November 30, 2008

Holiday Music Festival

Saturday and Sunday the girls performed at the MOA Holiday Music Festival. They did an amazing job, they sang a few duets, and each choose songs on their own to sing. Followed by friendly banter, and wonderful stories. We're so proud of them, and truly blessed to be working with two amazing young ladies!

Brooke & Sara

The Miss Twin Cities Committee with our girls.

Happy Thanksgiving 2008

This past weekend was a ton of fun for me and my family. My sister came up Wednesday morning, and spent the weekend. My Mom and Step-dad also came for the weekend. I was spoiled to have my best friend from Wisconsin here in Minnesota too for the weekend. It was a great holiday with family.

Me & My Hubby on Thanksgiving!

My sister and I.

The girls and I out for dinner. We don't get to do this often enough.

It's been such a fun past couple days being with family and friends! I wish they were here with me everyday!

November 24, 2008

Crazy Conversations

I had a weird run in today at the coffee shop, so weird, and kinda disturbing, so I had to blog about it...naturally.

So, I'm sitting here today in a coffee shop checking my emails, blogging, looking for flights to Vegas and minding my own business. I am sitting here away from the other crowds of people, in a little nook, on a couch. Most of you know, I am not a talker. I like to mind my own business when I am in public places, I try to be cordial and nice to other if they talk to me of coarse. Today was a doozy!

I'm sitting here alone when this guy comes in, sets his stuff down at the chair across from me. Proceeds to order his scone and coffee. Comes back, and says to me:

Guy: Oh, how's it going today?
Me: Good, thank you.
Guy: So what's new on the Internet today?
Me: Oh, nothing, just checking some emails.
Guy: Yeah, I know you're just over there looking at porn...I know everyone thinks it's just Guys that do it, but It's really the ladies that do it too!
Me: Um, no I am sorry I am definitely not looking at porn!
Guy: Laughs at me and winks

What!!! Are you serious? Sick! Can this be real? So awkward, that he said that to me. And he's still sitting here across from me. From that conversation I'm so creep ed out by this guy. What! Why are there people like this in the world that say weird and inappropriate things such as that?

I'm so disturbed!

These days...

These days, I have a lot of free time on my hands. A little to much free time, I think. These days my daily routines are a little different than they usually have been, I have more time to do stuff around the house, run errands, etc. And after the first initial shock of it all, I've been finding each day more, and more things to fill up my free time. What do my days look like now? They are different, here's a glimpse on most days:

6:45 am Wake-up to take Hubby to the train.
7:30 am Come home- fall back asleep for a few more hours.
9:00 am Wake- up try to decide what to do with the day, make coffee, eat breakfast, play with Bentley, take him for a walk.
10:00 am a sit down with my girls from The View

11:00 am and through out the rest of my day consists of checking emails, blogging, running errands, going to the church to work for a bit, job hunting, and sending resumes, etc.

The other blessing in all of this is that I get to work and spend more time on my photography. Which has been a joy! This week, I am taking Senior pictures, family portraits, and children pictures.

So when you think of me, pray for me first and then count your lucky stars that you are not at home "trying" to think of things to fill your free time up.

I am excited for this week though because my family is coming to town. Wednesday my Sister will be here with her family. Thursday my parents come to town for the holiday. And my BFF and her family will be in town too! Such a blessing, and a wonderful week ahead!

November 22, 2008

Everyone's Turning up Preggo!

Just about every other week I am finding out someone new is preggo, or what they are having! It's crazy, and I am beginning to think there might be something in the water. First two friends are having babies, due in the same month, then I find out 2 other couples are preggo, then this week I find out 1 of them is having twins! Just about every week I am finding out more and more ladies are preggo. Holy Cow!!! It's nuts, but so exciting all at the same time. I'm wishing the couples who are with child all the blessings in the world, and happy pregnancies for the next 9 months!

The adorable picture above is of my sister, She was 8 mo. at the time. And now has a healthy 7 mo. old boy!

The BFF & Me!

I'm sitting here in Janesville, WI visiting with my BFF, Sara. I took a little trip this weekend for a small visit. The best part is that I get to spend next week with her too when her and the family come to the Twin Cities! I love it!
There's nothing like that comfort, and the laugh of your best friend to make you feel like things will all be ok. It's been good to be here even in the last day and a half. I miss her, and having her around. I hope one day God will bring us together again to live in the same place and raise our children together. She's having baby #2 this Spring, it's so exciting. I've been having tons of fun taking pictures of her little girl Ellie Me' and next up watching the Traveling P's together!
It's just what the Doctor ordered!

November 16, 2008

2,000 and counting!

I just read my hit counter, and I can't believe it! 2,000 hits! Just wanted to say thanks to all my readers for reading daily, and checking out my blog! For putting up with my randomness, and loving it! :) 

I've loved blogging this past year so much! It's been so fun for me! I honestly never thought anyone would read my musings, but thank you to all who enjoy it. Happy Reading!

November 13, 2008

Dress Me

The many looks of Miss Underwood at the CMAs: Red Carpet Arrival

Show Opener Stunner- I love this icy blue.

Don't mind me, I'll just stand here in this blue number.

What's that Brad? Oh yes, my dress is Asian inspired!

I was going to tell you what my next dress looks like, but you'll have to guess!

Ps- You can call me Oscar Barbie if you like!

Yeah- I can't remember what dress number this is. Can you Brad?

Don't worry folks, I'm just going to sing you a little ditty I know.

Thank you for the Country Music Award!

Obviously, I need a different dress to meet the press- DUH!

PS- I really do love Carrie Underwood, just having a little fun and humor today!

Brothers & Sisters

Well, you know how much I love DWTS! This week was so exception for impressing....two Brother/Sister duos did some some spectacular dances this week! Lacey and her bro Benji did a cute little country dance to "Ticks", and Julianne and her bro Derek did a cute little number to "Great Balls of Fire", they were awesome! It's now one of my all time fav partner dances! It made me wish that my little bros and I could jive as well as them! In case you missed it, check them out:

Lacey & Benji:

Julianne & Derek:

It's down to the final 4 now! I'm excited for next weeks semi-final round!

November 6, 2008

We Voted!

Did you?

proud Hubby after the voting polls!
A historic election no matter how you slice it. But, I am excited that it's all over. Now, the real work begins and we get to see what will happen!
But, I will miss the SNL skits...hopefully they make a reprise! :)

November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Yesterday was my Hubby's 31st Birthday! Now, he's not really into parties or a BIG display for his birthday- but, I love birthdays, I always have. And, they are my 1 excuse a year to make things special and really fun for friends and family. This year we had a quiet dinner at home with some friends, and then invited some other friends over for coffee and dessert. I made, from scratch...a red velvet cake! This is another post for sure! It was a great night! It was fun to have some people over to help celebrate. Thank you all our friends who came to celebrate with Orion. We love you all!
I love Orion so much! He's been such a great person in my life. I wouldn't want to go through life without him! I can't wait to live the rest of this life together.



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