November 24, 2008

These days...

These days, I have a lot of free time on my hands. A little to much free time, I think. These days my daily routines are a little different than they usually have been, I have more time to do stuff around the house, run errands, etc. And after the first initial shock of it all, I've been finding each day more, and more things to fill up my free time. What do my days look like now? They are different, here's a glimpse on most days:

6:45 am Wake-up to take Hubby to the train.
7:30 am Come home- fall back asleep for a few more hours.
9:00 am Wake- up try to decide what to do with the day, make coffee, eat breakfast, play with Bentley, take him for a walk.
10:00 am a sit down with my girls from The View

11:00 am and through out the rest of my day consists of checking emails, blogging, running errands, going to the church to work for a bit, job hunting, and sending resumes, etc.

The other blessing in all of this is that I get to work and spend more time on my photography. Which has been a joy! This week, I am taking Senior pictures, family portraits, and children pictures.

So when you think of me, pray for me first and then count your lucky stars that you are not at home "trying" to think of things to fill your free time up.

I am excited for this week though because my family is coming to town. Wednesday my Sister will be here with her family. Thursday my parents come to town for the holiday. And my BFF and her family will be in town too! Such a blessing, and a wonderful week ahead!


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