April 28, 2008

We've Moved!

It's official, we've finally moved! We moved this weekend on Friday. Friday morning we got up early (6am) because we had to get the moving truck. There was a little mix up with the reservations, instead of getting it for 48 hours we only got it for 23 hours! Needless to say we both we're a little frazzled and didn't quite know how we were going to get it all done in 23 hours. So we had a change of plans instead of moving Saturday we moved everything Friday. We met Daniel (our Realtor) at 11:30 am, did a final walk through and then at 12:30 pm it was finally time to head over to the title agency and sign our loan docs and get the keys to our house! Such a surreal feeling driving over there, feeling like "this is it!" We're buying a house for real, are we really doing this? When we walked into the conference room Darren was there (our broker), it was like gangs all here! Such a good feeling to have both Daniel & Darren there, who have helped us so much along this process and made it so easy and wonderful.
We signed all the papers, got the keys and by 1:30 pm were headed to OUR NEW HOME! With a long day ahead of us we were really excited! It was rainy outside Friday afternoon, and I didn't feel like moving in the rain, I just wanted it to be done. Orion quickly reminded me that we had to get it done! We got a head start before the movers (aka: our friends) came to help us get all the big stuff. Orion and I were quite a team, I piled up all the boxes and he moved them with the dolly into the truck!
Friday afternoon the guys came to do all the heavy lifting, while I went over to the house and cleaned. We got it all moved it, took a dinner break and had some pizza and then it was off to do more moving getting furniture out of the way so we could paint.
We spent Friday night in our new house, it was weird sleeping in some other place. I don't do well with new places. It was so weird waking up Saturday morning in a "neighborhood" I could hear birds chirping, later that day kids running around and dogs barking. It's not like apartment life at all, you can't hear anything.
Saturday morning was again an early start for us, as we had to have the moving truck back by 8 am. We were up at 6 am putting gas in the truck and getting breakfast. Then it was off to the apartment again to get more stuff. We locked ourselves out of the house on Saturday morning, because I grabbed one key and not the other, and didn't know Orion locked both locks. Orion climbed through the window and got us in! Then to make it worse, we locked ourselves out of the garage where all paint supplies and boxes were. So we couldn't get started on anything because it all was locked in the garage. Eric broke into our garage with his credit card! (some security we have huh?) And we started the adventure of painting our bedroom.
We finished the bedroom sometime late afternoon, and had just enough energy left to start taping off the kitchen and living room areas to paint the next day. Sunday again was an early day, but we finished the kitchen painting and I finally got to put that all together. It was nice to finally UN pack something. Our house is pretty much bare, and is all drop clothed off for painting.
But, the best feeling is that it's "ours", something that we get to do ourselves. Even though we are so tired today, it's been so much fun being able to do what we want with our place! It's been a fun adventure even though we got locked out 2 times already! :) Tonight it's more painting for us, we're going to try and finish the living room so we can finally put things together and live a little bit in our home.
I know this was long but, I just wanted to share about this experience! It's so nice to come home and know that it's all ours. I feel truly blessed to be able to have a house this nice, and to make it ours.


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