February 27, 2009

This weekend.

So excited, and in anticipation right now as I write this. My BFF is coming from Wisconsin this morning, in just a few minutes she'll be here with her baby Ellie (she's not such a babe anymore, she's 1.5) her hubby, and her baby in her belly! She's preggo and this weekend I'm hosting a baby shower for her and another friend of ours that's preggo too! A double baby shower, I've never been but we're having one tomorrow! Such an exciting time in life.

They get to stay at my house in our newly finished guest room. They were the first guests in that room, and now the first after the re model!

Also, tonight my friend Becky who was my college roomie for all 4 years (who can say that they lived with the same person that long?) anyway it's her Birthday today! Orion and I are hosting a birthday party at our house for her!

Am I crazy? Nope. Just really love my friends!

Pictures to come after the weekend.


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