March 18, 2013

Spring World Market Finds

Spring Finds via World Market

Spring Finds via World Market by worleyhouse on Polyvore

Wanna know a fun story? The first time I shopped at World Market was when Orion and I were engaged. We'd been having dinner at a restaurant outside Minneapolis, when after dinner realized we'd locked the keys in the car. To kill time while waiting for a locksmith we headed to World Market to shop while we waited. We ended up buying some cute new things for our apartment that I was living in before we go married. I've loved the store ever since.

Last week I shared with you my fave Target finds for Spring, well World Market is easily one of my fave stores right next to Target. I've been finding some awesome things there lately. Here's a few things I'm currently crushing on from World Market. 

This chair, I'm currently trying to make space for it in our living room. I also love this end table, I have no room for it, and I'm not even sure it goes with our current decor but I just love the look of it and every time I see  in the store I kinda love it even more.

Picking up this basket for Zane's Easter. Plus this doormat is perfect considering we just moved into a new house.

Have you found any new things to spruce up your home for Spring? Do you love World Market to?


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