February 5, 2014

Office & Guest Room Makeover Inspiration and Blank Slate.

I've been working on making over my guest room for the last couple weeks. During the last year this room has served primarly as our guest room, and a place where I keep all my craft supplies and sew in there from time to time. My parents were the last guest to stay in there over Thanksgiving, but with a queen size bed and a sewing table set up it was getting kinda cramped. 

So we decided to get rid of the big bed in there, and make this room more into my office/ guest room. We don't have guests often so I think a smaller bed or pull out sofa is what we're going to put back in there. 

I've been saving my pennies, and used my earnings from my garage sale to start buying things for the room makeover. To see more of my inspiration & ideas for this space visit my pin board here. This room is small, but it has a decent size closet for storage. I want the space to be light, bright and airy with lots of white, icy blues, soft pinks and touches of gold. I've already been gathering some inspiration and pieces for the room, you can see where I'm going with the mood board below.

Office & Guest Room Inspiration

I love Ikea for simple storage solutions, you can't beat their prices on some of their office stuff. Last weekend I scooped up some shelves to add to my office, and some simple white boxes and magazine files to store more things in. 

The gold table is from Target and I found it on clearance back at the beginning of January, it quickly went into my cart at $24.99! I'm still on the hunt for the perfect couch to add to the room. It needs to be able to fold out into a bed so when we do have guest they have a place to sleep. 

Here's how the room looked once we cleared everything out of it to start from scratch. 
The view looking in from the doorway, and as you can see below the closet as well. So we're starting with a pretty blank canvas. 
My goal is to DIY this room for $500 or under! I'm pretty sure with my savvy skills I can make it happen. Check back later in the week to see the progress I've made in this room. 

Have you attempted any room makeovers lately? 


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