September 27, 2012

30B430: Read Through the Entire Bible Again


Sharing another goal today that I crossed off my list: Read Through the Bible again. It's been a long time since I've taken the time to read the Bible cover to cover instead of just getting into a devotional and only reading certain chapters. 

It's been really great this last year to re read scriptures this year, and rediscover parts of the Bible that I haven't read in a while.


I used a One Year Bible reading plan this year to go through the Bible. You can download it here.  You can Google Bible reading plans as well and come up with a ton different plans. My advice is that these are really easy to use and very helpful to keep you on track and accountable. 

Also towards the end of this year I found She Reads Truth, which has been great to read along with other women. A great source of encouragement and accountability. 

If you're struggling today to read through the Bible on a daily basis I encourage you to start somewhere maybe small, print off a reading plan and get started. Use some of these great resources and get started. 


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