March 26, 2013

Golden & Glitter Jars

Today, I'm excited to share with you a quick and easy DIY that really makes a fun statement. Golden and Glittery jars! You can use these as a centerpiece for tables or place them on shelves in your kitchen or bedroom really the possibilities are endless. I made these for Ava's 3rd birthday party, and they turned out beautiful. 

Let's get started, you'll need:
some glass jars (mine are old salsa & spaghetti sauce jars)
modge podge
foam brush
frog tape
gold glitter
gold spray paint (I used Rustoleum Metallic Gold) 

Start by cleaning your jars and removing all the labels off of them. I used Goo Gone to help get the sticky off my glass. I also used a rough scour pad to get the writing off them as well. Once clean make sure you dry them before moving on. 

 photo glitterjars_zps106864cc.jpg

Place Frog tape around the jar where you want to block off where the glitter goes. I wanted mine to be half way up the jar so that's where I placed my tape. Make sure the tape is pressed down and sealed. 

Then take your modge podge and brush it all over the bottom of the jar. You don't need a lot of this a little goes along way. Then dump mass amounts of gold glitter covering all over the jar. Make sure you so this in a cardboard box so that it catches the excess glitter. Let dry. Once it's all dry add another thing layer of modge podge to the top coating it so that your glitter doesn't fall off. No one wants mass amounts of glitter falling onto their table right? This will help seal it, and don't worry the modge podge dries clear so you can still see all the glittery sparkle! 

 photo glitterjars2_zps00d43430.jpg

Lastly peel off your tape when done. Now, time to move onto the gold painted ones. Repeat the same above washing and taking the labels off your jars. Take them outside lay them on a sheet and spray the outside of the glass, not the inside making sure it's evenly coated. I did two coats on these jars. 

 photo goldjars_zps588515b2.jpg

Then once they are all dry and ready to go arrange them how you'd like and fill them with pretty flowers. I used mine as a centerpiece for Ava's birthday party. I love the color combo of soft pink with the gold. 

It's so pretty and girly, which is exactly what I was going for. 


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