January 23, 2014

How Will I Thrive This Year?

Well we're 23 days into the new year. How are you doing with your goals and resolutions you made this year?

My word of the year has been ever present on my mind, it's a good daily reminder and measure for me this year. 

It got me thinking a few weeks ago; How will I Thrive this year?

It's one thing to say I want to Thrive, but it's another to really figure out what that means for my life. So I sat down and thought about some goals, things I wanted to do better, ways that I wanted to grow this year and how I was going to accomplish that. 

  • More time with Jesus. 
  • More dates with my Husband. We're getting a baby sitter and making it more of a priority.
  • More pursuing friendships that matter. Last year I got really hurt in some of my relationships and put way to much energy into ones that didn't matter, this year I want to pursue friendships that will draw me closer to Christ through our friendship.
  • Less comparison, more JOY.
  • Taking a break from social media on the weekends and enjoying more UN distracted time with people. 
  • More time feeding my creative side. I want to spend time creating in new ways and try things I have always wanted to like painting. 
  • More journaling for myself. I have a journal I write in every year and for the last couple years I've been writing less and less for myself personally. This year I want to renew that passion.
  • Travel more.
  • Take my kids to Disneyland. 
  • Laugh a lot more! 
  • Finish decorating our home. I've been so indecisive about decisions, but this year I want to make our house a home for our family. 
  • More entertaining in our home. I want our home to welcome the people we do life with. I love connecting like this, and want to do it more this next year.
  • Continuing to focus on my health and fitness.
How are you taking steps towards meeting your goals this year?


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