But you could also glue them on to tooth picks and use them as cupcake toppers. 
You could use this same method for pretty much any type of party your hosting. They would be great for a little kids birthday party as well. 

Be Creative Challenge
Week #26

Anniversary Week III: Looking Back

Last night Orion and I sat on the couch a looked through old pictures, flipped through photo albums and reminisced about the early days when we first met and started dating. If you don't already know about our story you can read it here

Orion and I met in January of 2005, it's hard to believe that five years have passed since we first met and when on our first date. This picture below was taken in April of 2005, a month before we "officially" began dating. We were at a Twins game with some friends when my friend Sara conveniently snapped this picture of the two of us. I thought she was taking a group picture and found this later on my camera. Our friends were coming up with scenarios on how to get the two of us together, we went on quite a few group outings before our first date. I honestly was pretty oblivious to what was happening, it wasn't until Orion actually asked me on a first date that I realized he might like me. 

This next photo, was taken on our second date, which was actually 24 hours after our first date. :)

Orion had asked me to go out with him on May 13th, 2005 but I'd already RSVP to a friends wedding that day, and I didn't want to back out. So I asked Orion if we could go out the day before, which was a Friday night. Our first date, went so well that I asked him that evening if he'd like to go to the wedding with me as my date. 

No on knew that we'd even went on a date the night before except for a few close friends, so showing up to a friends wedding where there was tons of mutual friends there was like our coming out party so to speak. It was on May 13, 2005 that we actually told people we were "officially" a couple after deciding this the night before on our first date. 
It's so fun to look back, and see how far we've come, where we've been and dream and hope for what the future has for us. 

Looking back at these pictures, I see a girl who didn't know how quickly she'd fall in love with this man. I never dreamt we'd go through so much and experience so much in just a short amount of time. But, I'm so happy and lucky that I've gotten to do all that with Orion by my side!

July 12, 2010

Ava's Three Month Photoshoot

I finally finished editing her three month photos. I took these a while ago, then I got busy trying to keep a secret and pack for my trip and totally forgot all about them sitting in my iphoto folder just waiting for me to pay attention to them and get them finished. 

I'm so happy with the way they've turned out. Ava is so easy to photograph she makes the job really easy. 

These are my faves that we took together, I can't decide which ones I want to print up and have in our home. I love them all, I'm thinking about doing a wall collage or something to display them all. 

Here they are, enjoy. 

Blog Roll Monday: Domestic Ease

It's been a while since I last posted on our weekly Blog Roll Monday features. I've been gone, we've had a busy summer and I've had lots of other fun things to blog about. But, today I want to tell you about one of my go to blogs for everything home, love and domestic.

Domestic Ease

Domestic Ease is one of my fave blogs to read! It's a complication of a few different writers that make the site writing about everything from home life, decor, food and lots of tips and tricks to help inspire you and make your life easier! 

I'm super pumped because I'll have an article published and featured at Domestic Ease on July 31st! Check out this great blog, you won't be disappointed! 

Anniversary Week III: Gift Ideas

As we kick off anniversary week here at the Worley House, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some possible cute gift ideas. I took the liberty to put together a little sampling of some ideas one for her and one for him. 

The traditional gift for the third anniversary is leather. 

This awesome leather bracelet for a man is from Juliethefish's Etsy shop. I've actually been eyeing this for a while and it's actually what I'm getting Orion for our anniversary. Shhh....don't tell. Instead of putting a name in the silver plate I'm going to put his fave scripture verse from the Bible. Next, up is this adorable patent leather purse from Target. I've been stalking it for a while. It's what I told Orion I wanted for a gift. It's cute, has a lot of room and priced right at $29! 

The modern gift for the third anniversary is crystal. 

I'm not sure why this is the modern gift, I don't think many people like crystal much. I however love crystal when it comes in these forms:
For her I picked this adorable crystal cupcake stand from one of my fave Etsy shop's Vintagely Yours. And for him these really pretty crystal cuff links from Etsy as well.

July 11, 2010

{DIY} Whimsical Pom Poms

You've probably seen these all over the blog world via parties and decor blogs and sites. I think they are a genius idea for jazzin' up a space for a party. 

These little pom poms are great for little girls birthday parties, bridal and baby showers, and pretty much anything really. 

I decided to whip some of these babies up for a bridal shower I helped host over the weekend. 

They are super easy to make, and all you need is a little time and patience. 

This is a really easy project, and this is a method. You can take this same idea and cut your tissue paper down to a small size and make different size pom poms. 

They really add something and help fill a large space. 

I'm going to make some of these for Ava's first birthday party. 

Here's what you'll need:
- tissue paper (variety of colors of your choosing)
- scissors 
- floral wire or a thin wire
- fishing line or some sort of string for hanging
- thumb tacks for hanging

And follow these easy instructions via Martha: I'd show you, but hers are better instruction and well let's just leave it up to her. 
Be Creative Challenge
Week #25

last photo via marthastwewart.com

5 Hour Cupcakes

This past Saturday was my friend Jennie's bridal shower. 

I volunteered to make the dessert for her special day, she decided on cupcakes and since they are my fave anyway she didn't have to twist my arm to much to make them!

They took five hours to make since Ava wasn't really into napping that day, and so the process was much longer than anticipated. Totally worth it and a labor of cupcake love! 

I decided on two recipes for the day. 

The first were chai latte cupcakes, in honor of Jennie's much love for Starbucks Spice Chai Iced Lattes. Adapted from this recipe.

These next little beautes were in honor of her pink, brown and white themed shower! 

Made with rasberry frosting in honor of our rasberry colored bridesmaid dresses, adapted from this recipe.
They were delish, and a big hit!

Be Creative Challenge
Week #24

1093 days

Since we said "I do."

3 more days till our 3rd Anniversary!
Tune in all this week for the details of how we celebrated and some fun anniversary posts along the way!

To tie you over, here's some reading material:

To see our original wedding website click here. To read about how we celebrated and what we did on our first anniversary click here. To read all about celebrating our second click here and here

It's one of our traditions to take a picture of us on our actual anniversary, these pics were taken the day of our anniversary at dinner that evening, can't wait to fill in the gap for this years anniversary. 

#3 here we come! 

July 9, 2010

Next Week.....

Is our 3rd Wedding Anniversary. The Hubs and I did a collaborative planning for the day. 

I choose the daytime activity, we will be spending the day here...........

He choose the evenings festivities, we will be having dinner here......

Miss Ava will have her very first baby sitter, we haven't spent a night alone or day with out her since she was born. I think it's time for a date night. 

It's going to be a good celebration.

images: Sassi Restaurant & Color Me Mine

July 7, 2010

The Angels Are Singing........

Yesterday and today I've been thinking and praying a lot. Yesterday, I found out the news that one of the dearest ladies in my life passed away and went to be with the Lord. 

After years of struggling with cancer, Marilyn is finally in a better place with Jesus and the angels are singing. 

She was my Sunday school teacher growing up, and over the years my family and I became very close to her and husband Bob. They were like second Grandparents to me. 

A few years back she got breast cancer went through chemo, and was in remission. It came back and she had a double mastectomy. The cancer came back a third time, and this time spread to her lungs and eventually her liver. 

What has amazed me in all of this is her attitude, her attitude and her faith in Christ has never wavered. She's always been faithful and believed that God would work out his plan accordingly. I myself have been challenged many times by her to believe and to have a stronger faith. 

She was funny, and had a quick wit about her. She was an amazing prayer warrior and woman of faith. She was an amazing wife and mother. 

While I was home in Iowa a couple weeks ago, I took the time to go visit her. Knowing that it was probably the last time I'd see her before she passed away, it was really hard for me. My Mom prepared me that she wasn't doing well, and what type of situation she was in. She was dying, barely coherent and coming in and out of consciousnesses. 

I have a hard time with these types of situations, but she was my mentor and my friend and I wanted to say good bye. And, I'm so glad I did. 

The thing that amazes me the most about this is that when we walked into her home to visit her that day when she woke up she immediately started quoting scriptures and praying. 

Her husband told us that everyone who has come to see her since she got really bad, she's prayed for them and not let them leave until they accepted Jesus as their personal savior. Even on her death bed she was thinking of others and their souls. 

She was having dreams of heaven and she couldn't wait to go there and be with Jesus. 

Even though I am extremely sad today, I am over joyed that Marilyn is with Jesus. She's in heaven, content and living a beautiful life with Jesus now. 

I don't know why things happen the way they do but Marilyn proves to me that you can use any situation for God. Even in the dying process he wasn't done with her yet, and used her to reach so many. 

I sat there with my baby girl and I was amazed at how God works. As one life was ending, I held a brand new life in my arms. 

I know she's up there singing with the angels.

July 6, 2010

July 4th

We had a pretty low key fourth, but it was still fun! 

Sunday morning we dressed Ava in her 4th duds, that I bought for her last summer when I was preggo! I  couldn't wait for her to be all decked out in stars & stripes! 

We headed to church, and then afterward went to a church picnic. 

Later, that evening we went to a friend's house where they cooked us yummy tacos and we ended the night watching the fireworks from our balcony!

Hope you and yours enjoyed an amazing holiday, whatever you ended up doing! 

July 5, 2010

All Smiles

Her smile is one of the best things about her, and she smiles all the time. She makes some really cute faces and they are always there to greet us in the mornings when we get her out of bed. 

She started laughing with in the last week while in Iowa, and that sound is priceless. I love making her laugh!

I've been recording a few times when she's laughed, it's so darn cute!

She's recently found a love for her hands, she's constantly putting them in her mouth. 

Clasping them together. 

She's drooling all over the place.
The end of this month is her 4 month appointment, I can't wait to see how she's grown and changed. 

Watch Me Grow: 3 Months

She's already three months old, growing so fast and changing everyday! 

She brings so much joy to our lives, she's pretty amazing to watch. I get excited everyday to see what new things she'll do. 

Father's Day Project

I meant to share this project before I left for my Iowa trip, but time got away from me. So here is the Father's Day project I made for Orion's first Father's Day. 

This is just a method, you could tweak this and make it your own. I choose to make silhouettes of their hands, since we're always talking about how they have the same hands I decided to make hands. You could use profiles, etc to make your own. 

I choose to make mine on a canvas, you could make yours and frame it like a print as well. 

I used card stock, a canvas, paint and mod podge to complete the project. 

First I painted the canvas all black, I had it left over from the nursery, and it's Orion's fave color. 

I let it dry and after drying I placed my cut outs of their hands and affixed with some mod podge and let dry. 

I wrote their names and the date on their hand cut outs before I put them on the canvas, I wanted to make sure we remembered. 
Ta-Dah! Here it is all dried and finished. 

It's going to look beautiful in his office someday, but for now it sits at his bedside. 

Be Creative Challenge
Week #24


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