February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day Brunch Place Cards

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, one of the special things about these little holidays that I love is doing fun little things for my family and kids to celebrate. Last year for the 4th I cut pancakes into star shapes and Ava loved it! I thought I'd take that same idea and make us a fun Valentine's Day brunch. 

Using my Evolution and my Sweetheart Embossing folders I made some cute little place cards. I also used the mini letterpress papers. 
 photo valentinesplacecards2_zps00512882.jpg
I love the texture that the embossing folders give the cards. Beautiful little hearts, I also used the Tape It kit to cut some hearts and write our names on them. 
 photo valentinesplacecards3_zps99bb80ad.jpg
A fun idea I like doing is take baking cups and filling them with fruit, or little treats for kids. My daughter loves them because they are small containers she can hold and she loves all the colors of baking cups we have.
 photo valentinesplacecards1_zpsc517b790.jpg

 photo valentinesplacecards4_zpse681b3ca.jpg
Using a heart shape cookie cutter I cut heart shape pancakes, added some fruit and a glass of orange juice. Wah-la we have a fun Valentine's Day brunch. 
 photo valentinesplacecards5_zps269d9715.jpg
What are you planning for Valentine's Day? How do you like making holidays special for your family?

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