August 3, 2009


Two weekends ago, I went with my future Sister-in-law Jess and the rest of her bridesmaids to go dress shopping. Now, this will be my seventh time being a bridesmaid in a wedding! I thought the last time was the last wedding I'd be in but I was happy and thrilled when I was asked by Jess to be in her and my Brother's wedding next summer! Sunday morning, the dress shop made an exception for us and opened the store especially for us. So we got the while store to ourselves to try on dressed, and see Jessie in her wedding dress. So fun!
This is a picture of our dresses in platinum. This is probably one of my hands down favorites! I love the shape on this dress, and how it flatters everyone. I also love the sweat heart neckline. I'm super pumped to wear this dress!

Save the date for Sam & Jesse 7-10-10!


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