February 19, 2009


This morning at 4:15 am, I left to bring my Hubby to the airport. He's gone for the next two days in Dallas for the Master's Commission Int. Convention. I'm super excited for him that he gets to have this break, go somewhere fun, and see his sisters too. (they live in Dallas) Usually it's me who's jet setting and going places. My job last year had me away from Orion more than we would have liked, and it's weird now because every time I've been gone I've always been with other people, and Orion's been the one at home. Now, I'm here at home for the next couple days by myself, and Bentley to keep me company. It's going to be so weird not having him here, I guess I get a little taste of everything Hubby has been through, especially when I was gone for 7 days last summer. The longest we spent apart since we've been married. We made a promise to each other that we'd never spend more than 3 days apart without the other, well we broke that promise last summer. To much travel alone, isn't good for marriage I decided. Well at least not for ours. Orion will be back Saturday afternoon, till then I'm sure I'll find plenty to do to keep me busy. Friday night, I'll be spending it with Jessie, since her Hubby is with mine we're going to have a sleep over! I can't wait to hear all about it when he gets back from his trip. I hope he's refreshed, inspired, and well rested from his trip!


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