January 30, 2009

Blog Face Lift!

You may have noticed a change in the last few hours, and days. I've been trying out new designs and I think I finally found one that I love, who knows it may change again.

Even though Hubby doesn't "write" on this blog I wanted to make it more, and more about us and our lives. You'll see the subtle updates throughout.

Our lives are really about our marriage, our ministry, friends, family and daily antics! Enjoy, thank you for going on this journey with us.

Andrea & Orion

January 29, 2009


It's been 565 days since Orion and I said "I do."

Can we really call ourselves Newlyweds?

When do you stop saying you're a newlywed?

We're coming up on two years this summer, and my how the time has flown! I can hardly believe it. I think after two years I'll stop referring to us as newlyweds.

A ton has happened in 565 days; here's just a few highlights:

- Orion celebrated 1 year at the bank

- I got a new job

- I started working with Miss Twin Cities

- I started my own photography business

- Orion got credentialed with the AG

- we celebrated our first anniversary
- We got a puppy

- we bought a house

- I lost my job
- We left HPC to pursue work with Master's Commission

- Orion celebrated 2 years at the bank

There's no telling what could or will happen in the next few months as we approach 2 years, one things for sure it better be good.

January 28, 2009

25 Things

So, I've been getting "tagged" a lot lately on Facebook to do this 25 Things. Here's the deal, you write down 25 Random Things about yourself and tag others in your note. Then those 25 people you tag write down 25 random things about themselves and tag you in the note. Just a fun way to learn new things about the people in your life. Ok, so here goes. Here's my 25 Things you may or may not know:

1. My sister and I are Irish Twins.
2. I have two swimsuits that have never, and will never touch water.
3. My Hubby and I met at church.
4. I still am a fan of Britney Spears.
5. One time a boyfriend in HS gave me a sweater for Christmas, and I ended up giving it to my Mom.
6. I secretly, want to move back to Arizona.
7. I want to have twins someday.
8. I still own all my pageant wardrobe, and sometimes wear it around the house.
9. In HS I was voted Most Talkative.
10. I wanted to be a Rockette, until I found out there's a height requirement.
11. I love Jon & Kate Plus 8.
12. I love finding the perfect greeting cards for people.
13. I hate doing most house work ie: dishes and laundry.
14. I used to be a band geek: playing both the baritone & alto sax.
15. When I was a kid I wanted to go into broadcasting.
16. My sister and I are 11 mo. apart, and for a month and a half we're the same age.
17. All the men in my family have been or are currently serving in the military.
18. I'm an Army & Air force brat :)
19. I am terribly clumsy at times.
20. I love to laugh.
21. I know all the words to "There she is, Miss America."
22. I have kept a journal for every year of my life since I was 10. Someday my kids will read them.
23. One day I want to direct my own local pageant in the MAO system.
24. I want to live in warmer weather.
25. Next year we'll start trying to have a baby.

There you have it, now go do your own!!!!

January 26, 2009

Viva Las Vegas- Part 3

This post is coming to you from my office at home, but I had to include the last few tid bits of my trip.

Sunday morning after Miss America, was like wow! I can't believe the week is already over, it went by so stinkin' fast. It was such a fun trip though! Hopefully one of our girls will make it there next year and we can go again!

Sunday morning we packed everything up as we had to check out of the hotel at 10 am, our flight didn't leave till 7 pm though! Kathy and I walked the strip, ate breakfast, had a Starbucks, and went shopping. Then we headed back to the hotel to relax, before leaving for the airport at 4 pm. We chilled out in the airport and ate dinner. This day was filled with tons of waiting around.

When we got to the airport, I had a most interesting time going through security. My suitcase weighed 57 lbs, and so I had to take stuff out of it. My laptop was raided, and I was asked to take my sweater off since they had to pat me down. It was so weird, and I just wanted to get on the plane.

We finally got into Minneapolis at 12:25 am, and after waiting a half and hour for our bags we finally got our luggage. During that half hour was filled with tons of laughing, and Judy was so annoyed with the teen sitting next to us tapping her cell on the counter. Maybe it was the lack of sleep, or maybe it was cause it was late.... but it sure was funny, and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. It felt really good.
Now I'm back home, slept in this morning, watched all the Miss America interviews on all the talk shows this morning, and I am attempting to un pack my suit case. Here's a few photos from my last day in Vegas:

January 25, 2009

Miss America 2009....

........Is Katie Stam from Indiana! This is Indiana's first Miss America win! This has been a truly awesome experience to get to come to Miss America and see the pageant first hand, and get to be involved in so many activities. I have had a blast!! On to the pageant, it was an awesome night. I sat in the seat with my score cards in toe, and made my predictions. I picked 10 of the Top 15, then when they narrowed it down I picked 10 of the Top 12, and then again I picked 5 of the Top 7, and I picked the winner in the end.

A few hi lights: Miss Iowa!! So proud of my home state, what an amazing young lady.... and man can that girl tap!! I was so impressed, 2nd Runner up!! Congrats, Olivia. Getting to see Angie on the Miss America stage was so fun. She did such a good job, we're so proud of you!!
Just in case you missed it:

Earlier today, we went to the Miss America book signing party. That was so much fun to see all my favorite Miss America's and get my picture taken with them, like shameless groupie!
At the book signing, waiting in line.

Me with Miss America '06 & '07 Jennifer Berry, and Lauren Nelson...both from Oklahoma!

Miss America 1996 Shawntel Smith and myself...she's an Oklahoma girl too!

All of us on the final night.

Waiting for the show to begin. To see more of my pics from Miss America 2009 click here.

A side note: I picked 10 of the Top 15, 10 of the Top 12, and 5 of the Top 7, and I picked the winner! I should have made some bets on this! ;)

January 24, 2009

Viva Las Vegas- Part 2

Friday, morning my Aunt picked me up from my hotel and we headed out sight seeing. The first time I came to Vegas was to visit her when I was 14 with my Mom. I haven't been here since then, and I am now 26... you do the math! Anyway, first place we headed to was the famous Las Vegas sign. Where I ran into Miss Iowa's whole crew as they were taking pictures. We had a lovely chat, since we're all from Iowa.
Next up we headed back to The Strip, to tour hotels; Paris, The MGM Grand and see more sights. I caught the lovely water fountain show this afternoon in front of the Belagio Hotel, and another time tonight when it was all lit up. After that, we headed to this cute little place called Metro Pizza for lunch. Let me tell you what, I am sooo glad I am not competing this Saturday cause that pizza was good, and I had some of it. No swimsuits for me!

Later this afternoon after lunch we headed to my Aunt's house to meet up with her family. Which was a treat for me since I haven't seen my cousins, and Uncle Mark in years. We picked up my cousin Nicole from dance and she showed me around the studio, then we headed off to their house. We hung out, chatted, watched dance videos of Nicole, it was so fun and special that I was able to see her and her family.

Friday, night my Aunt surprised me with tickets to go see KA' Cirque Du Soleil at the MGM Grand Hotel. It was awesome, I'd never been to Cirque so it was a special treat for both of us. Big thanks to my Aunt for being my tour guide and treating me to a wonderful day! Plus tomorrow night she's coming to Miss America, it's going to be fun.
Log on tonight to TLC and vote for your favorite to make it into the TOP 15 at Miss America...you have till 5 AM Saturday morning to vote!! Click here to vote!

January 23, 2009

Viva Las Vegas- Part 1

I arrived in Las Vegas on Wednesday evening, my Aunt picked me up from the airport and took me to my hotel. It's been an awesome, fun filled past few days. Of coarse, the hi lights have been the evening nights at Miss America! Thursday, morning we tooled around Vegas and went to the Miss America trade show. This morning, my Aunt is picking me up and we are going to see Vegas. This has been an awesome vacation, the weather is awesome here!

bags packed, waiting at the train in Minneapolis to get to the airport.

New York, New York!

More pictures, and hi lights to come!

Countdown to Miss America: Day 3 of Prelims

Today, was filled with all things pageant and Miss America. We woke up early and headed to the trade show. Where Brooke tried on fabulous gowns, and picked out the winner of a swimsuit. It was awesome! I also loaded up on a pageant girls best friend; rhinestones! With the purchase of my Miss America ring, and pin! We all ate lunch together, before heading out onto the strip for some sight seeing. I haven't been to Vegas for like years, the last time I was here was when I was 14, so it was awesome to walk the strip and see the changes.

Tonight began night 3 of prelims. Tonight Angie performed her talent; "You Done Own Me" by Leslie Gore. She did a phenomenal job tonight, she sounded great! Tonight's prelim winners were:
Night 3 Prelim Winners:
Swimsuit: Miss New York
Talent: Miss Vermont (vocal)

Our Troop, getting ready to head into the theatre for night 3!

Brooke and I withe Erika Dunlap (Miss America '04)

After the show we all headed to the ballroom to visit Angie. Where Brooke and I proceeded to scout out as many "formers" as we could and get our picture taken with them! Then we retreated back to the hotel for some much needed rest! Tomorrow, we have a break in competitions till Saturdays pageant. I'm headed out tomorrow to spend the day with my Aunt who lives here in Vegas. I'm super excited to see her. It's going to be a fun day. Don't for get to watch TLCs Countdown to the Crown tomorrow night, and vote!!!

January 22, 2009

Countdown to Miss America: I'm here!!!

Well, it's 12:58 AM here..that means it's 2:58 AM at home with the time changes, but I am here!! And so excited! This afternoon my plane left at 4:15 pm, and got into Vegas about 5:15 pm. The flight was good, little turbulence but that's it. My Aunt Kara picked me up from the airport. It was so awesome to see her smiling face when I got off the plane. She then took me to my hotel to meet up with Kathy and Judy, where they had dinner ready and waiting for me. Then it was time to get dressed and ready for the show. My Aunt dropped the 3 of us off at Planet Hollywood where Miss America is being held.
Now, on to the good stuff...... tonight was night 2 of preliminary competitions. Angie competed in swimsuit and evening gown! It's amazing to be here, a life long dream of mine to come to Miss America. The theatre is amazing, the atmosphere is so cool. It's pretty neat to see the state contestants on the Miss America stage.

Night Two Prelim Winners:

Swimsuit: Miss Mississippi

Talent: Miss Georgia

Us with Angie after night two of prelims.
After the show there was a state visitation, where we were able to see Angie for the first time. It was awesome to see her all dressed up, and so excited! Tomorrow, is night 3 of prelims. Angie will be doing her talent tomorrow night. It's going to be exciting!

January 20, 2009

Countdown to Miss America: 1 day!

Less than 24 hours from now, I'll be on a plane to Las Vegas for Miss America. Actually this time tomorrow I'll be getting ready for Night 2 of preliminaries! I can't wait. But, before I go I need to pack and get things ready to leave. No, I haven't started packing, that's my mission for tonight! Hey, I've got all my outfits planned out in my head! Heck, I'm a pageant girl...they've been planned for weeks now! :)

I've been calling Kathy & Judy for 2 days now, getting the scoop and staying posted about Angie's week. It'll finally be nice to be there tomorrow! Here's a few more pics from Angie's week, as we get closer and closer to the crown:

Day 3: The 52 Miss America contestants made an appearance at the annual fashion show in Las Vegas! Angie, is in the middle 8 crowns in from the 1st row.

Day 3: The ladies visit the go cart track to benefit the CMN in Las Vegas! Angie, is in the top row first one on your left.

Now, I am off to mystic tan, pack and get some beauty sleep!! See you i Vegas tomorrow!

Making History.

Today, is a day for the history books. I've been up early watching the news, and I am amazed at the crowds gathered at the capitol today. I think it's important today to remember and for the next four years, no matter what your political views are, no matter who you voted for, remember to pray for our President and our Nation! As Christians, I think it's our responsibility not to argue, or put people down or an administration but to support and pray. Our nation needs our prayers, Our new President needs our encouragement, and prayers as well. Today, is a new day, another chance for God to be in control. Pray that God would be in the next four years of this administration, pray that the people around this administration make right decisions that will help our country. Let's make history today in doing that.

January 18, 2009

Countdown to Miss America: 2 days!

It's 2 days till I hop on a plane and head to Vegas for Miss America! I am getting so excited, I just got a call from my Co-director Kathy. They left for Vegas this afternoon, and made it there safely. The closer it gets, the more excited I am! I haven't started packing yet, but I'm super excited to get dressed up every night for the preliminaries and watch Angie compete. Hopefully I'll get to blog daily about my adventures, so stay tuned for that. And, if you haven't caught any of the episodes yet for Countdown to the Crown, the last one airs this Friday night before the Miss America pageant in TLC! We're all wishing Angie the best of luck here from Minnesota! You make us proud girl!
Day 1: Angie left on Thursday, for Vegas. Here the girls are making their very 1st appearance in Vegas! Angie's in the second row 6th in from your left!
Day 2: The ladies make a stop for a Gondola ride, and flip pacakes for a cause at IHOP! She's the on the top row 2nd one in from your right! Can't wait to see her take the Miss America stage!

Preacher Man

Wednesday, Orion preached his very first night at Celebration to the youth. It was an awesome night, the kids really were involved and it was awesome!! Orion shared his testimony, it really made an impact. He has such an amazing testimony of what God's done in his life and I think it's so impacting every time I hear it. Sunday, morning we have a youth service as well and Orion preached this morning as well. This time he talked about Taming the Tongue in James 3. I hate to brag, but I did give him this sermon idea. I taught on this to my Jr. Highers a few years back, and gave Orion a kickin' illustration to use. What is it, you may ask?
We brought in a real cow tongue to illustrate the point to the kids about how the things we say effect the others around us, and sometimes the things we can say to others can be really nasty and hurtful. And, how we need to have self control, and say things that are up lifting and beneficial to people.

Orion, and his tongue.

It went over really well, the students were grossed out, and really curious all at the same time. Either way it really got their attention, and I think they are going to remember this for a long time to come!
Having done this illustration myself, I'll be really excited if I don't see another tongue for a while. Sometimes the craziest things, are the most effective at reaching students.

January 15, 2009

Finding it....

This week has been crazy, it has been busy, and hasn't slowed down. But, this week has also been the most encouraging week I have had since I lost my job in October. In the last few weeks and months since then, I will not lie... they have been the hardest days I have faced in a while. They have tested my strength, will, belief in myself, my patience, our finances, our will, and my relationship with God. It has added stress and tested my life, my marriage, and my relationships with others have changed in more ways than one. I have asked myself and God more questions in just a few short weeks than I have my whole life. It has brought me it tears, and to my knees more than a few times. I have been angry, sad, confused, lied to, felt betrayed, and abandoned all at the same time.
In all of this I have tried to cling to the simple truth, that God has always been faithful to me, and that doesn't stop or change now. And, I know that is not easy. It's times like this when our faith is tested, and our relationship with Christ is most important to get us through. In times like these your mind, the Devil, they all play tricks on you. You can beat yourself up more than a few times, trying to make sense of it all, and you will still never find the answers, or make yourself feel better. It has been rough.
But, this week I found it, I broke through what seemed so hopeless and impossible. I started being real with myself, my feelings and real with God. I prayed like I don't know if I ever have before, I was more honest with God than I have in a long time. Sometimes in life we put things on auto pilot and just coast. Before I lost my job, life was good, life was wonderful. God had been faithful to us, he'd been providing for us like we'd prayed. Life was amazing. But, at the same time looking back on it now... I was coasting. Doing everything right, but still coasting. And, now as I sit back and reflect over these last few weeks wondering what does God want to teach me in all this? How can he use this unfortunate situation in my life for good? Or to show me something I otherwise may not have seen?
For the first time in weeks, I am ready. I am in that place. I know that I wasn't before, I was hurt and angry. And while it does not change what has happened, it does change me. In life, we have a couple of options: we can either choose to be bitter, and not grow. Or we can choose to use everything that happens to us good or bad and give it to God and let him make something great out of it, let him change us. I am now, in that place where I want to grow, I want to learn from this. While I may be able to forgive, I will not forget. And I realized that for my sake I have to let go of the hurt, and the people who have hurt me through this mess in order for me to be a complete, whole person the way God wants me to be.
I have been so encouraged this week in my prayer time, so encouraged by God and what he has for me despite all that has happened. I am finally forgiving myself, and looking on. Finally finding some peace that I have so much wanted and needed. God is stretching our finances in a way that I never thought possible. Food is lasting longer, gas in our car is stretching, our bills are getting paid, unexpected bonuses are coming out nowhere, and photography jobs are coming. God is in this. He is changing my attitude and my perspective. I am seeing things in a whole new light. He has put people around me that truly care about Orion and I and have encouraged us. I am so grateful, and thankful. I am thankful and blessed to know that I still serve a God that cares, and even though I didn't see it right away he never left, and he was always there.
I was sitting in the car a few days after I lost my job and this song came on the radio. A song I've heard many times before, but this day I sat pulled my car over, listened, and cried to the words of this song. Since then, this song has been an anthem for me, and outlet for me, and I have prayed these words over and over again;

The pathway is broken and the signs are unclear
And I don't know the reason why you brought me here
But just because you love me the way that you do
I'm gonna walk through the valley If you want me to
Cause I'm not who I was When I took my first step
And I'm clinging to the promise You're not through with me yet
So if all of these trials
Bring me closer to you Then I will go through fire if you want me to
It may not be the way I would have chosen
when you lead me through a world that's not my home
but you never said it would be easy you only said
I'd never go alone yeah oooh oh.
so when the whole world turns against me and I'm all by myself
and I can't hear you answer my cries for help
I'll remember the sufferin' your love put you through
And I will go through the valley If you want me to.
Tonight, I get to sleep easy knowing that God is always there no matter what, he's always faithful to me, and to us. And when I am walking through the valley, I want to remember exactly how I feel, in this exact moment, and know exactly how much God loves me.

Behind the Scenes

One of the really awesome things that I get to be apart of being the on the Miss Twin Cities committee is all the behind the scenes preparation that goes into preparing the girls for Miss Minnesota, and other events. It's a lot of fun and so rewarding to see the girls grow and change as their year goes on. It's so exciting to see the work, dedication and caring that you put into them come out and flourish. This past week was no exception! Wednesday, we headed over to Paula Preston's studio for her "official" photo shoot as Miss Twin Cities. It was awesome to sit back watch Brooke get ready, and change into all her different looks. It was a total pampering time for her complete with her own hair & make up taken care of. Here's a few pics from our day:

getting glam!

Judy, Brooke and myself at her shoot!

January 13, 2009

Blogaversary Coming Up!

I don't even know if that's a word, but it sounds nice! On 2.6.2009 will be my very first blogaversary on blogger! Just a few short weeks away, it's exciting. I started blogging on Myspace long before this, but it's been awesome to join the blogging community in the last year. Who knows what I'll be blogging about that day, you'll just have to wait and see!

January 12, 2009

A Worley Valentines Day

It's just about a month till Valentines day, I've got something up my sleeve. I decided and offered to plan this years Valentines day for Hubby and I. Last year he went over the top with 3 different surprises throughout the entire day. It was sweet, thoughtful and romantic. So this year I decided it might be fun for me to take a crack at planning something special in return. My first idea, was for us to buy each other gifts that re mined each other of our first date. I won't tell you what I'm planning on getting, just in case he decides to read this post. Secondly, I'm planning another part to this Valentines day...... you'll just have to wait and see what it is.
Just a recap: Our first date was on May 12th, 2005. Hubby took me out to dinner to McCormick & Schmick. Afterwards, we walked around downtown for a while getting to know each other. Then, we headed over to my best friends house to watch a movie with her and her hubby. And their buildings fire alarm went off, we all had to evacuate the building. After that fun, he took me home and gave me a hug! :)

What are you special plans for Valentines day?
Or what has been your favorite Valentines day with your Hubby or Wife?

January 10, 2009

Counting down the days till Miss America:

As you know, I am headed to Miss America soon! Just one more week before I leave to go to Vegas for the pageant. I am looking forward to this, it's been a dream of mine to go see the pageant LIVE and this is the first time I have ever been able to go. Kathy, Judy and I will be headed to Vegas on the 19th. We're all going to be staying together, going to prelims everynight, and tradeshows. I can't wait. We're also going to have our very own Miss Twin Cities and her Mom there with us, it's going to be an awesome week.

Today, us committees had a local meeting with the Miss MN Board, then this afternoon we had Angie's gown showing and send off party for Miss America. It was our chance to see her wardrobe and talent before she heads to Vegas for Miss America on the 15th. It was awesome. I can't post any pictures of her actual wardrobe till later when she's in Vegas. (it's top secret people, till then.)

I'm planning on blogging and taking lots of pictures each night that we're in Vegas. It'll be a whole series while I'm at Miss America. You can follow along with me and my journey to Miss America. Here's a few pictures from today that I can show you:

Me and the lovely Cori (Kathy's daughter and my friend) at the send off party.

Christine (Brooke's Mom), Brooke (Miss TC '09) and Judy at the party.

Our Committe with two of our girls. (Sara come home soon to us)

January 8, 2009

The BIG Game!

Tonight is the BCS play off game between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Florida Gators. If anyone knows my Hubby they know how much he loves OU football! Nothing else matters come fall, but college football. And tonight is the BIG game! I was not fully aware of just how much my Hubby loves OU when we got married, but in the last year and a half I have come to know just how much his love and devotion goes for them! Tonight we will be watching the game with a bunch of other Sooner Fans, over a pot of chili and a fire.
I hope they win, it's been a sad last couple years with 2 losses, and one sad Hubby to follow! I have one thing left to say;
Boomer Sooner!!!!

New Year. New Home.

One my resolutions to myself this year, is to finish all the decorating in my house that I want to do. I still have tons of pictures and decorating that I want to get up and done. Hubby and I worked on a project New Years day... it went a little wrong and we ended up having to patch the holes and start all over again. We thought we had the correct color of paint still from the previous owners of our home, turns out that we don't. So, now we have to either try to match the wall paint or start over with a new color. But, the thought of painting our entire upstairs hallway doesn't excite me at all. So that's project #1.

Project #2: Paint the spare room. I've been wanting to do this for a while now, but time just got away from me. So now, I've decided that there's no time like now to finally decide on a paint sample and get going. This room we've dubbed our boat room, we have a nautical theme going on in this room.

Project #3: Refinish and old bookcase. I'm really into dressing up and re-working pieces that we already have. If I can give this bookcase a face lift without buying a new one, I'll be one happy girl.

Project #4: Put new lighting in the office, and our bedroom. Our doesn't have the greatest source of light. So I'd like to add more lamps or something...it's to dark. Here's what I am thinking for the office...
My office is pretty girly...and I think this fits just right. One day, this office will be turned into a nursery...and this will be perfect for a little girl. :)
Now, it's just time to get it all done.

Reading Challenge: We have a Winner!

You may remember my reading challenge post from last year, well it's 2009 and the idea was to see how many books between Hubby and I, who could read the most from September till December. Whoever won the challenge got a prize of their choosing. Well, I am happy to say with 4 books read by the end of December I Won!

My last book was "At First Sight" by Nicholas Sparks. I was 3 chapters into it, when we came home from the Labor Day weekend. By the time I got to the middle it was dragging and I was dreading trying to finish it. It was a very slow moving book, and it sounded a little all the familiar to me from some of the other stuff he's written that I've read. Could Sparks be loosing his touch? I don't know, but this one didn't wow me at all.

Even though we are fore going our original plan of winning a prize, I am still walking away with the victory of beating Orion in the book challenge!

Up Next: Orion got me for Christmas the new book by Jon & Kate Gosselin called Multiple Blessings. I love their show, and I am excited to take a look and read the book.

*Girlie Girls*

I love, love, love girlie fashion and the idea of getting dressed up in heels, a dress and going out. Or maybe just for no reason at all. I love when women dress like women, natural and fresh! Here's just a few of my recent favs of girlie girls:

Jennie Garth; I loved her as Kelly Taylor when I was 16, and I am loving her now at 26! I love this old Hollywood style she's doing right now. She looks amazing for a Mom of three little girls!

Miss Underwood; she could probably wear a paper sack over herself and she'd still look good and I'd still love her. She's daring with some of the stuff she wears, and I like it!
Jewel: Looking so fresh and springy (is that a word) Anyway, I'm loving her in this dress. Plus, nothing beats a great smile on a woman!
all photos courtesy of msn.com

January 7, 2009

Miss Mankato 2009

It was an exciting weekend, as I braved the snow and ice to head down to Mankato for the pageant. Even though it took longer to get there than normal, it was still so much fun. Elizabeth did amazing, I'm so proud of her. Congrats, to Kelsey Malecha on being crowned Miss Mankato 2009! I'm excited to watch her at Miss MN this summer. Here's just a few pics from the event:

Elizabeth & I after the pageant.

Me & Angie afterwards. She's headed to Miss America soon, and I'm so excited for her!

Hubby Talk

Sometimes after couples have been married for a while, they can develop their own language with each other. And sometimes, if you're husband is anything like mine.... He's already come with his own language. There's a few things that my husband says on a regular basis, that are not the proper names for things...but I think it's so cute and funny I let him go ahead with his own way of talking. Here's just a few things that he's come up with:

= a "curling wand" in Hubby Talk.

= "blinders" in Hubby Talk.
Koolaid= any kind of juice, or tea for that matter.

January 1, 2009

Countdown to the Crown!

It's 20 days till I leave for Vegas, and 24 days till the Miss America Pageant premiers LIVE! I'm getting super excited. Pageant season is in full swing already for the year...here's a run down of some of the events:

Jan. 3rd- Miss Mankato Pageant
10th- Miss MN locals Meeting & Miss Minnesota Send off
17th- Miss Coon Rapids Style Show
21st- I leave for Vegas
24th- Miss America Pageant
25th- Come home!
I seriously can't wait! Tune in tomorrow night at 9pm on TLC for Miss America's reality show "Countdown to the Crown." I'm excited to watch Angie and the rest of the girls!

A Worley House Year in Review

Happy New Year! I hope that you all had a great Christmas. Today is the first day of a brand new year. Hubby and I spent New Years Eve out to dinner, and then met up with some friends. As we head into 2009, I'm taking a look back at the highlights in our lives during 2008! I can't believe how fast a year goes by....here's all the highs, lows, joys...and everything in between.

January- Orion and I rang in the new year downtown at the hotel. Excited for a new year with my new job...and everything ahead of us.
February- We celebrated our "first" Valentines day as married people! We also celebrated Orion's 1 year at US Bank.
March- We started house hunting.
April- My nephew Collin was born. My sister's 3rd baby! We also found a house, and signed the papers closing at the end of the month.
May- First of the month we moved into our new house, and had a house warming party at the end of it. We also traveled to Oklahoma to visit friends and family and be there for Kyle's wedding.
June- A few more summer wedding were in the works for us, and I was busy picture taking! We headed to Iowa for my family reunion. And Angie was crowned Miss Minnesota the same weekend.
July- We celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary! It went by so fast! Orion got me a puppy, and we named him Bentley.
August- Things slowed down a little before the rest of the craziness of summer came.....
September- My little brother turned 20! Can't believe it! We went home to celebrate.
October- My brother left for Basic Training. We traveled to Boston for our friends wedding. Came back.... Celebrated my 26th birthday, I lost my job this month...... and Miss Twin Cities & Miss Capital City were crowned.
November- Orion turned 31!!! We left HPC, and headed to Celebration Church to help start Masters Commission.
December- We celebrated Christmas for the very 1st time just the two of us, before traveling to Iowa to be with family. Orion started training into a new position at the bank.
Today is the first day of 2009, don't ask me what the year holds... I don't know. I wouldn't have expected half the things that happend in '08.... I have no idea what the next year holds for us. But, I know it's something amazing!


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