February 24, 2009

National Pancake Day!

Today was IHOP's National Pancake day! A fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network. This morning, I got up at 5 AM to get myself ready in order to be at the IHOP at the MOA by 7 am to meet my lovely queens for the day. I met Sara and Brooke at 7 am, we had a delicious breakfast together before the girls got to work for the morning handing out donation cards, greeting customers, and taking lots and lots of pictures. Of coarse, I was there camera in hand to capture the day. Angie (Miss MN) came around 9 am to help as well. All three of our Miss Twin Cities Organization queens were there! It was fun having all the girls be there together and be apart. Many thanks go out to Frank, Rick and their entire crew at IHOP MOA for being so wonderful to the girls. Also, thanks goes to the many people who gave generously this morning to help support CMN, and the children and families who will reap the benefits of today. Here's a few pics from the day:

Miss Capital City & Miss Twin Cities 2009: Sara and Brooke!

Brooke, Angie and Sara!
getting ready to flip some pancakes for a cause!

The girls with GM Frank, and IHOP Guest of the Day, Luke!


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