April 4, 2013

{DIY} Tissue Paper Tassels

Hello, friends!

Today, I want to share with you another element from Ava's third birthday party. I made simple tissue paper tassels to decorate the dessert table for her party. These are really simple to make, and really add a fun element to your party decor.

Let's make our own, shall we? I bought my tissue paper at World Market it's a little pricey there but I had a coupon for 10% off so it was little better. I just loved there metallic color selection and colors. You can use any tissue paper you like, I choose three colors that matched her party decor.

 photo IMG_3499_zpsa5151576.jpg

First grab one sheet of paper and fold in half the long way, then fold it in half again as show below in the first two pictures on top.
 photo tissuepapertassels1_zpsc00b22e9.jpg
Then cut your paper into strips across. Mine were about half an inch apart, as you can see the cuts weren't always straight either. That doesn't matter much since they are going to be folded just go with it.  After you're done cutting your paper cut it again down the middle.
 photo tissuepapertassels2_zps5ba9de29.jpg

You'll then have two separate pieces. Open it up and roll it down the center, then once it's all rolled twist the paper around tightly but not to much you don't want it to tear or rip.

 photo tissuepapertassels3_zps4fc65499.jpg

Then fold it over to make a loop. I used some masking tape to keep my tassels from unraveling. Each piece of tissue paper will make two tassels. Keep repeating the steps till you're all done with your tissue paper. Then string on some twine (I used some gold bakers twine) in a repeating pattern.

Then they are ready to hang for your party! These are so impressive I think and add a great touch to party decor!

Now that her party is over I just love them so much I want to hang them in her room. I'll be back in a few days with a full post of her beautiful birthday party!

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