July 27, 2009

It's Official; We're Moving!

It's official, we're moving! Orion and I are taking a HUGE step and moving all the way to Arizona in just a week!!!! At the beginning of July Orion and I interviewed at a church in Glendale, AZ. We came home from that trip feeling refreshed, revived and knowing that this was the place for us. After much prayer and consideration, we feel at peace with the decision and are very excited for this next new chapter and step in our lives.

Of coarse it's bittersweet at times to not be close to family and friends here in the Midwest. But I am forever thankful for the years that I've had here in Minneapolis being close to both my family and friends. I knew that one day this time would come, and we wouldn't be as close. So I took full advantage of it. Now, that time has come for us to be a little farther away. But, I know that the relationships that I have are stronger and can make it through anything.

On Sunday, Orion and I will pack up the moving truck and head to Iowa to see my family. Orion and his friend Jason will be leaving a few days later to make the drive to Arizona. While I'll be flying down on the 5th! We move into our new place on August 7th! I hate moving, but I love decorating new places! I can't wait to settle in and call Arizona home.... AGAIN!!!


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