January 20, 2014

Zane's Winter ONEderland Birthday

We celebrated Zane's first birthday while we were in Iowa with family. We were so excited to celebrate his big FIRST birthday with a Winter "ONE derland" party! It was the perfect theme considering he was born just a few days before Christmas and we were going to be in Iowa knee deep in snow. 

This is gonna be a little picture overload post, get excited! Here's peek inside his party. I went with the colors red, blue and white. I saw these printables in the TomKat Studios shop and knew they'd be perfect for his party. 

I designed the invitation myself. I love the way it turned out, and I love the winter theme. 
 photo ZanesBirthdayInvite_zps3c067126.jpg
I filled theses Kraft boxes with fun favors for the kiddos and added these thank you tags from The TomKat Studio with ribbon. They turned out really cute and the kids loved them. 
 photo zanesfirstbirthday1_zps1f9021db.jpg
Dessert tables are my favorite! I loved putting together some simple things for his table. Lots of sweet treats and homemade sweets for this table. Everything was really simple, just the way I like it. My sister made these cute pretzel rods for the party. 
 photo zanesfirstbirthday7_zpsb1615e7e.jpg

 photo zanesfirstbirthday2_zps55c83c0d.jpg
I filled red + white stripe baking cups with different cookies and placed them on the table. 
 photo zanesfirstbirthday3_zpscecbf4a5.jpg
This cake, man let me tell you about this cake! It's the best cake I've ever had in my life, and it was made by the same woman who made our wedding cake almost 7 years ago! She's wonderful and if you live in Central Iowa you must have Andrea Rouse make your cake! 

I showed her the printables and the invite and she came up with this wonderful design. I usually don't love cake, but hers is the very best. I added some toppers to decorate the top of the cake.
 photo zanesfirstbirthday4_zps26b4e7de.jpg
I filled bags with Carmel corn (also from The Tomkat Studio) and put those on the dessert table as well. 
 photo zanesfirstbirthday6_zps868f7809.jpg
I've been taking monthly photos of Zane, just like I did with Ava and we had those hung up at the party so everyone could see his monthly growth progression. I love adding personal touches like this to the party. 
 photo zanesfirstbirthday9_zps42005671.jpg
 photo zanesfirstbirthday5_zps24f27759.jpg

 photo zanesfirstbirthday8_zps4a91fe35.jpg
Our Family.

Happy Birthday Zane!

I wanted to do a fun craft with the kids, give them something to do and also something fun they could take home. I decided to make North Pole ornaments. I mixed silver glitter in some Epsom salts to use as the "snow." 
 photo zanesfirstbirthday11_zps76968d90.jpg
The kids filled the ornaments, and then we added a red stripe straw to act as the North Pole. They had a lot of fun with them, and everyone enjoyed it. 
 photo zanesfirstbirthday10_zpsbe1ff75d.jpg
They actually turned out really pretty it was such a fun craft to do with the kids who came to his party. 
 photo zanesfirstbirthday12_zps3175ccc3.jpg
Zane's smash cake.
 photo zanesfirstbirthday13_zps1a4f14b7.jpg

 photo zanesfirstbirthday14_zps1c960e27.jpg
He really went for it and it was the cutest thing. At one point though he was on total sensory overload, as well as sugar I think. But it was so fun to watch him eat his first cake. 
 photo zanesfirstbirthday15_zpse0ecf206.jpg
 photo zanesfirstbirthday16_zpsb88ff70e.jpg
 photo zanesfirstbirthday17_zps54d8464f.jpg
BIG thanks to everyone who came to his party and shared this special day with our family. 

If you're looking for party sources they are listed below;

baking cups, blue stripe bags, red stripe straws, printables: TomKat Studio
Kraft boxes: Pick Your Plum
Cake: Cakes by Andrea


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