January 30, 2014

Functional Ways to Display Your Vintage Glassware

If a collection is defined by owning more than one of something, than I for sure have a collection of vintage dish ware and glassware in my home. I love finding pieces that are unique and special. Most of mine have come from my Grandmother, and a few I've found on my own at antique stores and thrift stores. 

If you have pretty glassware like this I think it's best to display it and actually use it. Here's a few functional ways that I like to display and use mine.

 photo vintageglasswarebanner_zpsd93e79b7.jpg
My Grandmother gave me a bunch of milk glass plates, one of the ways I like to use them is to corral my hand soap and lotion next to my kitchen sink. 
 photo vintageglassware1_zpsf08a0ef6.jpg
Glasses and cups are great for storing stuff, I use these in my office/craft room to hold all sorts of things. They are fun because you can see what's inside since they are clear and they are pretty too!
 photo vintageglassware2_zpsfc9800d0.jpg
I use a trio of these milk glass stands and plates to house all my bracelets next to my jewelry box. They are pretty yet very functional because I can see what I have right there in the mornings when getting dressed. 
 photo vintageglassware3_zps21b9034d.jpg
I have these saucers in my night stand drawer to keep together my hair ties, bobbi pins and lip stuff for night time. Ps- this night lip balm from C.O. Bigelow from Bath and Body Works is the best for nigh time. 
 photo vintageglassware4_zpscb573640.jpg
And lastly, I have another plate near my sink in my bath room for my rings and other things. Especially handy at night when I wash my face. 
 photo vintageglassware5_zpsa752c4a5.jpg
Do you love vintage dishes too? How do you display yours?


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