January 3, 2014

Coffee Date: A Post Holiday Hangover.

Hello friends.
It's the first Friday of a brand new year. Full of freshness and new possibility. This year I want to try and commit to having our weekly coffee date every year and not miss this time of connection.

 (Ava and I making ornaments at Z's birthday party)

With that being said, if we were having coffee today I'd tell you that I am currently in a post holiday hangover. One that has been overly extended by the fact that I am still at my parents house. We've been trying to make it home to Arizona for two days now. I'm in this crazy limbo where it's already 4 days into the new year and I haven't been home yet. 

I haven't taken down my Christmas decor, the mail I am sure is piling up and I'm not sure if I should un pack and just settle in or when we will get home.  
 (sneak peek from Zane's birthday party)

So because of all that, I feel like I'm kinda teetering on it still feels like vacation but it's not and I can't wait to get home to our house, our beds and resume life. When I'm at my parent's house I kinda lose all sense of what day it is. It's not my normal routine, nothing is in place and I kinda enjoy that for a bit. But after two weeks I'm ready to get back home. Clean up my house, get things in order and get back to our regularly scheduled program if you know what I mean. 
(my sister and I in matching jammies on Christmas Eve.)

If we were having coffee today, what would you tell me? How was your Christmas, how was your New Years? 

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