January 21, 2014

Fun Ways to Dress Up Your Party Invitations

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I love sending out paper invitations for parties and gatherings. I think invitations set the tone for your events and I love picking out pretty ones to compliment the design and feel that I'm going for. I've had so much fun the last three years designing and picking out some of the prettiest invites for my daughter's birthday parties! If the invitation sets the tone of your party, then the envelope is also an extension of that. 

Today I want to share with you some fun ways you can dress up your envelopes before you put the stamp on them and hand them to the post man! 

1. Envelope Wraps
These adorable address wraps are a fun way to put the to and from on your envelopes! With fun designs on both the front and back and tons of options to choose from you're sure to find one that suits your personality. 
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Do you love washi tape? I do. Over Christmas I was telling my sister about the wonderful world of washi, she'd never heard of it before. I had to do my sisterly duty and show her all the fun things you can do with washi tape! 

If you're like me you have a few rolls of washi around your house. Mines been sitting in tin buckets in my craft closet for sometime now. Then I discovered this cute little washi tape dispenser, you can hold tons of washi and big plus is that it's a dispenser so you can tear it off and use it when you need it. 

Also, these can be stacked on top of each other with the center pole. So if you're collection is ever growing you can just stack other dispenser on top and call it a day! Pretty clever huh?
 photo emveopes5_zps349fb5e5.jpg
2. Seal the back with washi tape. 
I love using washi tape to seal the back. No nasty glue taste, and it's much prettier. WeR has tons to choose from, see them here.
 photo envelopes4_zpsa7700539.jpg
3. Use stamps to embellish.
I love using fun and clever stamps to embellish my envelopes. You can get ones with fun sayings or phrases or pictures too. I like these Doodle Stampers that you can use to run along the edges. I used the XOXO one below.
 photo envelopes1_zpsa7408511.jpg
Did you fall in love with the washi tape dispenser? Or the envelope wraps?
Good news, use code WORLEYHOUSE for 20% off your purchase on any of these items and more at the WeR Memory Keepers website!

Do you like to send out party invitations? What's your favorite way to embellish your envelopes?  


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