August 5, 2009

Hello, Arizona!

We're here! Finally, it's a little hard to believe. I got off the plane this afternoon and was excited to step outside and feel the 100+ degrees! 

It's a little hard to believe that just a month ago we were here interviewing, hoping, praying and dreaming about what God might have for us here. God really had a plan in all of it. He had a plan for these last few months, preparing us for what would be next. Looking back I can see that, and see where he was working in us. 

And now, we're here. Everything we own sits in the back of a Penske truck, we get to move into our apartment Friday. Then, I will truly feel like I'm home when we have a place to call our own. 

Orion and his friend, Jason drove the two days here with the truck and Bentley. Lucky me, I flew!

Bentley is adjusting to the heat...heck, I think we all are! 

Orion picked me up from the airport today, and I said "pinch me" we're living here! It's just that awesome and crazy all at the same time. 

More to come soon.......


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