March 17, 2008

our BIG news!

Ok, ok I'll put the rumors to rest! We're not pregnant, like some thought. But, we are adding something to our lives! Our BIG news is that we bought a HOUSE! Yes, it's true! Orion and I started house hunting in early February, and 15 houses later we found the one.

Buying a home is exciting, stressful and fun all wrapped into one! It's been quite a ride for us. We looked at some great homes, and some not so great homes that needed a little TLC and we weren't sure that we were the family for that. So, after a few loves, and a few that we didn't totally agree on we decided to go see a cute 3 bedroom house last week in Inver Grove.

We walked in and both Orion and I loved it from the minute we walked in. I'd been looking at this particular house for months before we even started looking together. But I didn't get my hopes up to much cause it was right at the top of our budget, and I didn't think Orion would go for it. He finally agreed to go take a look last week. He too fell in love! :)

After deciding to make an offer, we began the "waiting game." If you've been through this process you know waiting is the worst part, even worse than actually looking for a house. After a day of waiting we heard word from our Realtor. He didn't have a great news for us, the sellers counter offered. I was crushed, Orion said we needed to be ready to walk away from a deal at anytime. (but I was in love with this house, and already saw it as ours!) Our Realtor told us to think about it, sleep on it and call him the next day.

After thinking about it, and deciding to accept what the sellers had asked for, we called our Realtor and told him we'd agree to the terms. This was last Thursday, Friday morning our Realtor called and said the sellers rejected their counter offer, and we're going to accept our original offer! YES! Praise Jesus! I couldn't believe it. I was so happy. Friday was a good day in the Worley house! Orion and I were both SO excited! We are proud home owners!

Our First Home

We are closing April 24th! This cute home has 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, a cute little fenced patio and is close by a lake. We love it cause even though it's a town home it doesn't feel like a development. It feels like home. People say that when you walk into a house it'll just feel like home, if it's the one for you. I was starting to not believe this after walking into about 7 and feeling like they weren't quite right. But as soon as we walked into this one, it felt like home. It already felt like ours.

We're excited to move in, and make it into our home. This is such an exciting time for Orion and I. Not only are we buying a home and moving in the next phase in life we've been praying about what God had for us during this season and we really felt like God gave us a lot of peace about staying here in Minnesota. He has us right where he wants us, and that's an amazing feeling. Although buying a home is awesome, knowing that we're in God's will for our lives is a much better feeling!


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