April 30, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring.....

When it rains, it pours!
Whoever wrote that must have had a serious storm. If you don't know what that phrase means, you have never had a storm in your life. (disregard this blog in that case)
I have found this saying, to be very true in lots of seasons of my life. I feel, and have felt that Orion and I are going through a very BIG storm! What we're going through now has been the biggest test for our marriage thus far in the short almost two years we've been married. Everyday, is a constant trying to find peace in a situation where there seems to be none. Trying to find joy, even when everything has been taken away from us.
I ask myself many times a day, "why?" I have a lot of questions, and one day when I get to heaven I'm going to ask God all those questions. I also know, that if we can make it through these storms and trials in our lives that are happening right now we'll be stronger people, have a stronger relationship with our Jesus, and have a stronger marriage because of it all. If there's a silver lining in all this it has to be that.
I write this blog today with a heavy heart, as I have had a bad day. Emotions are running high, I'm trying to process all my thoughts and feelings and trying to figure out where to begin in picking them all up and starting over.
Wouldn't it be easier to move on, if we knew what or where we were moving on to?
God doesn't promise us at all that it will be easy, he knows it's hard, he knew it would be. There's only one thing left to do today, and that is to find myself on my knees. Praying for miracles, praying for peace, praying that God would give us wisdom in times when we don't have any answers.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6
My heart keeps coming back to that verse, as it sums up all that I feel and have felt. I don't have any answers as to why. I can't explain it. So, I pray that I would be able to truly trust that God hasn't forgotten about us, that he has a plan, and that he's going to give me HIS perfect peace in all of this. Even, when it doesn't make sense and I don't understand any of it.
I find victory, peace and strength in this.

April 29, 2009

I SAY....

.... keeping your perspective clear in life is everything.
.... seeing my Hubby this week interact with a 20 month old, was precious!
.... I will never again, buy a town home or a house with HOA fees attached to it!
.... this Swine flu stuff is craziness, wash your hands people!
.... clippin' coupons religiously has been my life saver when it comes to groceries in a recession!
.... deciding this month to do BBG, has been the best decision I've made in months!

April 27, 2009

Blog Roll Monday: Bakerella

If you love to bake, then this blog is for you!
I came across this blog through yet another blog I read. I love to cook, but I love, love
love to bake! I don't really like to eat much of it but I love getting creative
with my sweets!
Bakerella, is the cutest little baking blog around, and if you don't believe me check
her out and see for yourself!
She makes these adorable "cupcake pops" they are her signature!
They are pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen! She has a ton of great
fantastic tips, recipes and pretty cool photography too of her sweets.
Jump on over to her blog, and see how you too can make these pretty treats!

April 25, 2009

BBG: 3 week Update!

It's been 3 weeks since I started challenging myself to live healthier! Things have been going better than I thought, I've been making better choices when it comes to diet, totally cut back on sugars, and unnecessary foods. I'm feeling pretty great! One of the things that the BBG plan challenges you to do is keep a food journal! Now, at first when I read that, I thought to myself "There's no way, I want to write now everything that I eat in a day. Sick! Who does that?"

Sick was right! I decided to succumb to the challenge and after just a few days of writing down every last morsel I ate, I knew exactly where I could make better choices, or what I really didn't need to eat.

So, the idea of a "food journal" might seem a little weird, but it's a tool the designed to help you keep track of calories & fat intake and also help you to see what you're eating patters are like. It's totally helped me, I am more aware and conscious of what I am eating these days.

After week 1, I lost 2 lbs.
After week 3, I've lost a total of 9 lbs.

My workout plan:
I hate going to the gym, but more so I hate paying to workout! So, I workout at home. Here's what I'm doing:
M, W, F: Cardio dance workout 30 min.
T, Th: Pilates 30 min
Sat: 1 hour walks with Hubby & Bentley
Sun: rest!
What I eat:
(here's just a sample)
Breakfast: toast w/ peanut butter or oatmeal
Lunch: Mixed greens salad & turkey wrap
Dinner: Grilled Chicken Salad or Some kind of whole wheat pasta
I've found the trick for me is cutting back my portions, no seconds-when I'm full I'm done.
More water- 8 or more glasses a day
Reading the labels and treating myself to 2 Girl Scout cookies when I feel like it!

Till next time!

April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Collin!

My little nephew Collin, turned 1!!
Can't believe a year has flown by since he was born!
Here's a few of my faves from the party!

{Mom & Dad}

{Aunt & Uncle}

{Birthday Boy!}


A Good Day for a Walk!

It was finally a really nice day outside, no wind, no rain, just beautiful here in Iowa. I spent the day yesterday with my Sister, and her three kids. Love, love, love my nieces and nephew! I don't get to do this kinda stuff with them everyday since I don't live here, so it was so nice to hang out with them all day and get to go on a walk and play with them.

PS- bare with me, this post could get kinda long with pictures and such! :)

April 22, 2009


.... taking a vacation (even if it's at your parent's house) is a MUST!
.... catching up with old friends, is so fun!
.... spending all day long at your Sister's house with your nieces & nephew is always needed!
.... making goals and seeing them to completion is a great feeling.
.... selling the Maxima this week, was a great feeling!
.... painting your toenails a bright shade for Spring, is perfectly ok!
.... wearing flip-flops all the time, is also ok.

April 20, 2009

Blog Roll Monday: Ashley McNamara Photography

photo by: Ashley McNamara

This week's Blog Roll feature: Ashley McNamra Photography,

Based out of San Diego, CA I came across Ashley's photog blog through another blog I read. Since then I've fallen in love with her images of newborns, families and perfect beach shots. She makes me want to move West, and photograph there too! She has a way of capturing people in their homes, and making it look professional and classic. And she takes some of the most adorable children's shots I've ever seen. I am learning a lot from her, and love seeing her images every week!

Next Week's Blog Roll: Bakerella!

Miss USA 2009

A new Miss USA, was crowned last night. While although I am a Miss America fan, I really did like like Miss North Carolina last night. She was my fave from the get go. Loved how she answered her question, loved her blue gown! I think she'll do a great job! And here's to not falling at Miss Universe this fall, let's break the cycle! Congrats, Kristin!

Vintage Glam *Engagement*

I found this adorable couple's engagement pictures online this morning! Aren't they cute?! Their session reminds me of the movie The Notebook, one of my all time faves! Click here to see more of their vintage insipred engagement session. Jen Stewart Photography did an amazing job of capturing the look and feel of their 40's style wedding! To read more about this adorable couple, and see more of their vintage glam wedding, click here to read about the couple who hails from Sacramento, CA.

Happy Looking! :)

April 18, 2009

Fantastic Friday: Kisses & Disses

I missed my normal Friday posts, because I was frantically trying to get packed and ready to leave for home yesterday. Orion and I are in Iowa this weekend for my nephew's 1st birthday! I can't wait for the party and later today I am taking his "first year" pictures. So anyway, we're coming two posts into one on this fine Saturday morning! Stay tuned for lots and lots of pictures, and always exciting stories!

KISSES, to getting to go home this weekend and see family! I'll be in IA for the next 10 days! WHOO HOO!
KISSES, my nephew turning 1 on Sunday!
KISSES, figuring out somethings in life, we're on a new new journey!
KISSES, really great friends... we love you Jason & Jessica!
KISSES, bath time with my nieces last night!
DISSES, to not getting the job this week! They don't know what they're missin'!
DISSES, to going to the Dr. this week and having 4 viles of blood drawn! I don't do well at Doctors!
DISSES, meeting with our Realtor this week! yuck!
DISSES, car troubles this week.. nuff said!
DISSES, Mr. Bentley who threw up in our bed Friday morning! Gross.
DISSES, our trash man who didn't take all the trash on Monday!

April 16, 2009

Tasty Thursday- Get Grillin'

Since it's been so nice outside here in MN these past couple days, I made Hubby get the grill out from hiding last Sunday! Since then, we've been grillin'. Hubby jokes, with me and says I'd grill everything if I could! It's true, I do love to grill. Everything tastes better on the grill. Tonight's menu is grill inspired, here's what we're having:

Spicy Grilled Chicken
cover chicken on both sides evenly with
Red pepper flakes
Mrs. Dash Spicy mix

Grilled Red Potatoes
slice & dice 4 red potatoes
put in foil packets, drizzle with Olive Oil
evenly cover with
Italian Seasoning
Garlic powder
Parsley Flakes

Mixed Green Salad
Spinach & Romaine lettuce
cut up any of your fave veggies
toss & dress!
mmmm...very tasty!

April 15, 2009


.... coffee, while paying bills is a must! (just to get you through)

.... spending time with friends, to re coup is always needed! (if you don't do this, start now!)

.... spending hours online reading blogs of total strangers, is perfectly ok!

.... being a woman, totally stinks sometimes!

.... one great convo with your BFF is totally priceless!

.... loving your puppy.. A LOT, if perfectly ok!

.... dinner on the grill is yummy, I'd grill just about anything if Hubby would let me.

.... learning to live a simple life, is where I am at right now!

(this perfect shot came from the beautiful girls of Encore Dance)

April 13, 2009

Blog Roll Monday: 2 blogs in one!

This week's blog post is double the fun! First up; Adam & Julie. My friend that I've known since Jr. High (we were Lobo cheerleaders together) and her hubby Adam! I love keeping up on them through their blog page, and reading all about their adventures. They prove that having a blog can help you stay connected to your friends, and feel apart of their lives even when they live so far away!

Next up; Andrea Worley Photography . This blog really needs to introduction, because it's my other blog. You've heard me talk about it here many times, so I won't go on and on about it. I will say, jump on over and hear what I'm currently working on.

And because no posts are complete without pictures, here's one from a wedding Orion and I went to last Fall. A friend just emailed it to me today!

Happy Monday everyone!

April 12, 2009

Weekend Round-Up: & a Giveaway!

This weekend was crazy, not only was it Easter weekend but tons of things were happening. The next few weekends are crazy for us here as we have family birthdays, proms, and dance recitals ahead of us.

This weekend:
Friday- we relaxed at home, watched movies, before turin' in early!
Saturday- Hubby worked all day (bless him!), I took pictures for Encore Dance, had lunch with a friend, and then met Miss Capital City at the MOA for some shopping for Miss MN, then picked up Hubby from work and headed over to a friend's house for dinner. Good night, with great friends. So needed!
Sunday- we went to church, I made a spectacular meal here at home, and we had a quiet Easter dinner here just us! I fell asleep and woke up at 8:30pm...I am making up for it now as I am wide awake at 1 am! Seriously.

Next Weekend:
Friday- drive home to Iowa.
Saturday- hang with family. Take pictures.
Sunday- My nephew turns 1, and we're having a party! Can't wait.
The following week/end:
I'll be in Iowa from the 17-26th with family. Can't wait! One long week with my Mom, oh I am so excited!
Saturday- my little brother's Senior prom, and my nieces dance recital. It's goin' to be a good day!
Stay tuned for many stories and lots and lots of pictures!
Jump on over to 4 Reluctant Entertainer to enter her giveaway for a
beautiful wrapped canvas print!

Happy Easter!

Today, I am reminded of just how significant what Jesus did over 2000 years ago and how it's still important and relevant today! Today, is a day for new beginnings and forgiveness! I hope that you and yours are blessed today to know the love of Jesus and what he did on the cross for you today!

Out of everything we've been through in the last few months, I am reminded that the love of Christ and what he did on the Cross is much bigger than all of that.

I am blessed with an amazing Husband, an amazing family to support Orion and I, and some pretty great friends who have blessed us and loved us along the way, you know who you are!

Thank you Jesus, for your faithfulness to us!

Happy Easter! :)

April 9, 2009


..... it's ok if you haven't written on your blog for a couple days, your readers will still love you anyway.

it's been a pretty tough week for me, and us in the "worley house." I promised to write more in the next couple days, or maybe at the end of the week when I feel like I have something to say!
have a wonderful day!

April 6, 2009

Blog Roll Monday: 4 Reluctant Entertainers!

This week's blog: 4 Reluctant Entertainers

The idea behind this blog is, (straight from her)
My name is Sandy Coughlin, and a little over 2 years ago when I started Reluctant Entertainer, I was on a two-part mission. Well, let’s make it three! One – To help reluctant hostesses become confident and gracious. Two – To inspire the hostess who was stuck in an entertainment rut – to find new ways to express herself. Three – To write inspiring posts that display a simple and attainable approach toward entertaining with passion, and to include beautiful real life photography from my home. To share stories, traditions and memories – all written for passing down to my children.

I was introduced to this great blog, by another blog that I read. I've been reading for about a year now, and I really love it. I love entertaining in my own, and so this blog is perfect for me! Sandy, who lives in Oregon writes about anything and everything that has to do with entertaining, food, family, and friends. The greatest thing about her blog and why I love it so much is her fresh take on entertaining and the idea that you don't have to go broke to have a great home, or entertain well in it!

I love that! Because I am thrifty, and creative in this way I love her blog. She offers such great ways to do things you may have never thought of before, great recipes and ideas to. Plus, there's this Biblical perspective that she has to her life, and style that I just love!

If you love to entertaining, or want to know more about it check out her blog! If you're a beginner just starting out with the idea of entertaining in your home this blog is for you. Happy reading & entertaining!

Next week: Adam & Julie

April 3, 2009

Kisses & Disses

This Kisses & Disses comes a little later in the day, but hey it's still Friday for a few more minutes.

KISSES, to a really productive day of 4 loads of laundry and cleaning my house top to bottom!
KISSES, day 1 of living healthier.
KISSES, to a really great night, with a really great friend. Thank you Karen, love ya!
KISSES, a week full of many convos between me and God, and a new perspective on things!
to my interview this week...still keeping my fingers crossed!
DISSES, the snow forecast that's coming this weekend, I just want to put out my BBQ and patio set.
DISSES, Hubby having to work on Saturday.
DISSES, paying bills this week!
DISSES, to not getting to do anything fun with my tax refund this year.
not getting to go on vacation this year! I am seriously bummed...hopefully things will change.

April 1, 2009


.... Kudos to all of you who came up with a killer April Fools joke... still waiting on mine.
.... take each opportunity that comes your way, pray, evaluate, and see if it's for you. Don't play it safe.
.... show your Husband you love him, often.
.... have a girls night at least once every couple weeks...I'm long overdue...it'll revive your soul.
.... don't worry about what other people thing, sure it sucks...but in the long run I can guarantee they are worry about you.
.... use every moment to make it a better day!
.... don't be self conscious about anything, embrace who you are. If you have a big nose, smell the world with it!

Happy April 1st! Hope it's an amazing month!

Dacing Fever!

If you haven't been watching, you're missing out! The last two nights of DWTS was incredible! Every time I watch the show it makes me want to be out there with them having just as much fun, and last nights was no exception! They did three really amazing group dances with the pros, so much fun. What was a stake? Double Elimination! After a high energy night on Monday, with the first 10 of the season, and first perfect scores, everything was pushed into high gear. Sadly, Holly & Dimitry, Karina & The Woz were voted off last night. Leaving 9 couple left to battle it out. Here's my faves from who remains!
Shawn & Mark: she's from Iowa, and I love her...ok! But she's also a awesome dancer too! They are a perfect mix, I love to watch them!
Lacy & Steve-O: Let me make a correction, I love Lacey. I'm not so jazzed about Steve-O, but because he's with her I like them together. She's the rebel, the daring one on the dance floor. And, she's a real woman with a "real" body type and I love that even more. This is her 2nd season on DWTS and I hope she stays on for a while, she brings freshness to the floor!

Chuck & Julianne: They are the couple next door. I love Julianne as a dancer, and this year dancing with her real life love has got me hooked on what they are going to do next, and what chemistry we'll see on the floor from these two. Keep watching!
Melissa & Tony: First of all...she's amazing! She's a fabulous dancer, and every week she proves it. She's a contender for sure! I love seeing her do so well, after her last blunder with reality t.v. She's got an amazing fan base as well, I think everyone wants to see her do well. Me included.
Cherly & Gilles': She's awesome. He's awesome. Together they are fabulous! They got the first perfect score of the season on Monday night! Cheryl has been a long time favorite of mine! She was my first pro that I really feel in love with, her choreography is awesome, and I think she really brings out the best in her partner.
Top 3 picks:
(who I think will make it into the finals)
Cheryl & Gilles'
Melissa & Tony
Shawn & Mark
Bottom 3 for next week:
(my predictions)
Steve-O & Lacey
David & Kim
Edyta & Lawrence


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