February 7, 2008

"slow glow"

It's this time of year when I long for warmth, and wonder why did I move back to Minnesota?! ;)
I decided the other day that I need to get some color, I feel pasty. I read an article this summer about the dangers of "fake baking" as I like to call it. There was a whole section in my Glamour magazine this summer on skin cancers, different types, what you should do and not do, etc. Needless to say it scared me. I've been sun tanning in natural sun, and fake baking for most of my life, which isn't that long really. I'm only 25! But i grew up in California, I love sun and warm weather.
I decided that I was going to try my best to abstain from to much fake baking, and vow to wear more sun screen. But since I feel pasty what do you do? The other day I went to the grocery store and picked up some Jergens Natural glow, I'd used it before and really liked it.
Now here's the funny part, the whole reason I am going on and on about this.....
I was using it the other day, and left it out on my nightstand. Orion came in picked up the bottle and he said, "What's this?" I told him it's basically a self tanner of sorts.
He goes; "Oh so you're getting a slow glow!"
I thought it was so funny, I smiled and said yes, just like a slow glow. I never thought of it that way and it was so funny.
I've realized being married these few short months that sometimes the life of a girl, and what we do is a mystery to guys. And every now and then my hubby will make a comment like "slow glow" that brings me back to reality.


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