July 31, 2011

12 in 12: Book #7

Book #7 

For the seventh book in my 12 in 12 Challenge, I decided to read a book that was given to me but our Pastor's Group at District Council this year. 

Dick Hardy, is a former Pastor and Church Business Administrator turned Church Consultant. The 27 questions he covers in the book are great questions that every Pastor I think asks at some point. He gives you the guidance and answers to some of those questions. 

I really felt like this was a great book that every Pastor should read. Every staff person of a church should also read this book. It has great perspective, and gives a clear picture of things that go on in the "inside" of church sometimes. 

The chapters are short, and very easy to read. I really like this book, and thought it's a great valuable resource for people in ministry. 

**** {my star rating}


July 29, 2011

Summer Going Away Party

Happy Friday Everyone!

A couple weekends ago Orion and I hosted a going away party for some of our friends who moved from Arizona to Wisconsin last weekend. Although we were sad to see them leave, we wanted to send them out in style, and let them know they are loved!

I thought I'd share with you some of the party details. It was so hot out that day, and the sun was for sure bright! I just love all the fresh and bright colors from this party.




I made cupcakes with these adorable liners and toppers I found for 50% off at JoAnns. Watermelon screams summer to me!


Devils Food cake balls, with a splash of yellow! The cake pops are Bakerella's recipe, with yellow candy melts pipped on top. Easy way of doing this if you don't have frosting bags to pipe, use a Ziploc bag and fill it with your melted candy melts, and then snip a small corner of the bag off to pipe onto the cake balls. Note; candy melts not almond bark are best for these. They aren't the same thing, candy melts give you a smoother finish and doesn't clump.


Little cups filled with Mike & Ikes and Lemon heads, I like to call these "candy shots!" These were a big hit not only with kids but the adults too!



All the plates, cups, napkins and decor came from Target's 75% off summer sale. I picked it all up for under $5!


I saw this idea on Pinterest a few weeks back and just knew it would be perfect for our next party, as a way to display and eat fruit!


Mason Jar beverage dispenser is from World Market, and the cups again from Target. The punch was a simple mixture of equal parts lemonade and ginger ale mixed together. Throw in a few slices of lemon and your instantly fancy!


Couple questions arose about the cupcakes, and I'll answer them here.

Most of the time for parties I make cupcakes from a box mix, as were these. They are Better Crocker Super Moist mix. I always up the oil to 1/4 cup to make them extra moist and good. You could also use apple sauce if you'd like to cut the fat content and still make them super moist. The frosting is vanilla whipped marsh mellow from the grocery store. My friend Destiny always uses this stuff, and this was the first time I tried it out, and it's easy and awesome and gets wonderful height on those cupcakes. Go to your grocery store bakery and ask them for a pint of their whipped cream frosting they use for cakes. I know Wal-Mart and Frys/Kroger already has this out and ready for you to buy but if your grocery store doesn't just go to the bakery and tell them you'd like to buy a pint of the whipped cream frosting they use on cakes. They will sell you some. Then put it in a frosting bag, or again a large Ziploc and snip the end and pipe away. Your friends and party goers will all thing you're very fancy and talented, and you ARE!

{I hope that answers some questions, if you have any more ask away or email me at andreaworley@live.com}

The party turned out nicely, and we were able to spend some time with our friends letting them know just how much we love them, and how we're sad they are moving away from us! ;)

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July 27, 2011

Baby Products We Love Part 2

I first shared some of the baby stuff we love way back last year when Ava was just four months old. I still love all those products, but now that's she's a little older and we're onto different stages I thought it was time to do a little run down of what I'm loving these days.

Parenthood is a bunch of trial and error sometimes I think. Finding the right baby products is much the same way I think. I remember registering for sippy cups and toys that Ava wasn't going to use right away as an infant. Wouldn't you guess that I got 4 different sippy cups that I registered for and she doesn't like any of them! She couldn't drink out of any of those, and so I was on a hunt and quest to find "just the right" sippy cup that wouldn't leak either.

16 months later I think I found one! My advice, don't register for a bunch of stuff your baby isn't going to use right away, especially when you don't know if your baby will take to or use that specific product. There's a million pacifiers to choose from today, but instead of registering for a bunch of those leave them off your list and just buy 1 or 2 to try out. Let everyone else buy you more useful things like diapers, furniture, and things you'll actually use right away.

These are some of our my favorite things to use, toys we love, and products are can't live without. Let's start with beauty products; every baby needs to smell good right?!

baby products we love

One of the things we've learned is that Ava is allergic to every. single. diaper! Except Pampers Sensitive, don't worry I've tried them all even the generic ones. Yup, allergic to them too! So for the sake of keeping her rash free we keep her wearing Pampers and we use the same wipes. Although I'm testing out an experimenting with Target brand sensitive wipes and so far they seem to be OK, we might be able to make a cheaper switch on wipes soon. It's the little things, I know.

She also has eczema really bad, and she's allergic to {again} pretty much every baby lotion and soap except for the dye & fragrance free organic ones. We use Aveeno baby lotion & shampoo, and their eczema cream lotion to help clear that up and keep it under control.

more baby stuff

Finally I found a sippy that is spill proof and I love, the Playtex Sipster is our friend. Ava doesn't have a lot of toys and the ones she does have all were given to her by her awesome family. This Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Table is one of our faves that keep her busy, She also loves this one, and this one too. Books, she loves them. And I do to, I'd rather be reading to her than anything else. She often times will carry around a book and sit on the floor and "read" to herself. It's pretty much the cutest thing, and we read before bed every night together. It's our special thing.

We're trying to break her of the pacifier right now, but for a long time this Booginhead pacifier grip has been my friend. It has a universal fit so it'll go on any pacifier you have. It has saved us from loosing them in the car, on a plane and at daycare. Lastly, we love food! We love snacks. I really love the Annie's Homegrown Organic snacks.  I know exactly what's in them, and I feel good about letting her eat these, plus they are in the shape of bunnies, isn't that cute!

The next item I really love and appreciate it is the Snack Trap by Made for Mom. It has two handles for easy griping, and keeps snacks in instead of on my floor. I really like it because Ava can walk around the house with it, or we take it on errands. It's always full of snacks and in her diaper bag at all times. It's handy, convenient and makes life better!
So there you have it, there's our round up of stuff we really love baby wise at this age. To see even more of the stuff we love for babies and kids, or our home, click here.

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July 25, 2011

Blog Roll Monday: Momma Go Round

Blog Roll Monday is a weekly feature here where I high light one of the blogs on my reading list. For a complete list of all the blogs I love click here.  


Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend, ours was great! We had a really good weekend of family time. Orion and I have been enjoying nightly marathons of Friday Night Lights! Side note; I read the book when I was in high school but when the show started on t.v. I didn't ever watch because I was thinking it wouldn't follow along with the book, BUT it's so goooood!!  Why was I not watching before! 

Anyway, where were we?!!?

Meet Nina Everyone! She's the blogger behind an awesome blog I've been reading called Momma Go Round! 

Momma Go Round

Nina is probably most famous for in blog land for her Real Momma, Real Style Mondays where she chronicles her adventures in taking risks in fashion, all while keeping it real and budget friendly. I love her posts, she embraces her body for who and what she is and provides tons of encouragement and wisdom along the way to others reading her blog. She even has a link up every Monday, someday I'll get the courage to get some fashion on and post pics of myself. 

She also, has an adorable baby boy and Hubs! She shares awesome craft tutorials, and home decor tutorials as well. One of my favorite posts was this one that she wrote as a guest post on another blog, which led to this post that I also love. 

She's a real girl.  She's honest and I love that. 

Check out her blog, give her some love today!

Happy Monday! 

July 24, 2011

Easy Shredded Chicken Enchiladas

I love to cook, but I like things that are easy for dinner. I don't like to slave over a stove or use a ton of ingredients I don't know what they are or don't usually have on hand that's just annoying to me.

I digress.

I love Mexican food. Pretty much in any form. Enchiladas area easily a fave here. My mom made these growing up and they are one of my faves. For our birthdays each year we got to request what we wanted for dinner, mine was usually enchiladas and cheese cake.

This is my version of easy.

Here's what you need:
Half a Rotisserie chicken, shredded use the other half and make this.
1 can black beans
1 can enchilada sauce
1 yellow onion
1 taco seasoning packet
Soft tortillas
16 oz shredded cheese

Here's what you do:

Chop up your onion. In a mixing bowl, mix together chicken, beans, and taco seasoning.


Use this mixture to fill as many tortillas as it allows. Usually 6-8. Top with sauce and cheese.


Bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes till cheese is melted but not burned. Top with sour cream and salsa and ENJOY!!


July 22, 2011

Watch Me Grow: 15 Months

This post is a little over due, Ava has been doing so much this last month! She's keeping us on our toes and making us smile and smile everyday.

When we took her in for her 15 Month Well Baby Check up, the Doctor was really please with her growth. She is still small for her age but growing steadily every month. She's right where they want her to be, which is awesome to hear especially since we had that growth scare at about six months. The smallest part about her is her height. She has small parents, and probably isn't going to be very tall. To us though, she's the cutest! Here's her stats:

Weight: 20.8 oz. 50%
Height: 30 in. 50%
Head Cir: 18.5 in 50%


She's currently wearing all 18 month clothing. I just packed up the last of the 12 month clothing the other day, it's all to snug. She's wearing a size 3 shoe, but grown almost out of them. We're going to have to go shoe shopping soon.

We finally have made it another size up in diapers, she's now wearing a size 4. We want to start the potty training process at 18 months and see how she does with it.


Some of her favorite past times are digging into the pantry to take out all of the plastic containers to play with them. Chasing Bentley around the house. We've taught her how to throw his toys and she likes to run after him. She also really loves her books, and can be found "reading" quite often. We love to listen to her jibber jabber.


Speaking of running, watching her learn to run is so cute. She's got these tiny legs, and sometimes they get caught up but she works it out and his having fun going all over the apartment. She's into everything these days, we really have to keep and eye on her.

We enjoy dance parties at night, bath time with her. She's now trying to climb out of the tub and definetely let's us know when she's ready to get out. She no longer sits in the tub but rather stands the whole time.

Some other experiences that have happened this month, she got bit at daycare by another kid. We had to get blood drawn again to test her iron levels. It was a horrible experience for all involved but I'm happy she's at normal levels again and we don't have to continue the suppliments.

As usual time is going by to fast. And, if you're a Parent I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say sometimes I just want time to stop. I got Ava's first year photo album in the mail this week and it made me tear up a little looking at all her pictures from the first year. Here's a few videos of Ava that make us smile.

I like to call this one: Mall Walking

And, this one: I heart Apple Pie

July 21, 2011

Celebrating 4 Years

A week ago was our 4th wedding anniversary! Orion and I have been together for six years {married 4, dated for 2} and in the best possible way it feels like we've been together even longer. Celebrating four years of marriage was so fun for us! Each year that we're married is a celebration in and of itself, I know each year that's gone by we learn more about each other, we grow together more, we grow as people. We're better people because of each other. Orion makes me want to be a better wife and mother, a better person for those that I meet and will come in contact with.

When I think back on each of these last four years so many emotions come to mind, they are marked by significant milestones, heart aches and triumphs! They have been years of testing of our faith, our reliance on God and learning to trust on the Lord and in each other. As we sat at dinner celebrating our anniversary last Saturday we talked about these things. How they have changed us, made us better and how we have learned so much from times in our life when if you'd have asked us 4 years ago we would have never thought any of {this} would be in our lives. We're better and stronger for all of it. We're thankful for it.


As we head into our 5th year of marriage we feel excitement and anticipation. I told Orion when we were out for dinner that I feel like "this is our year." Not that the last four haven't been but we have packed in a lot in the last four years, been through so much not always bad but it's been a lot of transition. And, I know that we'll always be learning and growing people that is just apart of life and who we are. At this point in life, we finally feel settled. We finally feel like we're in the best possible place spiritually, physically and mentally to take on the next year and all its joys and challenges. We're entering a new phase of life and we're loving where were headed. 

Big changes are ahead for us and we're excited. Orion started Graduate School last week, we're just a year and a half away from seeing him complete a major milestone. I'm so excited for him. Excited for the growth that will happen in his life, excited for the doors it will open and what God's going to do in his life. He's also training for his first 5k this fall, working his way towards his goal of a marathon and then and Iron Man. 

Each and everyday we're reminded of God's faithfulness and provision to us. We're truly blessed. 

Life isn't going to be perfect always but this is our perfect. This is our happy, this is our life. 

I just wanted to say a "welcome" to the new readers of Worley House!
I'm glad you're here! 

July 19, 2011

{Giveaway} Scentsy Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered,
making it the 2nd most popular giveaway here on the blog! 

BIG THANKS to Jessie for being so awesome
and hosting this giveaway!

Now onto the winner....... {as chosen by random.org}

please email me at andreaworley[at]live[dot]com
with your shipping address and name!

please email me within 48 hours to claim your prize.

image credit: joyshope.com

July 18, 2011

Possibilities with Lifestyle Crafts + A Discount for You!

Today Lifestyle Crafts is releasing their brand new Possibilities Collection of die cuts! I was excited to be lucky enough to receive some of these fantastic dies to try out for myself. With our anniversary coming up, I knew I wanted to make a card for the Hubby with my Letterpress and this new collection of dies.

I feel like over the last 4+ years of anniversaries, Valentines days, etc. I've seen and probably given Orion every card imaginable. I even saw some cards on the shelves at Target that I'd already given Orion. Well, and we can't have any repeats.

I really just wanted a simple card, that said exactly what I wanted it to. Here's where my Letterpress and the new Possibilities dies came in.

I started out by using some of the ink dye and making a letterpress design on three cards.


Next I choose one of the dies and coordinating scrap booking paper and cut three of the same shapes using the Nesting Lace Squares. 


I put some foam 3D squares on the back of each one. I wanted them to pop out on the card when I finished it.

Next, I used the same die and cut some of our wedding photos. I don't know if you're supposed to use photos or cut them with the Letterpress, but I did and it turned out well.


I also put 3D foam squares on the back of each of those three as well. Next it was time to assemble to entire card. I tapped the 3 embossed cards together so that they kinda stood up like a book. First, I wrote some simple phrases on the three yellow cards.

We have this thing where Orion will tell me he loves me, and I'll say I love you more back and then he'll say I love you the most! Yes, we're cheesy like that and it's our thing. It's exactly what I wanted the card to say.



Here's what the finished card looked like when I gave it to him on our anniversary.



And that's not all the awesome people at Lifestyle Crafts are offering all Worley House readers a 20% off discount! Enter WORLEYHOUSE at check out and getting 20% off your entire purchase!

BIG thanks to Lifestyle Crafts for letting me be apart of this promotion! I can't wait to keep using it and come up with other projects!

July 16, 2011

{DIY} Thrift Store Lamps Drab to Fab!

I mentioned before that we're re doing our master bedroom. Now that we have awesome night stands we needed equally awesome lamps to go with. My husband and I aren't very good grown up seeing how we haven't had a set of lamps in our master bedroom ever. In my defense in our old house we had matching sconces on the walls that acted like lamps so there really was no need.

I digress.......

On was the hunt for some awesome lamp. I searched many stores like this one, and this one but I always seemed to miss when they had a set of matching lamps. Whenever I got there they only had one and not two.

I gave myself a budget for the room. I sold a lot of our old furniture on Craigslist so armed with that cash I wanted to work on finding a few pieces to complete the room.

I happened upon two matching lamps while thrifting at Goodwill a couple months back. I knew they'd be perfect. A quick pic text to the Hubby, I plugged them in to see if they really worked. Yup, they did and for $5 a pop I was SOLD!

Here's what they looked like before when I brought them home:


After closer inspection I realized someone had actually painted over them with silver as the brass what scratched off in a few places. Smart people. But, I knew it was nothing a few coats of primer and some hi gloss spray painted couldn't cure! 

I cleaned them off, and did about three coats of primer on them. And wait for them to completely dry before painting them. 

Hubby and I agreed we wanted them black, when I suggested high gloss black he went for it! Armed with a $5 gift card to True Value we went and picked up some spray paint. 

The lamp shades actually cost more than the two lamps, but since we figured we saved a ton on the actual lamps we could splurge on the shades. And once I find something we both like, I'm quick to scoop it up! 


We liked the edge piping at the bottom we feel like it gives it a tailored look in our room. Want to see the awesome after?

Okay, you twisted my arm! 


Aren't they awesome! We're so happy with the way they turned out, and now I can enjoy reading in bed and watching Real Housewives on my computer at night! ;) 

Cost Breakdown:
Lamps $10 for two
Shades $24 for two
Primer already had
Spray Paint free with our gift card from True Value

*****Looking for the Scentsy Giveaway? Scroll down or click here. *****

July 15, 2011

{Giveaway} Scentsy

****this giveaway is now closed!****

Happy Friday Everyone!! I'm so excited about this next giveaway, it also just happens to be one of my favorite products!

Have you guys heard of Scentsy before? Here's a little bit about them from their website:

Scentsy began with a simple idea—a safe, wickless alternative to scented candles—and quickly grew into one of the most successful direct selling companies. This wickless concept was born when two stay-at-home moms began selling decorative warmers designed to melt scented wax with the heat of a light bulb instead of a traditional wick and flame.

I love them! There's no flame, they are safe to keep on during the day and you don't have to worry about them! Amazing right?!!!!! 

They have all three sizes of warmers to choose from the plug into the wall.

They also have ones that are mini that can be used next to your kitchen counters {that's where I have mine} and away from children.

They have a ton of different scents to choose from, my personal faves are from the Cafe' Collection. I love the smells of warm apple pie and coffee! 

But that's not all they have, they have a ton of other cool products like:

Scent Circle, that can be tucked into your Hubby's gym bag, your closet or even in your car to keep it smelling fresh all the time! 

To celebrate 100 Followers here on the blog we're having a giveaway! I'm so thankful to all my readers who visit and share along in this blog. You help make this blog what it is. Thanks for sticking with me on this journey! 

I'm excited because today one of our lovely sponsors who also just happens to be my awesome Sister in Law is giving you a change to win!! 

Here's what you'll get:
1 Large Scentsy Warmer
1 Light Bulb
1 Scentsy Brick

Contest Details:
1 Winner U.S. Residents only
Contest will run from now until Monday July 18th, 2011 11:59pm {Arizona Time}
I will choose a winner Tuesday Morning and announce on the blog

Here's how you can enter:
Visit Jessie's Scentsy site, take a look around and let me know what your favorite product(s) are and come back and tell me! {you must do this first}

Extra Entries: {please leave a comment for each thing you do}

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That's it! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We're hosting a going away party for some friends this weekend as well as celebrating our anniversary! I'm excited for this weekend! 

Happy Friday!! 

July 14, 2011

Happy 4th Anniversary Orion

Today, is our fourth wedding anniversary. We didn't know it four years ago when we saw each other for the very first time what the next four crazy years would hold. Through everything there is no one else I'd rather live this life with than you! You're my partner, my friend and the one I love more than anything. You've seen the good in me and the bad and stuck with me through it all. Together we've made so many memories, become parents to a lovely girl and I look forward to the many adventures we've got yet to come. I love you Orion.

To see more of our wedding, including our wedding video click here.

photos by: Gregory Photography

July 12, 2011

Random Bits

In just 2 days Orion and I will celebrate 4 years of marriage. The last year has kinda gone by so fast, it kinda seems like a blur. When I look back on our wedding website and those early photos I feel like babies even though we were 24 and 29 when we got married.

Yup, together we can. We've been through a lot in these last four years, seen a lot, lived a lot and I know that I can do just about anything with Orion by my side.

We got home from vacation a week ago, and I still feel like I am recovering. It was so good to see family, and experiencing traveling somewhere new together as a family.

I'm excited about some of the things I've got coming up in the next couple weeks here on the blog! It's always exciting to challenge yourself, dream new ideas and reach out to this awesome creative community. Stay tuned for lots of fun stuff, including a giveaway this Friday to celebrate 100 followers! Thanks to all my readers for sticking with me and enjoying this blog as much as I do!



July 11, 2011

{Sponsor Love} A Shabby Apple Sale!

I really, really love Shabby Apple! They have so many awesome dresses and accessories on their site! And the best part is all month long they are having a sale!!

Dresses from Shabby Apple
Enter SUMMER20 for 20% off at check out!

I've got my eye on this dress!

You can take an extra 20% off already reduced sale prices, that makes some of their dresses only $40! That is a steal for all you bargain hunter fashionistas!!

Do you have a favorite Shabby Apple dress or item you love? Tell me in the comments below, and don't forget to jump on over to their site and scoop up some of these amazing deals!

Happy Shopping!


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