November 24, 2008

Crazy Conversations

I had a weird run in today at the coffee shop, so weird, and kinda disturbing, so I had to blog about it...naturally.

So, I'm sitting here today in a coffee shop checking my emails, blogging, looking for flights to Vegas and minding my own business. I am sitting here away from the other crowds of people, in a little nook, on a couch. Most of you know, I am not a talker. I like to mind my own business when I am in public places, I try to be cordial and nice to other if they talk to me of coarse. Today was a doozy!

I'm sitting here alone when this guy comes in, sets his stuff down at the chair across from me. Proceeds to order his scone and coffee. Comes back, and says to me:

Guy: Oh, how's it going today?
Me: Good, thank you.
Guy: So what's new on the Internet today?
Me: Oh, nothing, just checking some emails.
Guy: Yeah, I know you're just over there looking at porn...I know everyone thinks it's just Guys that do it, but It's really the ladies that do it too!
Me: Um, no I am sorry I am definitely not looking at porn!
Guy: Laughs at me and winks

What!!! Are you serious? Sick! Can this be real? So awkward, that he said that to me. And he's still sitting here across from me. From that conversation I'm so creep ed out by this guy. What! Why are there people like this in the world that say weird and inappropriate things such as that?

I'm so disturbed!


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