April 29, 2008

Neighborhood Watch

Orion and I now live in this cute little town home development which doesn't even feel like a development really. It's an older one, with a lot of trees and a pond. Sunday afternoon Orion met the neighbors when he was coming home from softball practice. He came inside and told me all about the ladies on our little block that he met. These little old ladies are truly something, they told us that they watch out for the whole neighborhood, and gave us the skinny on the houses around us. One things for sure, nothing gets by these ladies. Yesterday, one of the ladies was very concerned when the cable guy came to our house to set the Dish up that he was installing cable for the whole block...isn't that funny? I laughed so hard when she was talking about property lines for the houses. We now have this community of people who watch out for each other, they seem like really nice ladies. Maybe tomorrow they will bring us apple pie!


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