May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day.

For some of you today is a happy and sad day all at the same time. 

Some of you are holding your babies close tonight.

Some of you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a little one.

Some of you have lost babies.

Some of you are missing your mamas that are no longer here.

Some of you are single mothers who don't have any help, who are just trying to make it.

To all the women out there; holding your babies, waiting for your babies to arrive, missing the ones you lost, or have yet to come you matter, you are special, you are brave, you are a warrior, you are amazing! 

Today, my heart is praying for you. 

Happy Mother's Day!

These little ones, I have to really say thank you. Thank you for making me a mama. 

This year, I didn't want any gifts. All I wanted was a couple hours to myself. To run errands by myself. 

I gloriously walked around Target for an hour today. Ran some errands, and sat in my driveway in my car after coming home enjoying a coke zero. Seriously. 

The day before I enjoyed a nap, a nice long nap. Then we all went out to dinner together to celebrate. 

I had dessert, which I haven't had in a month. It was awesome. 

Then I pulled into the driveway today after my stint out today, and came through into the garage only to hear Zane screaming his head off. When I walked in the door my husband told me he'd been crying like that off and on for the 3 hours I was gone. 

Back to reality. For realz.

Happy Mother's Day to you all. 

Hope your day was beautiful.


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