February 6, 2008

wedding rings & other things

Life is ton of many firsts. The same holds true with marriage. Orion and I have only been married for a short time...almost 7 months! Whoo hoo!! :) And in that short time we've experience many firsts; some wonderful, some not so wonderful.
There was the first time we had a major fight, over building furniture. Who knew? The first time I made dinner for us after coming home from the honeymoon. The first time we had to share a bed with each other and realized that we sleep very different, the first time we spent any length apart after being married (3 days). Which I vow now to make it a habit never to spend more than 3 days apart if we can help it.
Today I had antother first in marriage... i forgot my wedding ring! :( I usually never take it off, I never took it off hardly ever when we were engaged either. But after a recent loss of some diamonds in the wedding band the jeweler told me when I went to get them replaced that I should always take it off when doing things like moving stuff that's heavy, doing the dishes, etc. All of which can harm the stones and ruin the prongs, etc. And it scared me, I thought I didn't want to lose the ring or the stones in it. I already almost lost the engagement diamond when I lost the wedding band stones, the center one was very loose and I didn't even know it. Made sense.
So this morning while putting on lotion and doing my daily morning activities I took my wedding rings off and layed them on the counter in the bathroom in a little star dish that perfectly matches my patriotic bathroom. :)
I walked out the door and realized after we were in the car that I didn't have my rings. It's a weird feeling, anyone who's married can tell you that. I must admit I was sad at the thought of not having it with me all day long. All morning, I've been looking down at my hand, it just feels different with out it. I know that sounds silly but it really does.
It brought my back to my wedding day when Jeremy was speaking to us about the symbolism of the "ring." A never ending circle, perfect in every way. A symbol of our love and devotion to one another and God. That "circle of trust."
Not only do I love my ring, it's beautiful! But I love what it represents about God, marriage, and love! Just a simple reminder of the love of my life and how truly blessed I am!
Tonight I will put a sticky note on my mirror so I don't forget!


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