March 20, 2008

Spring Fling!

It's finally here, today is the first "official" day of Spring! Although, it doesn't look much like Spring here in Minnesota it is getting warmer. Yesterday it was 46 degrees, and today it's going to be 40! It's not quite flip flop weather yet, but it's pretty much a heat wave for Minnesota. I even wore a dress today!

Even though I do not like the cold winters of Minnesota, I do however love that we have 4 seasons. Some last longer than others, but I love seeing the leaves on the trees change from summer to fall, it really is so pretty. I love the hot summers, and the crisp fall air. And in some small way reminds me of God's goodness!

This is my interpretation of seasons in MN!
I am learning to appreciate where you are, and the place God has you in. No matter the "season", or the "state" you are in. I know there's something to learn in every area of life that I find myself in. That's the beauty of who God is, is that anything is possible if you are willing to seek Him and follow his plan for you.

March 19, 2008

We Passed!

We passed our inspection, and that is a great feeling! I never knew so much went into buying a home. It's been a lot of late nights with our Realtor, Broker and looking at the house. Don't get me wrong, it's all been so fun but also tiring.
So, I'm so excited that we passed our inspection and we're on to the next step. We have a super hero for a Realtor. He's done amazing work for us, and has been so great to us! We can't thank him and Darren (our broker) enough for all they have done for us!
I am excited to get into the house, make it ours and then have them over for dinner!

March 17, 2008

our BIG news!

Ok, ok I'll put the rumors to rest! We're not pregnant, like some thought. But, we are adding something to our lives! Our BIG news is that we bought a HOUSE! Yes, it's true! Orion and I started house hunting in early February, and 15 houses later we found the one.

Buying a home is exciting, stressful and fun all wrapped into one! It's been quite a ride for us. We looked at some great homes, and some not so great homes that needed a little TLC and we weren't sure that we were the family for that. So, after a few loves, and a few that we didn't totally agree on we decided to go see a cute 3 bedroom house last week in Inver Grove.

We walked in and both Orion and I loved it from the minute we walked in. I'd been looking at this particular house for months before we even started looking together. But I didn't get my hopes up to much cause it was right at the top of our budget, and I didn't think Orion would go for it. He finally agreed to go take a look last week. He too fell in love! :)

After deciding to make an offer, we began the "waiting game." If you've been through this process you know waiting is the worst part, even worse than actually looking for a house. After a day of waiting we heard word from our Realtor. He didn't have a great news for us, the sellers counter offered. I was crushed, Orion said we needed to be ready to walk away from a deal at anytime. (but I was in love with this house, and already saw it as ours!) Our Realtor told us to think about it, sleep on it and call him the next day.

After thinking about it, and deciding to accept what the sellers had asked for, we called our Realtor and told him we'd agree to the terms. This was last Thursday, Friday morning our Realtor called and said the sellers rejected their counter offer, and we're going to accept our original offer! YES! Praise Jesus! I couldn't believe it. I was so happy. Friday was a good day in the Worley house! Orion and I were both SO excited! We are proud home owners!

Our First Home

We are closing April 24th! This cute home has 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, a cute little fenced patio and is close by a lake. We love it cause even though it's a town home it doesn't feel like a development. It feels like home. People say that when you walk into a house it'll just feel like home, if it's the one for you. I was starting to not believe this after walking into about 7 and feeling like they weren't quite right. But as soon as we walked into this one, it felt like home. It already felt like ours.

We're excited to move in, and make it into our home. This is such an exciting time for Orion and I. Not only are we buying a home and moving in the next phase in life we've been praying about what God had for us during this season and we really felt like God gave us a lot of peace about staying here in Minnesota. He has us right where he wants us, and that's an amazing feeling. Although buying a home is awesome, knowing that we're in God's will for our lives is a much better feeling!

March 14, 2008

So excited!

It's almost the end of the day, I'm watching the clock! I'm so excited, I can't even begin to tell you! And actually, I won't!

Gotta keep it inside for a while...but I just had to say that I'm so excited. Orion and I have some things on the horizon that we're so excited for, and we both know that God is doing a lot right now in us.

It's an exciting time for us, and a great place to be in. More to come....but just wanted to say we're excited, God is sooo good to us, and life is good!

I'd Rather!

It's been a long day already. It's actually been a long week. Do you ever have those weeks when you just can't wait till it's Friday? So you can relax, and not have to think about anything all day long? I do! So I am so happy that it's finally Friday and the weekend is in sight for me.

Where I'd like to be right now is at home curled into a comfy blanket on my couch watching a movie or maybe the Food Network. Sipping a warm cup of my favorite coffee. So as I sit here working, and trying my best to get something done I'm getting more and more excited for what is to come for me when I get home!

This is what's on the menu for me!

March 13, 2008

The Knot to the Nest!

While planning my wedding, I loved visiting the site The Knot. I'm pretty sure I went there a few thousand times even before I was engaged. (shh...don't tell!) It's such a fun site, and I loved planning my wedding with their help.Now being married I have their sister site perfectly called The Nest! This site is filled with all sorts of fun articles on marriage, creating a home, and other newlywed and married things. And if you're an organization junkie like me you'll love all the tools, check lists, forums and all the other things they have to offer.

It's pretty much a good way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon! I must admit that it's a guilty pleasure of mine.

March 11, 2008

High School Confidential

I've been anticipating the start of this brand new show on WEt.v for a couple weeks now. It's called High School Confidential. If you haven't seen it, or heard about it you'll have to go to the link and check it out. The tag line for the show is; 12 girls, 4 years in the making, 1 unprecedented WE tv event!

Here's the little blurb from the show,

12 girls. 4 years. 1 unprecedented WE tv event.
In this unprecedented television event, we follow 12 diverse girls through their tumultuous and exhilarating high school experience. They encounter sex, drugs, unwanted pregnancy, health crisis, and family chaos -- all while trying to discover who they are. Each episode explores the girls' stories through four years of heartache, discovery, friendship, and self-acceptance. These are stories we can all relate to.

I watched the first episode last night with Orion. In the first show I met two girls, it shocked me when one was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the other lives with her single mother, and has a reputation for being the "party girl." All I can say is that I was fascinated, stunned, and a little sad by some of the stories.

I felt like I was watching myself, or some other friends of mine as I watched the show last night. These are girls from a small town in Kansas, who deal with the same things every girls does all around the world. Some things about high school may never change, but I love having a new approach of ministering to them, and praying for the girls in my church, and community.

Here's a quote from the shows creator, that I just love:

I am infinitely in awe of the twelve journeys that she witnessed. Young women, parents and educators can learn so much from their stories. Their honest voices reflect the complexities, contradictions and pressures that "play out" over a short four-year period.

I love that this show was tapped 4 years ago, following their lives and we're seeing it now for the 1st time. Instead of following them while it's happening. Girls ministry is a passion of mine, helping a girl to see her value and worth through Jesus is my hearts desire. The life of a girl is so complex, so dramatic at times, and these girls are so candid and honest. It's refreshing in a way.

I'm so excited about the next 8 episodes, and I encourage you to watch along with me and look for ways that you can help the girls in your own world.

March 8, 2008

If You're A Mommy!

If you're a Mom you're going to love this site, and if you're not a Mom I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it too. I love this little series, I'm not a Mommy yet but I still find it very halarious. I'm pretty cure I gave my Mom some of her own nightmares as a child that could be on this series. It's the web series about real stories from real Moms acted out by Leah Remini, Jennie McCarthy and Chelsea Handler. The stories are so funny, and then best part is that every story is from a real Mom's life! It's even more funny to know this actually happend to someone. I love these little webisodes, I think I'll be watching them long after I'm a Mommy!

March 6, 2008

Now Showing!

Are you watching American Idol this season? I am! We have a connection group at church totally devoted to Idol, what could be better than getting some people together to watch all the antics of the AI judges, and contestants? I love, love, AI! I've been watching it since the 1st season when Kelly won, and been hooked ever since. Who's your favorite idol winner? Contestant? Mine, would have to be Carrie Underwood, she's pretty amazing. I love all her music, I blast it really loud in my car when no ones around! I saw this cute little video & song she did for the movie Enchanted!

It's one of the best times I've had all week, and truly a highlight! This week we all got together on Tuesday to watch the men, and vote for our favs, and to see who gets kicked off! My votes for the people leaving tonight: Luke and Dave Hernandez! I think they are going home, we'll see if I'm right and if not I'll still be wishing them good bye.
Each season is filled with highs and lows from both contestants and judges, and if you we're watching last we're probably thinking the same thing I was...seriously Paula? Sometimes I can't tell if she's really as nuts as she sounds, or if it's all an act for t.v. I truly wonder sometimes.
But whatever it keeps me watching, voting and wondering how the season will turn out! I can't wait to see who gets the boot tonight!

March 5, 2008

Make Lemonade!

There's that old saying, "When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade." I feel like I've had my fair share of lemons in my short life. Anyone who knows me well knows that I don't always go with the flow to well, I don't like drama in my life and try to avoid it at much as possible. But, I am a work in progress and God is teaching me that there's lessons in the lemons sometime. I may not have wanted it to happen this way, but if I release it to him he'll make lemondade out of it.
So as I was thrown a lemon this week, and wanted to just avoid it and not even deal with it. God reminded me that he's in control, and not to stress or worry about the little things that don't matter. He has a bigger plan and he'll take care of it and be my strength through it! isn't that refreshing?!!!


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