December 31, 2009

Quick Change for an old Chandelier

As were on the last day of 2009 and I'm starting to think about the creative projects I want to tackle for my Be Creative Challenge in 2010. Here's a little look back at one of my fave DIY projects we completed right away in our first home:

Quick change for an Old Chandelier:

Here's the picture of the before of our dining area with the original chandelier we worked with in our first home. Glass hurricanes over the bulbs that has flowers on them. And way to bright of lights going on here.
We took off the glass hurricanes and replaced them with shades from Ikea that are about $3-5/shade depending on size. These particular ones were $3 a pop! And we changed out the bulbs to energy saving ones.
A pretty simple and easy fix to dress up the old fixture when you don't have a ton of money right away to replace the fixtures in your home.

Creating Custom Artwork

This is a project we completed back in 2007 for our then apartment. We wanted custom artwork that we could put in our home; here's what we came up with:

What You'll Need:
Canvas (buy as many as you'd like for your artwork) we bought ours at Michael's Craft Store
Painters Tape
Paint (whatever colors you'd like)

We started by deciding what type of design we wanted to have, we decided on vertical stripes down the canvas' We then painted all of them one color and waited till they dried completely. This is important for the taping. After dried, mark your design with the painters tape and then start painting between where you've marked off.

This is how they looked all finished in our first apartment:
And this is how we hung them in our first home:
The complete project cost us: $25 for 4 pieces of custom artwork. We love them and they go with our decor always.

December 30, 2009

Our DIY Archives

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