September 13, 2012

More thoughts on potty training.

You may remember my first thoughts on potty training way back in April, you can read more about that here if you'd like.  I felt like potty training just might be the death of me after that first go around. But, I learned to let go and slowly introduce her to the idea of it. Turns out I don't think she was as ready as all the books said she was, or ready like I thought she was.

I think I was more ready than she was to tell you the truth.

We put pull ups on her. We bought a pretty princess potty and everyday asked her about it, sat her on the potty, etc, etc.

Some days she'd clearly ask to go potty and she'd go. We'd clap, sing and cheer as loudly and proud as we could to encourage her and praise her. I even made up my own potty song for her to the melody of Dora's "We did it tune." 


We bought Disney Princess and Dora undies and introduced those as well. And then one day it's like it just all clicked for her. She literally woke up one morning and asked to wear underwear. Pleaded and insisted that she wear under ware and not pull ups.

I was a little worried about her going to daycare with undies on, I was worried that she wouldn't tell them she had to go or that they wouldn't take her time. This was like ripping the band-aid off and just going for it. So I agreed and let her wear undies. Instructed the daycare as best I could, and to my surprise when we picked her up they reported that she hadn't had a single accident all day. I was so proud and overjoyed, and after that day there was no going back.


After a week of not having accidents at daycare or at home, we let her loose in toy aisle and let her pick out her own reward for being so successful. It's been almost three weeks of potty training success in our home. I'm so excited for her! So proud and so amazed at to how much children truly change overnight. She's been doing so well with it.

It's a little hard to let go of the fact that she's really growing up. No more diapers, this girl is on her way to being fully potty trained. My little baby isn't so much a baby anymore. But, I'm glad to see that she did it when she was ready, in her own time. I'm proud of myself as a mother and parent for letting go a little and not trying to force the issue with her and for God giving me a lot of patience during this time.

All the cheers, silly songs, stickers and many, many accidents on the floor were ok. We're worth it.


So now I know potty training didn't kill me, but the whole process did make me more aware and patient towards my child and that is a lesson worth it.


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