April 2, 2012

30B430: Have A Garage Sale & Clear Out Clutter


I'm slowly making my way through my 30B430 list! I need to get myself in gear, because it seems as if the months keep flying by faster! Can't believe we're already in April! 

So, I'm back with another update. I had to update the list a bit because we've had some recent changes to life which drastically affected the list. You can see the updated list here.

#23: Have a garage sale & clear out clutter.

Here's the thing; I don't have a garage. So I turned to my next best thing Craigslist to sell some stuff that we no longer used or needed.


Yes, I sold these lamps. We decided to go another direction with our bedroom so I sold them on Craigslist. We also sold our bedding that we bought. I sold another lamp that we hadn't used in over two years and a dining table.

And slowly, I've been clearing out clutter and making trips to Goodwill. Finding more and more things that we don't use and donating them. Trying to simplify a bit and get rid of the clutter.

I always have great luck with Craigslist. I'm thinking about writing a post with some tips, would you be interested?

Anyway, cross another goal off the list!

Happy Monday!


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