July 24, 2009

Friday Frills; Girls Night!

It's Friday! Finally, this has been one crazy week! I'm at home this weekend in Iowa shooting a wedding. It's just me, Orion is working all weekend. So we're making it a girls weekend. Tonight I'm headed to the movies, (haven't been to a movie in ages) we don't really go to the movies anymore. But tonight it's special because I get to hang out with my Sister, Mom and future Sister in law Jessie! I don't get to have girl night like this very often either! So I'm taking full advantage.

Saturday, is the wedding! So excited. Congrats to Morgan & Isaac who are getting married tomorrow. You have to check this blog for more info on their BIG day!

Sunday, it's more wedding stuff as we head to the bridal store to try on and pick our bridesmaid dresses for my brother and Jessie's wedding. Pretty excited about this! I love weddings, and I love sharing the day with people you love and celebrating their love!

Stay tuned! :) Happy Friday all!


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