February 1, 2009

Worley Weekend Review:

This past week was nuts and so crazy, we were busy every single night of the week. So it was nice to have a few low key days this weekend to settle and relax a bit
Saturday, Orion worked all day long. He's been so great, I feel so bad that he's working so much and making sacrifices but I know that he just wants to take care of us. I spent the afternoon, well party of it at Ikea trying to find a long awaited chair for my office. I've been using one of the chairs from the kitchen for the last seven months, so I finally broke down and saved and got an office chair. I know it sounds silly, but these days you gotta save...even if it is for a $40 chair for my office. After I picked Orion up from work, we headed out for a date together. Where did we go for this most fancy date? To one of my fave places.... Sonic!! Loved it! We sat and ate burgers, and sipped limeades till we were content. Then we rented from the Redbox and headed home to cuddle.... pretty good date to me!

Sunday, we headed off early to church. Spent the afternoon with Becky, Charles and Chaz watching 24 and chilling. Then we headed over to the Papia's for a Super Bowl party. We had a great night with friends. Chaz was cute and entertaining, and I thought my Cardinals were going to win, but I still love them! Good friends, coffee, food, my Hubby.... can't be beat! I'm so glad we all got together.

Legos anyone?

The Papia's- thanks for hosting guys!

Worley House
The Norman Family

A few things I'm excited for in February:

- It's Valentine's Day, and I've got a great surprise cooked up for Orion. More about that later....

- The last 3 local pageants of the year!

- Baby shower I'm helping throw for two girlfriends.

- Girls Night at Becky's house & her birthday.

** a side note, Orion and I have been super blessed we feel in these last few months to have really great friends who have supported us in what we're facing right now. It hasn't really been anything BIG that has made the difference, but just knowing that we have a support system and people praying for us means the world to us. And that's all we can ask for right now is lots of prayer, and good friends.


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