July 8, 2009

About Us

I started this blog in February 2008 as a way for us to stay connected to family and friends since we lived out of state. Over the years it has morphed into so much more. 

I'm a wife and mother, two roles that are my favorite. When I'm not writing here on this blog I keep busy with my photography business as a lifestyle photographer. 

A little bit more about me....

I was born in California, but raised in a small town in Iowa. I lived in Northern Arizona for a short time period when I was in junior high. During that time I dedicated my life to serving Christ. He has changed my heart forever.

I have a weakness for hot tamales and Dr. Pepper! I've recently become a fitness junky after losing 60+ pounds after baby #2. The Iowa Hawkeyes, reality t.v, thrifting, and hand written cards that come through the mail are just are few things that I love. I love anything that I can be creative at; photography, writing, home decor & DIY. 

I always have a million projects in the works, (it drives the Hubby crazy.) and I have no short term memory what so ever. So you'll find my house covered in post its- and lots of notebooks floating around to remember things. I can't live without my day planner, it's true. 

I have a passion to make this online life mean something and use this space to glorify Christ in all I do. My life works together in one fluid motion around my faith, my family and friends.

My husband and I met in the Spring of 2005 through a mutual friend who attended our church. During the time I was working for the Youth Pastor at the church, Orion soon began attending the church and became a youth leader as well. We soon found out later that we were both attending the same University but hadn't ever met. Over the next few months we began a friendship, we saw each other a lot at school and church. Orion often would "randomly" show up at my apartment unannounced just to say "Hello." We went on our first date May 12, 2005. One date was all it took to decide. We've been together ever since.

Orion and I were married July 14, 2007 in Iowa. We dated for two and a half years before getting married, much of that time we dated long distance. Orion proposed to me just a few days after my 24th birthday. He took me to dinner for my birthday at Ruth's Chris in Minneapolis. Orion had gotten up to use the bathroom during dinner and came back with dessert in his hands. He placed the plate on the table and written in chocolate around the rim of the plate were the words "Will you marry me?" Of coarse I said yes!  Click here to see more from our wedding day. 

Meet Orion (like O'Ryan) my hard working, sings like Boys II Men (no, seriously he does) hot Husband! He works for Grand Canyon University here in Phoenix as an Enrollment Counselor. He has a heart for people, to see them connected to Christ. His dedication and faithfulness is something that I've always loved and admired. Plus he's super funny and has always been able to make me laugh. He is originally from Oklahoma and loves cheering for the Oklahoma Sooners! 

Meet Ava. She's the babe that made me a mama. My three year old extraordinaire. My little ballerina in training, she loves anything pink & sparkly just like her mama. 

Meet Zane. My sweet baby boy, who's growing up to fast this mama's heart almost can't take it. He did everything faster than I wanted him to, but at the end of the day his snuggles are so very sweet. He loves cheerios, getting into everything and his big sister Ava. 

These kiddos + my Hubby make my world go round. This is where I share it all. This is where we celebrate life, and the everyday that goes with it. Some of our my popular projects are AVA'S OUR LITTLE CUPCAKE FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY, AVA'S JITTERBUG BIRTHDAY PARTY, SIMPLIFIED SIGN, to see more of my projects, room tours and parties visit the DIY ARCHIVES PAGE HEREThank you for reading and coming along this little journey with me. 

Proud to be apart of:

  TBS 150


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