April 17, 2008

Getting There!

With only 8 days left before the BIG move we are feverishly getting ready and trying to pack. Between the past couple weeks it's been crazy with being in Iowa for the weekend, and then District Council for both of us, I admit our focus hasn't been on packing! We are feeling the crunch now! Even though we live in the 1 bedroom apartment it's truly amazing how much stuff you have. This isn't my first time packing, and moving; in fact I've moved so many times in the last 2 years that I'm feeling like a pro! I know just how to pack, and how to pack it to get the most of of your boxes! Yes, folks I think it's a gift.
There are so many things to take care of, I know we're making progress and we'll get there. I don't enjoy the process of moving...something about it just doesn't motivate me at all. But I know the feeling of signing our mortgage and getting the keys is going to be enough motivation to make our house our home!
That's the fun part, and that's the part that I am most looking forward to. Walking into the house for the very first time, and knowing that it's all ours! We're starting a new adventure and a new chapter in life, and we're so excited!


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