March 14, 2013

A Day in March


It's been over a year since I last did a re cap of our days. I can't believe it's taken me this long to do it again, since our days look vastly different now than they did over a year ago I really wanted to make it a goal of mine this year to document our days at least once a month this year.

So here's a day in March

5:30 am I wake up get dressed before sitting down to feed the baby.

5:40 am Hubby is up getting ready.

6 am he wakes Ava up and gets her dressed.

6:10 am I grab coffee for myself and milk for Ava before heading out the door.

7 am we drop Orion off at work.

We're home by 7:30 am. I quickly fix Ava and I breakfast before sitting down to feed the baby.
 photo IMG_2046_zps24cdee3d.jpg
I spend the next half hour while Ava plays cleaning the kitchen after breakfast. Put in a load of laundry, check my email and Facebook.

 photo IMG_2045_zps38f6b600.jpg

Getting ready for the day.
 photo IMG_2055_zps098973a1.jpg
Sitting down to feed the baby, while Ava watches t.v.
 photo IMG_2053_zps97663c26.jpg
We're off to go meet friends for lunch around 10:30 am.
 photo IMG_2054_zps51944ecd.jpg

From 11 am till 12:30 pm we're hanging with friends at lunch. It was such a nice day that we ended up taking the kids walking around the shopping center and playing.

 photo IMG_2057_zps305680ef.jpg

By 1 pm we're back at home. Ava plays someone while I sit down to feed Zane. After that we do some playing together in the yard. Well, Zane just kinda chills while Ava and I play.
 photo IMG_2056_zps157dbbc2.jpg
Ava also loves to sit and "read" her books to me. It's pretty cute. Today we skipped naps because we got back so late from lunch and only had a few hours before we had to again leave to get Orion from work.

 photo IMG_2058_zpse29f399e.jpg

By 3:30 pm we're in the car again off to get Orion from work. He gets off work at 4 pm but with traffic it takes us about an hour to get home.

By 5 pm we're home. This is probably my fave time of day. Orion is playing with the kids while I get dinner ready.
 photo IMG_2060_zpseb23d801.jpg

5:30 pm we sit down together as a family for dinner. Tonight it's chili and cornbread.

6 pm dinner clean up and more play time.

6:30 pm Zane and I head out to meet some of my girl friends while Orion gets Ava ready for bed.

7 pm Ava is in bed.

 photo IMG_2059_zps2d06571f.jpg

9:30 pm I'm home. I sit down to feed Zane again. While we watch the news together and Jimmy Kimmel.

By 11 pm we're ready to turn into bed.


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