November 22, 2008

The BFF & Me!

I'm sitting here in Janesville, WI visiting with my BFF, Sara. I took a little trip this weekend for a small visit. The best part is that I get to spend next week with her too when her and the family come to the Twin Cities! I love it!
There's nothing like that comfort, and the laugh of your best friend to make you feel like things will all be ok. It's been good to be here even in the last day and a half. I miss her, and having her around. I hope one day God will bring us together again to live in the same place and raise our children together. She's having baby #2 this Spring, it's so exciting. I've been having tons of fun taking pictures of her little girl Ellie Me' and next up watching the Traveling P's together!
It's just what the Doctor ordered!


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