August 17, 2009

Weekend Round Up:

Friday, after a really long day and a stressful week I was ready to do something low key but fun. Hubby promised he'd take me to see this movie, if I promised that I'd go see G.I. Joe with him. So Friday night we went and saw The Time Traveler's Wife. Usually I like reading the book a movie is based off of, and then going to see it. But in this case I didn't read the book, and was equally excited if not more to see this movie. I love, love Rachel McAdams. It's an interesting twist on your typical love story, I really like the movie. A lot! Hubby was confused in some parts of the movie with all his time traveling and such. Anyone else see this movie this weekend?

Saturday, was a work day in the Worley House. We made a trip to Lowe's for paint. Made our first official grocery shopping trip and stocked the fridge. Started painting the dining room but didn't finish. I snuck away for an hour or so to go dress shopping with some of my youth girls. Then came back just in time to get ready for dinner at a couple's home that goes to our church. We're meeting all kinds of new people these days which is a lot of fun.

Sunday, we went to church. And then we came home to get ready for Sunday night's connection group kick-off event. I made a bunch a goodies for the party before heading off to set up for the event. It was a great end to a really busy, but very fun weekend.

It's Monday and the Hubs has the day off, I think finishing the painting and swimming are on the agenda for today! Happy Monday everyone!!!


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