September 25, 2012

Easy Gift Giving Ideas


It's the last week in September, which means October is around the corner. I love October, the start of Fall, pumpkins, Spiced Lattes are even more acceptable to drink and it's also my birthday month! I kinda always hate that question of: "What do you want for your birthday?"

One reason is because I never know what to say. I never want to seem like anyone needs to buy me a gift or has to. But I've realized over time that if people ask you that question it's because they want to buy you a gift, so let them. So here's my two easy solutions for when this question may come up. This is especially helpful for husbands! 

Trust me, it's worked wonders before for my husband and in turn I don't have to worry I'm always happy with any gift he chooses mostly because I've already chosen them myself and made it really easy for him to buy me something. Here's my tips & ideas:

Idea #1: Create a Pinterest board of Ideas


I titled my board "For Me." But you could title it anything you want. Any time I see something that would be a fun gift to have, or something that I'd want for my birthday, Christmas or any other occassion I simply "pin" it to the board. This way when my Husband needs an anniversary, birthday, or Christmas idea I just reference him to this board link and let him decide what to get. I pinned an Amy Cornwell ring sometime ago and my Husband got it for me for Valentine's Day this year because of this inspiration. My suggestion is if you pin any clothing, rings or jewelry be very specific about colors you want and the size you need. Easy purchasing and no returning it once it arrives with having to return it because the person didn't get your right size/color want. 

Idea #2: Create an Amazon Wish List


This is another easy idea too. When you're browsing Amazon simply add the item to your "wish list" by the click of a button. You can email people your wish list as well. When my Mom asked me this year what I wanted for my birthday I simply referenced her to this list. I gave her 5 ideas from the list. My tip; make sure you add a variety of ideas at different price points too. This way the giver gets to choose what best fits their budget and you don't have to worry about what's on the list because you know there's a variety listed. 

What are you're gift giving suggestions for when it comes to this question? I'd love to hear your suggestions, leave them in the comments below. 


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