April 27, 2012

A Dose of Real Life......

In the interest of keeping things real, a dose of real life here. I think sometimes we can lose sight and perspective when looking at blogs and websites.


Sometimes everything looks so perfect, when it isn't. And we forget the ladies on the other side of these blogs are real people. Real Moms, with messes and faults. I'll be the first to admit everything is not always perfect. I try my best to present the prettiest pictures here on the blog, and share parts of my life that are fun and joyful.


But, as you know life is messy sometimes. Feelings get hurt. You fail, you dust yourself off and try again at times. I say all this to remind us and myself before you get all down on yourself because you saw some one's pretty house, or perfect project on the Internet remember that these ladies are just as real as you are. They are human too. Give them a break, don't judge. Give yourself a break.


Last weekend I headed to Salt Lake City for the SNAP! Conference. I can't wait to share with you all I learned during the weekend. Right after I came home I rested for a day, and then headed into a 3 day conference for work. I'm tired, my house is neglected. And I can't help but feel like I could sleep for days and that I need just a day to clean my house.


That box on the table there, it's been sitting there since Ava's birthday. Oh, for about 4 weeks. I could get down on myself and think I'm a horrible wife and house keeper for letting it sit there for so long but I choose not to. Not to let it get me down, or make me feel like I'm a horrible house keeper. I'll let it sit there a while longer (the mess) if it means more time with my family, the time to cook my family dinner.

You get the idea.

At the end of the day it's all about doing what's important for me. What matters most to my family and I. This is what matters:


I read this quote sometime ago, and it made me think; this is exactly the kind of positive attitude to have.

"Excuse the mess, the children are making memories. "

So excuse all this, it can wait. Time with my family can not.


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