April 9, 2012

{Our Love Story} How We Met

On a cold rainy, wet day in January of 2005 I met my husband. Only I didn't know he would be my husband. At that time he was just another guy at church, that I'd met for the first time. As you may remember I wasn't looking for a relationship at all. You can read more about that here.

It was the Spring semester of my senior year of college. I'd just started a job at a local church in Minneapolis, I'd been there since the previous Fall. School had just started and I was just getting back into the swing of things at school and with my job. I was working for the youth pastor as his assistant in the youth department.

It was a Wednesday afternoon, I was busy preparing for our service that evening. Per usual I had a ton of things on my mind, and tons of things left to do. I'd get in "the zone" while working and not really notice much that was going on in the office around me. I just stayed in my little office working, and zipping back and forth to the youth room where service would be held to make sure everything was going smooth over there.

Later that afternoon in walked the junior high intern, with his friend. I was on my way, just grabbing some stuff before heading to the youth room. When he introduced me to his friend, it went something like this;

Intern: Andrea, this is my friend Orion. 

Me: Hello, nice to meet you. 

Me to the intern: I'm heading to the youth room, when you're done come on over and help set up chairs. See you in a few minutes. Bye.

Source: google.com via Andrea on Pinterest

So uneventful right?! Well, that one interaction led to a five month long getting to know each other, and friendship. Over the next few months Orion made the church is home church he attended while at school. He became apart of the youth leadership team. I started seeing him almost everyday at school. There were weekly visits to Chili's with the entire youth staff, where I found myself sitting next to and conversing with him more and more. 

Suddenly Orion was everywhere. At the chapel entrance when I came in with my friends, outside my apartment "he just happened to walk by." You get the idea.

I distinctively remember a youth retreat that Orion and I sat on a bus full of noisy teenagers and talked the entire ride to the Wisconsin Dells. That trip I really got to know him well, he made me laugh. He was a leader, and he was fun. 

For me it was the best prelude to what would come, our first date. 


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