October 16, 2008

Mini Vacay, a Birthday, and a Wedding!

I promise the amount of friends that are left to be wed are getting slimmer by the year! It seems like the past 3 years all I've done is help my friends get married, be in weddings, attend weddings, plan them and the list goes on. But, I love weddings and I love my friends! This weekend Hubby and I are headed to New England to be with our friends Jimmy & Jessie, and stand up for them in their wedding. This will be my 6th time as a bridesmaid. We're making a long weekend out of it and spending a few days in Boston. I'm so glad they chose to get married in such a wonderful place. Orion and I get to walk down the aisle together, it's going to be so fun. So... I will be taking a little break from blogging, emailing, etc. to spend a few days with our wonderful friends. I'm so excited.
Tonight, we've got to pick up the tuxes, pack and get some sleep for our 6 AM flight! That's right we're crazy, but I'd rather fly early and get in early rather than later.
Tomorrow we'll fly into Boston around 11 AM, get picked up by the wonderful Papia family! Ready to spend the weekend with the Bride & Groom.
It's also my 26th Birthday on Saturday, I'm not sure what the day holds for me in between wedding details, but after it's all over on Sunday Orion and I are headed to spend a day and a half in Boston. I'm looking forward to it all! Till Monday, I'll be back with pictures!


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