June 27, 2010

Ava's Closet Contest

Josiah's Nest is featuring Ava's Closet this week and I'm sponsoring a giveaway for two pairs of clips! Head on over to read all about it, and enter the contest!

Click here to enter, I'll be adding more items once I get back to Arizona! The contest is open till next Thursday!

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June 24, 2010


You may have noticed if you follow me on Twitter, that I am in Iowa!

Surprise! A couple weeks ago my Mom called me and offered to fly me & Ava home to surprise my family who hadn't met Miss Ava yet! I jumped at the chance, and kept a good secret from all my family for the the last two weeks. (I have the best video of my Sister's reaction, I'll post later)

We're finally here and have been enjoying the last 4 days with them. I'm so excited to be home and get to spend some time with them. I'll be a little M.I.A for the next couple days while I'm home. No blogging, or Internet for me. I'm just going to enjoy these few days I get to spend with them, lunching with family, swimming in the pool, BBQs, laughing and loving this time.

Just wanted to let all you readers out there know what's up, and that I haven't totally fell off the face of the earth. I'll be back soon with stories and pictures of Ava's first plane ride, and all kinds of cuteness from our trip!

Stay tuned, hope you're having a fabulous week like we are!!!

June 18, 2010

Some Things I've Learned

the hard way in Mommywood.......

I feel like parenting & motherhood is much like the first year of marriage. Lots of trial and error, and finding things out sometimes the hard way, it's a learning process. 

Ava is a pretty good baby, for which I am very thankful. I don't think I could ask for any better. 

There's a few things I've learned these past 12 weeks, things I'll never do again, things that have been revelations to me, and things that I'm finally getting. 

I've learned the hard way that Organic cotton reusable nursing pads do not work, no matter how absorbent they say they are, or how many times you wash them. 

I've learned the hard way to always re stock your diaper bag after every outing, and have an extra change of clothing on hand. 

I've learned that each baby is different, and you have to figure out what works for you. 

I've learned that Babywise doesn't always have the answers, and you have to tailor it so to speak to fit the needs of your child. 

I've learned to find my groove with nursing and that it's OK to figure out what works for your and your child. 

I've learned that I prefer Pampers wipes over Huggies. 

And that it's time to move up a size in diapers when she's had blow out after blow out and they aren't contained any longer. 

I've learned that babies really do thrive on routine, and I really like that. It really makes my life easy. 

I've learned that Motherhood is every bit as fulfilling, as I wanted and prayed that it would be. 

image via google

{DIY} Lantern Makeover

I've got a thing for pretty little lanterns in my house. I've got a few already, and if the Hubby would let me I think I'd add a few more. But, we might have to wait till we have a bigger space before we start cluttering it all with a bunch of lanterns. It could get overwhelming. 

Here's a little lantern project I worked on this week, I got these lanterns a few years ago when I was trying to decorate my first place right out of college, before Orion and I were married. I picked them up for a steal at Ross for $3.99 a piece. 

I'm working on a Nautical themed bathroom makeover, and I thought they would be perfect in there. But, they are wrought iron and a little to dark for the look we're going for. Here's the before:

And, armed with a little white spray paint (which you can pick up at Wal-Mart for 99 cents) I spray painted these beauties. Here's the after:
And here they are in my bathroom, a little sneak peek to see what I'm working on: 
I placed them on a white serving tray that I picked up on clearance last year at Pier 1, and placed our "vacation rocks" on the tray. I wanna add a few more to the tray, we're still working on the bathroom redo. More to come. 

This was a sweet and easy little project for the week, what do you think? 

Be Creative Challenge
Week #23

June 14, 2010

Summer 2010:

Weekends go by to fast, don't they?!!! Orion had Friday off, which is a rare treat so we spent the day together, ringing in our summer and discussing all the things/plans we had going on this summer. Next week Orion is off to youth camp with our teens for a week. Ava and I will have to make it the week at home with out him. We talked about some family things we want to do this summer, and even try to steal away some family vacation if we can. My friend is getting married this summer, we're looking forward to her wedding, and I will dawn a bridesmaid dress for the 8th time, and I think my last. As she's the last of my single girlfriends to marry. 

Friday, we headed out to West Gate. It's a shopping center here by the Cardinals Stadium that we like to go to. There's food places, coffee shops with great smoothies, a water fountain for the kiddos, and way over priced boutiques that I like to "window shop" in. 

Orion and I have loved this place since we moved to Glendale (almost a year ago) wowzers, how time flies. Anyway, we love coming here grabbing lunch and walking around. So we did just that. 

We split lunch at Shane's Rib Shack, and discussed our family mission/values statement. Something I've been wanting to do for a long time (more on this later.) It was good to dream and talk about the family we want to be, over delish lunch of coarse. 

Ava was a trooper, sleeping through lunch, and waking up just in time to see the fountains. 

Later, that day Orion watched Ava so I could steal some time away for myself and go shopping. I don't normally get to do this, but this week and unexpected blessing came our way, and it was such a blessing for me because I don't really have many clothing options right now since having the baby and still needing to loose some baby weight. I was able to go buy some new things with this blessing. 

I also, went shopping and picked Orion up something for his first Father's Day, I'm excited to celebrate that with him soon. 
Friday night, I got a bug in me that I wanted to get rid of stuff from my closet. I haven't worn "real" clothes since being preggo, about 10 months ago. I usually go through my closet twice a year getting rid of stuff, I usually have a if you haven't worn it in a year you're probably not going to, so get rid of it. But, my issue was how can this rule really apply to me since I've been preggo this entire last year?

And since I like to practice the in/out rule I brought 5 things in that day from the store, so 5 things needed to come out of my closet. Plus 3 pairs of shoes had to come out. :)

 But, after taking a look at my closet I knew that there were things to get rid of that I hadn't worn even since before I was preggo. I cleaned everything, my closet and my dresser. 

And, to my surprise I found Orion's wedding ring that he lost last summer in one of my dresser drawers. I was in shock, seeing how we both thought someone stole it and there it was. When I found it and gave it to him, he said he was going to wear it on his right ring finger, "double commitment" he likes to call it! Made me laugh and smile! 

Also, this weekend Ava found her thumb and has been sucking it ever since and trying to shove her fist entirely in her mouth. It's pretty hilarious to watch! 

She's also been getting more "talkative" and we spent the entire weekend have our own "conversations" with her. That too, is very entertaining. 
I can't wait to spend our very first summer with our baby girl, making new memories and having new adventures together! 

June 12, 2010

Milestones: Sleeping Through the Night

I didn't want to say anything at first, for fear that I might jinx it or add to much pressure to my girl, but I am happy and proud to say that Ava has been successfully sleeping through the night this whole entire week!

I've been reading a lot about creating routines for them to help them establish their nights from their days. So, this past Monday I really worked on creating a routine for her. Mostly a bedtime routine. 

To my surprise Monday night after a bath, some rocking in the chair, some songs sung by Mommy I laid her in her crib and she fell asleep and didn't awake till 6 am the next day. 

I almost couldn't believe it when I woke up Tuesday morning. So I continued this routine this whole week and our girl has been doing great, and taking bedtime on like a champ! 

I'm pretty excited that she's sleeping through the night. It means a little more sleep for me, and I will always welcome that. 

She's a pretty laid back baby. I love that about her. She's been taking about three naps during the day. She's eating every three hours now. 

She's been talking and talking a lot this week. It's so fun to watch her. She makes new discoveries every day. This week she discovered she could suck her thumb. 

It's been pretty cute to watch. She'd rather have that than her binky. Which I am totally ok with her finding new ways to self soothe. 
So how long this sleeping through the night phase lasts is to be determined, but either way our girl is finding her own way in this BIG world.

And, we are proud! 

June 10, 2010

new videos of Ava

PS- for those wondering we have a Flip video camera, Orion got it for me on my birthday last year and we LOVE it. It makes videos so easy. It even comes with free built in software to make your own movies like these.

You can pretty much get them any where we bought ours from Best Buy, and Amazon.com has the best accessories for them that you can buy.


I have a confession to make, I stalk things. It's true, I do. Maybe you do this too. Sometimes I'll go into a store and see something I like/want but don't like the price. So, I stalk it for a few weeks and see if it goes on sale, or I wait for a coupon. 

I've been "stalking" this little green wallet for a few weeks now at Target. Who doesn't love Target? If you don't, I'm sorry we can't be friends. 

This little gem retailed for $14.99, I've been on the hunt for a new wallet for a while now. The one I currently am using is falling apart, but I love all the space and pockets so I just keep making it work. Until, I saw this at Target. 

So what did I do? I stalked it for a couple weeks and then last Sunday when I was making a Target run to pick some stuff up for the church I ran past the purse section to see if it was still there. 

To my surprise it was and it was marked down to $10!! I couldn't believe it. So, I inspected it again and decided that I was going to get it. 
Then, I remembered that I had a store gift card in my purse worth $6 from some pacifiers that I took back because Miss Ava will not take that brand. Score!! 

My total for this wallet was going to be $4! I knew it was meant to be. 

So you see people, I stalk things. Sometimes they work out in my favor and sometimes they don't. But, I just take that as a hint that there's something better out there, a better deal and I'm gonna find it. 

In this case it worked out. 

Currently, I'm stalking this bedding from Target. It's on sale for $40 from $99. A pretty good deal, but I'm gonna hold out another week and see if it comes down anymore, Target is having some crazy sales. 

Do you stalk? What are you currently stalking? 

Happy Shopping!

June 9, 2010

Thank You Notes

I've had these blank response cards from our wedding sitting around forever, that I've been toting everywhere we've moved since we got married. Vowing that I would "use" them for something. 

So, I made thank you cards out of them. 

I bought a stamp at a craft store that said "Thank You" in a pretty font. You can pick these up at Michael's & JoAnn's as well. Bought some ink for it, and stamped away on the cards. 

Now, I have an affordable option quick and handy when I need to write a quick thank you. 

And who doesn't need a pile of pretty thank you's ready for when you need to send one?!!?

Here's another view of the back side where I write the actual note. 

The best part was it was mostly free, I only spent $5 on the stamp & ink after coupons. 

Be Creative Challenge
Week #22 

June 8, 2010

Baby Book

Each year since we've been married I've made a photo book of that year together in pictures. From 2007 to current we have the most beautiful albums sitting on our coffee table. I love the idea of documenting a year, so much can change in a year it's nice to have them all organized and in a book. 

I want to replicate this for Ava. I've been working on a book for her since before she was born with all her ultrasound photos, and now that she's here I work little by little on it as events happen so I don't forget the day or what happened. 

Here's just a few pages I worked on this past weekend and earlier this week:

And for those that want to know, I use the iphoto program on my MacBook for editing. I also use Picnik a lot too. 

I print my books usually from Snapfish or Shutterfly in 8.5 x 11 size books. They both have great discounts and I usually after I make the books and they are finished wait for a sale or a deal where I can get a discount or free shipping before I buy and print my books. 


It's just a little past midnight here, the hubs is curled up next to me. The baby is sleeping in her own bed tonight. 

i am sitting here thinking about how truly blessed i am tonight, and every day for that matter. 

i never knew a love for someone like i know now for Ava. it's a whole different kind of love, a whole new amazing feeling. 

and daily i am smitten by her and the things she does. 

seeing the world through her eyes now makes my heart smile. and i can't wait to walk this journey with her, and take in all the things she takes in as if i too are seeing them for the first time again. 

there are so many things i love about this phase of life right now, and i thank god daily that he choose me to be her mommy, that he choose orion & i to be her parents.

as orion held her tonight and walked her around the kitchen while i was making dinner he began to explain to her what everything was and what it did, even though i know she won't be caring much about that coffee grinder sitting on the counter. never the less he explained to her what it did and told her how much mom loves her coffee.

i thought to myself, this is it:

this is our new world, our new lives, and i love this life. 

i love that she squeals with delight in the mornings when it just the three of us in bed before daddy is off to work for the day. 

i love her little smile and all the wonderful faces she makes that are so exciting to see. 

i love her big eyes that when she looks at me our eyes meet and i get that feeling that she knows me and loves me. 

i love how she follows me with those same eyes and won't let me out of her sight. 

i love just how she fits into my arms and sinks in a little deeper when she finally falls asleep and all her dead body weight is mine to hold. 

i love watching my husband be a daddy. a role that i have seen him take on all his own, like it's second nature. 

after a long days work he still comes home and bath time and holding our girl are all he wants to do. i am grateful that even after a long day at work he wants to be a team and give her baths and change her clothes and i am thankful for the help after a long day. 

i love that he tries to sing 'A Whole New World' to her tonight, but doesn't know all the words so he makes them up and keeps on singing to her. 

her curly, messy hair in its natural state is the most beautiful thing to me. 

how she's growing and changing every single day amazes me and at the same time I want to bottle it and take it with me, or freeze it in time. 

i love what she's teaching me about myself and she doesn't even know it yet. 

i love all her coo's and mmmm's that she makes and it's like we're having our own conversation and God is the translator of all that chatter. 

she loves to nurse and so i let her for as long as she wants. we don't watch the clock, we just are.

i love the way she props her foot up on my arm while she nurses, and if you try to move it or it falls out of place she gets it right back up there where she wants it. 

i love to watch her little fingers move and her arms, even though often times i'll look down while nursing and see that he fingers are ever so slightly "giving me the bird."

i smile and chuckle to myself, or quickly get orion cause it's just to cute to go un noticed.

i love the way she "holds & grips" my shirt while nursing, and a simple little tug lets me know she's still with me. 

i love that milk drunk look she gets on her face, and how she sometimes falls asleep as the wheel while nursing. even thought they say not to, sometimes I let her. 

i love that she's my little alarm clock.

she's becoming her own person more and more each day. she already had likes and dislikes and they are obvious at times. 

i can't wait for all the memories that we're going to make together. 

she's my muse, she makes me want to be a better person, she makes me want to do more, and reminds me of God's purpose every day.
i love that i see daddy's hands and my nose on her. 

i love that already she's calm like her daddy, but a chatter box like her mommy. 

she's finding her voice.

but most of all i simply love that she's ours.

three month pictures by mommy (more to come)

June 7, 2010


They go by way to quickly. 

These days they are often filled with quiet nights at home, watching movie, and eating late dinners. 

They are filled with a working Daddy by day.

And Mommy & Ava hanging out, doing what we do.

They are filled with piles and baskets full of laundry, to which I have a love/ hate relationship with. 

They are filled with housework, and trying my best to catch up on the things I missed before. 

They are perfect for sleeping in and being lazy. 
They are filled with coupon clippin' and sortin'.

Newspaper reading & coffee drinkin'.
They are filled with making the perfect bed, and freshly laundered sheets. 

They are filled with a smiley baby whom I adore so much. 

June 6, 2010


I'm a firm believer that you really don't know something until you've walked it and experienced it for yourself. 

Sure you can play scenarios in your mind all day long about what you think you would say or do, or how you think you might act or react towards something, but you never really know until you're there. 

Until your in that situation, or frame of mind. Get what I'm saying?!?

I didn't understand the world of marriage really until I was married. I was the last of my college girlfriends to get married. They were all married for a year or more by the time I married Orion. They we all dating well before I even found Orion. And once, they got married I must admit their lives changed and mine stayed the same and often times I didn't understand why or how their lives changed once they enter marriage. 

There were times when I wanted it to be "just the girls" but husbands and schedules had to be consulted. They were going through things that this single girl knew nothing of. 

Luckily I had some amazing married friends that took care of this single girl. (thank you Ben & Sara)

Mommywood & Parenting are much like that for me, a world that I didn't understand until now. 

I knew what kind of Mommy I wanted to be. I know what kind of parent I strive to be. I know what Orion and I agree on what is and isn't appropriate for our family. 

And, I believe that no two families are alike. What may work for us may not for the next. I think you have to find out what works best for your family. Trial & Error. Ups & Downs. 

I know Orion and I have only tipped the scale on this parenting thing. But, I am starting to understand all the little things that make up this new life. And, I'm finding new understanding and appreciation for my girlfriends who have already been there. 

They are my life line, my source of go to when I need a question answered or just a sympathetic ear. 

I now know how easy it is to not be on time anymore. To take longer to get ready in the mornings even when you have the tiniest person relying on you to take care of them. 

How easily a cell phone could be missed placed and you miss all your calls for the day. 

I today, have more understanding for what my other Mommy friends have already been through. I know just how hard it can be some days. Just how time consuming it all can be. 

And how at the end of the day being with your baby(ies) and your love is all that matters. 

Being a stay at home Mom was not a world I grew up in, it's not a world I even knew was a reality till now. 

My Mom was a full time working Momma. I didn't know any different or that there was. I thought all Moms worked when I was a kid. 

My Mom worked hard. She's the hardest working gal I know, and she raised 4 kids. I have a better appreciation for single working Mothers because my Mom was once one. 

Little did I know staying at home, was BIG major work. Just the same as a Mom who got up everyday and went to work. These Moms work too they just have a shorter commute. 

Before I even thought about having kids, I thought I'd be a working Mom. I really had no desire to stay at home. But, my priorities have changed. This is what is for me. Maybe no one else but me. 

Now, I can't imagine leaving her and going anywhere else. But, still if duty called and I needed to return to work I would do anything to help provide for her and my family. 
As I gain more and more knowledge of where God has me in these exact moments, I know he's molding and creating a different Andrea than yesterday or even five years ago. 

As I welcome myself to the 'Mommy Club' like so many others I pray that I will not take these moments or others for granted like I have in the past. 

I vow, to always be understanding and know that things aren't always as they seem from the outside. 

I promise to live each day for the day, in the moment, looking for what God has in store. 

Always understanding, always giving people the benefit of the doubt, always giving a second chance.

I want to bloom. 

June 5, 2010

Visual Decorating: Bathroom

Do you ever want to scrap what you have an start over? Well, I do. I'm in that mood right now where I look around my house and my tastes and style have changed and I just wanna scrap it all, sell it all and start fresh. 

So, for now while budget doesn't allow, I'll visualize my plans and just keep taking notes of my ideas for when the time comes. 

Currently our master bath is black & white. I'm over it. It's to dark and I wanna lighten things up a bit. Here's what I'm dreaming up:

It all started with the soap pump you see below, that was my inspiration piece for the room and from there we have the rest. 
I hate to see good bathroom duds go to waste though, do you think people buy stuff like that on Craigslist? Cause I might just have to get rid of it somehow and start over.

Till then, I'm dreaming. 


I didn't take many pics over Memorial Day, I was to busy enjoying the day with my loves and the nice pool. We BBQ that day for lunch, spent the day pool side and later watched a movie. 

It was a fun day with my family, Doesn't Ava look cute in her shades?!!!

Here's just a few recent photos of Ava. Every day she does something more and more amazing, I'm loving being a Mommy for the first time and enjoy all the little things and BIG things that she's teaching me. 
Isn't her kitty onesie cute? Her Great Grandma bought it for her, and even though it's long sleeved and 107 degrees here in Phoenix I just had to put it on her and get a few shots.

Her Daddy bought her the little brown checkard outfit! And, this week I got a big box of clothes from my Grandma for Ava. And my cousin and my other Grandma sent Ava a really cute dress with a pair of sandals.

This girl is pretty well loved and dressed! Thank you everyone!

June 2, 2010

Book Review: Plan B

I'm pretty sure it was a God moment that I heard Pete Wilson, on the radio one day while I was waiting for Orion to get off work. He was talking about his new book that was coming out later that week called Plan B. As he sat and gave a brief description of the book I thought to myself, how much I really needed to hear that and how much I really wanted to read this book.

The book is called Plan B "What Do You Do When God Doesn't Show Up the Way You Thought He Would?"

Wow! Did that hit you like it did me the first time I read it?

What is Plan B? Plan B, is when something doesn't turn out the way you thought it would, and you have to revert to Plan B.

He talks about in the book how we've all had something in our lives that hasn't turned out quite how we imagined or thought it would.

Now, isn't that so true? If you think about your life, there's probably at least one thing that's happened to you that hasn't quite turned out like you thought it should. And, it's in those moments where you wonder where is God? What is he doing in all of this chaos?

I'll admit, my Plan B came in the form of getting laid off from my job last October and then losing our home as result of that lay off. All of a sudden I was 26 had no job and was about to loose the home my Husband and I worked so hard to have. All of a sudden things were happening to me that I didn't understand, that I never planned for and life was happening not the way I planned or imagined that it would. And, I was left with a lot of questions and wondering what life held for me now?

I never was angry at God, but I was furious at my boss who laid me off. Furious, that we did everything right when it came to real estate and now we were losing our home. Furious at some of my relationships because they weren't there for me when I needed them the most. I felt like a failure, felt like I had nothing left. And I had a lot of questions for God.

Over time and lots of months of counseling I was able to forgive those that were involved. But, never really was honest with myself and the process that Andrea needed to go through in order to find healing and peace.

Enter Plan B.

When I heard Pete Wilson's interview on the radio, it was a God moment for me. I knew I needed to read this book. I picked it up the day it was released and pretty much devoured every page. Making markings in the margins, underlining like crazy,praying and journaling every step of the way.

I felt like every page of that book was written just for me to read it. Page after page, I sat thinking this is for me.

This book forced me to ask and answer some tough questions. See, even though I forgave the right people that hurt me though out my job loss and stuff with our home, I never really looked at myself and asked myself, "What does Andrea need to do?"

"What was my responsibility in all of this?" See it's super easy to blame others that hurt us, for what's wrong in our lives. But, we don't always ask ourselves "How does God want to use us?" "What does he want to teach us about ourselves, as we go through this mess?"

Those were the questions that I so desperately needed to ask myself, and answer.... honestly this time.

Reading this book opened up a door really for God to speak into my life. For him to teach me somethings about myself, about what he wants me to learn and take away from the whole situation.

People say all the time,
"Why do bad things happen to good people?"

And, the truth is I don't know. But, I do know that we have a choice as believers, a choice to react in one way or another. What we can control is our response to the things that happen to us. We can choose to learn from it.

Reading Plan B, helped me see all of this. It helped me open myself up a little bit more and allow God in to work on the areas that I didn't know I needed healing from until I really started reading this book. I thought it was all about the people who hurt me, but really it is all about ME and what God wants to teach me and remind me of in all this. 

So while still to this day I can't answers all the why questions when it comes to my own Plan B, I do know now that God allowed this to happen to teach me things and bring me to a better place in HIM.

One thing that God has taught me in all this, that's pretty amazing is that going through what I've gone through he's made me more sensitive and aware of people who are facing job loss, and foreclosure, short sales and everything else that this economy has crumbled. I never thought I'd be 26 and face being laid off, I never thought I'd find myself in a situation where I lost my home. But, God did. He knew.

And, now he's taking all that tragedy and giving me a new voice, and a new perspective to help others who are now going through that. Just today, I got an email from a friend who is facing foreclosure on her home. I was able to give her some words of encouragement as she goes through this storm in her life and asks probably a lot of the same questions I did.

And, if that's what how God can use me and work through me all that I've been through was worth it.

If you're currently facing a Plan B, or your Plan B has already happened and maybe your "stuck" like I was then I highly suggest you pick this book up and let it be healing for you. Take it as the opportunity that God needs to get your attention.

If a book could change your life, I would dare to say that this book changed mine.

PlanB Promo from Cross Point Church on Vimeo.

If you would like more info on Plan B visit the site here, where you can download the first chapter for FREE and read for yourself. For more info on Pete Wilson, click here. If you'd like to buy a copy of Plan B, click here.

{DIY} Simple Center Piece

* Lemons & Limes can spoil so quick and easy, I found some fake lemons & lime vase filler at Target that I'm gonna scoop up. It's a lot more economical as well, because keeping fresh citrus in this vase can get a bit pricey. 

Be Creative Challenge
Week #21

June 1, 2010

Ice Box Lemon Pie

found this recipe a couple weeks back when I was on my baking binge, and I tried it and made it. This is a perfect dessert to make for summertime, it's fresh, pretty simple and will cool you off during those hot days like today in Arizona! 

This recipe came from Domestic Ease

::Couple tips::
  • Use about half of the Nilla Wafers to make the crust, using the whole box was way to many and the pie was more crumby that necessary. 
  • Keep it frozen, I froze it to set and then put it in the fridge later and it kinda fell apart when we cut into it. I re froze it after and it held up much better once we cut into it again. 
  • I topped mine with whipped cream, you can add a topping or leave it as is. 

Design Inspiration & Ideas: Bedrooms

Here's just a few pictures I've been saving in my "Design Inspiration & Ideas" folder on my computer. I have no idea where these images came from as I've been saving them and not writing down the sources. 

Here's some inspiration for bedrooms:

This first one, is one that I'm really leaning towards. You saw back a couple weeks ago my visual decor for a new master bedroom, but since I found this picture I think I'm loving this even more. It's fresh and clean, and I like that. And it's not to romantic and girly for my Husband too, he even said he liked the yellow. And, he's wanted a poster bed for some time now. The next time we move into a house [which won't be for a while] is when we'll re do our bedroom and he'll finally get his poster bed. 

I'm loving the yellow headboard and night stands, I'm also having a love affair with yellow these days, can you tell???

This image, I do know came from thenest.com I'm pretty sure if I weren't married this would be my go to bedroom. However, it's a little too girly for the Hubs and my married self. 
I love the white and the clean lines of this room. I like the little sitting area as well. And that modern take on a chandelier is awesome as well. 

What design ideas are you drooling over these days?!!!???


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