February 17, 2009

The Blue Room

After Orion and I spent all last week painting the hallway a nice shade of red and cream, otherwise known as our wedding colors. We moved along this past weekend on the spare room. We've been wanting to paint it blue, and have a very nautical theme throughout, it only took us 7 months to accomplish this. We have now successfully painted every square inch of our house. We love it now, it took us a while but it turned out really nice. We have a few more finishing touches we want to add before it's all said and done. I'm now working on re-painting a bookcase for my office, and then I promise I'm done with home projects. Here's a sneak peak:before the paint.
during the process.

After:Isn't it pretty?!?

lovely white.

Orion's collection of ships from various places.
the entrance view.
I feel like this space is really tranquil, and very inviting for our guests when they come stay. Ok, so who wants to be first? :)


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